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Bloody safari in Ohio. Who is guilty?

In the last decades in the USA the fashion appeared to organize private zoos. People who live far from big cities are able to afford such “luxury“, have a big ground and money for keeping of exotic animals. In the country there are thousands of private menageries with various pets now.

Thompson`s Zoo

Terri Thompson`s

- the veteran of the Vietnamese war, decided to get own zoo too. It infected with this idea the wife Marian. The family lived near the small town of Zeynsvil in the State of Ohio, had a site in 30 hectares, and they had enough means for construction of open-air cages, purchase and keeping of animals.

Work began to boil. Soon everything was ready for reception of new guests. Terry liked large exotic predators. During existence of an animal farm it got the Bengalese tigers, lions, leopards, brown bears and their relatives of a grizzly, and also rare monkeys.

Apparently, Thompson was a good judge of keeping of animals: the population of a zoo increased gradually and multiplied. However the being available monetary accumulation quickly thawed since predators demanded a lot of food. It was necessary to look for some exit.

Terry took the credit under big percent. It for some time solved a financial problem. But time to pay the borrowed money came, and there was nothing to extinguish the credit.

Began troubles

to improve the financial position, Thompson was engaged in illegal trade of firearms what he was arrested for and spent year in prison.

There were no relations and with neighbors who did not like to live near dangerous predators. People repeatedly addressed with complaints the sheriff, reporting that wild pets escaped from a farm again. It is possible to imagine: if the tiger, a lion or a bear meets on “the walk“ of the person, then can quite attack it or even to kill.

Besides, neighbors reported about the wards abuse of the owner of a zoo. Thompson practically interrupted vsyakiyeotnosheniye with people. If someone wanted to talk to it, then it left to gate armed. As a rule, it worked, and the person quickly dropped out of sight Terry.

In addition to all troubles his wife did not sustain such life and abandoned the unlucky fur farmer. The financial stranglehold all squeezed Thomson`s neck more. Again money was necessary to feed animals, the outstanding credits demanded urgent payments …

the Bloody outcome

It happened in October, 2011. Terry Thompson decided to cut the Gordian knot at one stroke. He opened doors of all open-air cages and cages of the zoo and released wild animals from prison, and then committed suicide. Possibly, thus he wanted “to give farewell bow“ to importunate neighbors and to be exempted from financial burden.

At the last will of the owner in vicinities of Zeynsvil it appeared more than fifty wild animals. The tigers who are walking about at liberty, bears, lions, leopards and wolves caused terrible panic in the town and its vicinities. Numerous calls from citizens who saw predators on the road and in the next forest belt began to come to police.

Police officers immediately went to Thompson`s farm and found empty open-air cages and cages and the owner`s corpse there. The sheriff Maskingam Lutz appealed to the population not to leave the houses. It gave command to begin shooting of the animals threatening life of people.

Hunting for animals from a private zoo continued almost days. Eyewitnesses of a bloody safari told that everywhere corpses of animals were scattered, and the district reminded a zone of military operations. As a result of “hunting“ 18 Bengalese tigers, 17 lions, six brown bears, two bears - a grizzly, three mountain lion, couple of wolves and a baboon, only 46 animals were killed. Live it was succeeded to catch only six: three leopards, two monkeys and a bear - a grizzly. They were immediately sent to the next zoo.

The killed animals were buried in the territory of Thompson`s farm. His wife, having learned about the tragedy, fell into a terrible depression, and the police so managed to be learned nothing from it that served as truth the reason for this nightmare.

of Whom the Happened tragedy caused to blame

at people bitterness, bewilderment and mass of questions. Why it could occur?

In Ohio there is one of the most loyal legislations in the USA regulating acquisition and keeping of exotic animals. And in the same staff the largest number of cases of attack of wild animals on people is noted. On statistical data from 2005 to 2010. as a result of attack of predators from private zoos about ten people got serious wounds, and one was killed by a furious animal.

One more terrible case occurred in the same staff: the bear from a private zoo bit to death the owner. Then the authorities found a streamline explanation for this incident: “non-compliance with safety measures on a workplace“! The animal had to be lulled.

The American organization of protection of animals “Given rise free“ made the official statement: in connection with the incident it is necessary to revise the legislation of the country regulating acquisition and private possession of exotic predators.

Representatives of WWF declared that the death of the Bengalese tigers who are included in the book of rare and disappearing animals is especially tragic. On recent census of the Bengalese tigers there were on Earth no more than one and a half thousand.

America was captured by the real epidemic of a collecting and cultivation of exotic animals. Now over all country there are thousands of private zoos. Whether the new federal law regulating the rights and duties of fans of “predatory exotic“ will be adopted will show the future.

For now it is possible to expect that the next predator which ran away from the owner can overtake in anything not guilty victim at any time and in any place …