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In what sense of your life?

of People, reached a boundary of 30 years, as a rule, begin to think of sense of the life. Someone finds the answer, someone is not present. At the same time, the first cannot give the intelligible answer to the second. Why? This and other questions I will try to answer.

Also I will begin with the fact that a question in itself: “In what meaning of life?“ has no answer. Because the most right answer: “the meaning of life in the life“, as a rule, is not accepted. Therefore, offer, at first to find myself. And only then, in this life. In any case, it helped me.

I in the search began with questions simple, clear to me: “ A of what is wanted by me ?“, “ What is pleasant to me? “, “What I want to be engaged in ? “ etc.

Happens, not easy to answer itself such questions. Because all life the desires learned to constrain us, to hide them. Here they are also hidden. Yes, sometimes, it is so deep that time is necessary for digging out!

Let`s say you understood what you want. At the same time it turned out that to dare to arrive voluntarily difficult. In - the first, it is terrible (happens and so), and in - the second, “it is not important“. Thus, the first obstacle in a way to itself - to overcome the fears and stereotypes.

Actually, is present nothing shameful in daring to be such what you are! Believe, from the fact that you will just relax and you will begin to listen to yourself, you will begin to carry out desires, nothing terrible will occur! But, having allowed the merits and demerits to prove, you thereby, will open the real way to perfection!

Overcoming of a stereotype “it is not important“ depends on revaluation of the values. Now for you the most important person - you are! Only you can live the life as you want, only you can execute in the best way all the desires. And only to you it is allowed to comprehend meaning of the life. All “has to“, it “is necessary“ also other duties, of course it is impossible to forget completely. But they have to occupy the niche in your system of values, AFTER your personal needs. Of course, at the normal person, such statement of a question will cause a heap of contradictions. On this subject you can read article E. Fromm about love to. The sense it is reduced to the fact that the egoist, it not the one who does not love others is the one who does not love himself. You will not argue with the recognized philosopher, the sociologist and the psychoanalyst?

Let`s say you passed the first difficult stage. Also dared to do favorite thing. But there are some more obstacles. At everyone these obstacles. They consist in need of overcoming of all those imperfections which disturbs or do not allow to achieve success in the business, to achieve the objectives. Thus, your following task: to overcome all internal obstacles in a way to success, to recognition . And again set of difficulties, complex challenges, overcomings and work on. And without it in any way.

In all this process it is important to learn tranquility and slackness, acceptance . Without these basic abilities at you it will not turn out to move forward.

And when you found in yourself forces to open before by itself, to recognize itself, to understand itself, to satisfy and please itself when you on the way to success (or already it was reached), then it is expedient to raise a question: “ A in what sense of my life? “ Or, how interestingly some “In what my advantage to mankind?“ (if you did not receive the answer to these questions … yet)

the Question “in what my advantage to mankind? “ has such answer: “ my advantage is that I am. I appeared on this earth at God`s will, so in it there was ALREADY a sense. Besides, I go about the own business. People see my works and appreciate. And it means, I already bring benefit “. At first I to myself repeated these words as a mantra. Did not believe with all the heart, all heart yet.

And again finding of tranquility, relaxation.

Yet the answer does not come. It can be current situation in life. When you, being in the weakened state chose the most right and harmonious way and understood that it and is your road. It can be the hint from the book, the statement of the announcer on television. The answer can come from everywhere. Also it comes in the form of simple knowledge: “ This mine “.

And then everything develops in the clear and simple picture. “ Ya I live to work on myself, to improve the soul. Sense of my life in the life “. And now these words for you not an empty phrase, but infinite wisdom and deep understanding of the greatest sense of the life … I Wish

good luck in your searches!