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The horror film “Howl“. The person to the person - a wolf? The person has

to a wolf old claims. Here both the chewed Little Red Riding Hood, and seven kids frightened to death, and even by miracle the survivor (the truth, for a while) Kolobok. We took a dislike to wolves. Gets to gray predators from the human race on the first.

The main thing that as a whipping boy chose not a cunning fox, not a furious bear and not some ominous chipmunk, namely a wolf, tudyt it in kachel. In a word, wolf shameful.

Possibly, out of the same hatred the favourite fairy tale for the night is history of crossing of a wolf with the person. Werewolves - the best justification of intolerance to these animals. It is not enough them sheep and goats, give them shape human and temper animal. The last prevails in a full moon when the werewolf gets out of close trousers, acquires wool, the bad manicure lets grow and guzzles the small fry how much in vain.

In literature and cinema werewolves - monsters, the second for popularity, after vampires. For the first time the dreadful monster appeared on the screen in 1913. At different times in a wolf skin sported: Stephen Rhee (“In the company of wolves“, 1984), Jack Nicholson (“Wolf“, 1994), Michael Jay Fox (“Wolf cub“, 1985), David Tyyulis (“Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban“, 2004), Benisio del Toro (“The Wolfman“, 2010) and other famous persons. But we will remember not their remarkable images, but a classical horror of Joe Dante “Howl“ (1980) , considered by right as one of the most successful in the genre.

… In the city of N (actually it is Los - Andzheles) Eddie`s manyachina, tormenting the victims with special cynicism is active imperceptible. The brave TV host Karen Whyte offers police the services as a stool pigeon. The murderer, appears, to it unevenly breathes and is eager for a private meeting. However operation took place not smoothly: the newly appeared Eviscerator managed to frighten very much before death the girl owing to what it moved down from sense a little.

Dear psychiatrist George Veggner suggests Karen to complete a rehabilitation course in a colony of the same companions who weakened reason, as well as it. On a trip the TV host is accompanied by her husband Bill. People in the settlement were sincere, though not without geese who flew away. And if not nightmares and strange lingering howl, reaching from the wood, Karen quite could get stronger soul and a body. But most of all it disturbs how local sex - the March bomb lewdly glances at her spouse.

Meanwhile, colleagues Karen, Chris and Terry, begin own journalistic investigation. Having identified the personality of the maniac who died from hands of police, they visit him a peasant house where they find extremely strange drawings and cuttings from newspapers. It becomes clear that Eddie Kuist had in the head of very fat cockroaches, and his enthusiasm for werewolves and other mythical strashila frankly frightens. Having learned that Karen disturbs mysterious forest howl, colleagues rush her to the aid and appear in the company of the most real vervolf … For the first time Hollywood learned

about Joe Dante`s existence after an exit to screens of America of the horror film “Piranhas“. By the way, the sequel to this zhutik debuted at cinema not who, other as James Cameron. But not about it the speech. The horror genre so carried away the beginning director that he decided to try the hand in the subject which is sucked round to it tens of times. Dante perfectly understood that it will be hard for it therefore put emphasis not only on the number of werewolves in a shot, but also on quality of their embodiment to compete with last practices.

To strike the viewer with naturalism of transformation of the person into a wolf, Dante invited in the legendary specialist in a make-up Ric Baker in the team. The last, though appears in credits, at the last minute left to help John Landis in him “The American werewolf in London“ (both pictures left almost one after another). Its place was taken by Rob Bottin who did not dishonor honor of the master and created on the screen really improbable show to start the eightieth. The audience was shocked and struck, how spectacularly and scenes of transformation of the person in an animal are effectively shot. For these merits “Howl“ was entitled “The best horror film“ at the annual ceremony Saturn held by Academy of a fantasy, fantasy and horror films.

It is obvious that “Howl“ favourably differs from other zhutik of the eightieth, showing a sure hand of future author of “Gremlins“ and “Amazons on the Moon“. It by means of computer technologies can be drawn today in no time though wolf though a toad though two-meter blue giant. And in those days creation of so smart special effects demanded from experts of improbable diligence and talent. Most of competitors of Dante on a genre cost small, preferring to fill in a shooting stage with ketchup, than to create sophisticated and frightening images.

However, this medal has also a reverse side. The actor Robert Picardo (the maniac - the werewolf Eddie Kuist) complained to reporters that after study in Yale and works on the Broadway, it slightly strained participation in a cheap Hollywood horror film where he had to spend in a chair of the make-up artist six hours daily. On what colleagues advised it to get a grasp of the offered scenarios more fixedly next time.

But matter not only in visual appeal “Howling“. Like the colleague Landis (“The American werewolf in London“), Dante refused from classical Hollywood hepp - an enda and removed a tape in rigid, places to a dramatic manner. For this reason its early works are associated with the best works of such masters as Brian De Palma and John Carpenter who liked to outrage in the final upon hope too.

Not that the scenario shines with an ingenuity (at the heart of the movie a novel of the same name of Gary Brendner), but also special absurdities in a plot was not noticed. History is rather primitive and avaricious in a portrayal of characters that allowed authors to focus efforts on a reconstruction of the atmosphere of horror and psychosis around the main character. The last was played by Dee Wallace - Stone, the girl who got used to akha - to fears (before she acted Wes Craven in a nightmare “At hills has eyes“, and participated in the screen version of kingovsky “Kudzho“ a bit later). By the way, the prefix Stone in a surname of the actress characterizes her marriage relations with the actor Christopher Stone who (here coincidence) played her spouse Bill “Voye“.

“Howl“ is also an ancestor of a long series of pictures including seven official continuations (from 1984 to 2011). The last film of film series is considered “Howl: Regeneration“. Alas, starting with the sequel, quality sharply began to decline, than the fact that in 1995 the franchize was covered speaks. It is interesting that the fourth part (“Howl 4: An original nightmare“) was also the screen version of the book of Brendner. Many note that the creator of the movie John Haf tried to connect a plot with the text most close. However, it did not help it to win audience in any way.

With what history will end “Howling“, is not clear so far. In plans of Hollywood reincarnation of this franchize does not appear, and the subject is successfully hammered with separate statements (“The Wolfman“) or adjacent projects (“Van Helsing“, “Other world“). We need only to reconsider classics that, actually, not the worst option.