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How to return interest in life?

In life of each person happen situations which unsettle him. It would seem, everything went well or not really (what the person gets used to), but suddenly not absolutely successful day comes to one feeling that life falls, paints grow dull and there is no reason left for pleasure any more...

Different events can lead to this state, I will not describe them. Let`s better try to find ways of correction of a situation.

If the depression takes place to be, so you have strong dependence on people or circumstances. It is treated only in one way - work on itself. And time with itself it is necessary to work, find for for time loved a maximum.

Change the attitude.

If your present state was preceded by any unpleasant event and you realize that it was the reason, then it is necessary to do the following actions:

to Analyse and learn lessons from unpleasant events.

to Tell the past “farewell“ and to start life with a clean slate. You should not get stuck in the past. Remember that in in the nature of things - change. Everything flows and everything changes, otherwise there is no development.

to Get rid of the last fears. Not to let in a negative the consciousness. To learn to think positively. Some psychological receptions for which it is possible to look on the Internet will help with it.

to Find new interests in lives, new dream which will inspire you and which, perhaps, earlier at you hands just did not reach.

If you find the purpose, really fascinating for yourself and will begin to realize it, then it will be simple to you to think of sad events once.

If the new purpose is not in any way, then try to find for a start the person to whom it is even worse, than to you, and help him. The actions you will raise the self-assessment.

Learn to radiate and give love to other people. “Love the neighbor as yourself“ . If to ponder upon these lines, then it is possible to see that the love to other people begins with love to itself. Only the happy person who lives in harmony with himself can bring happiness to other person. Whether it is an occasion to begin to change themselves?

Do not wait that somebody will make happy you. Learn to give to the first . Our world - as a mirror. That we send, to us and comes back. Do the world happier!

Remember what is life:

Life is an opportunity, use it.
Life is beauty, admire it.
Life is a pleasure, taste it.
Life is a dream, carry out it.
Life is a call, accept it.
Life is a debt, execute it.
Life is a game, play it.
Life is a wealth, value of
Life - it is love, enjoy it.
Life is a secret, learn it.
Life is a chance, use of
Life - it is fight, stand her.
Life is an adventure, decide on it.
Life is happiness, create it.
Life is life, fight for it.
Life is too fine, do not ruin it.

“Is not present in the world of bigger pleasure, than to decline the world to good every minute of the existence!“ Really noble purpose for the sake of which it is worth living, dreaming, to develop and begin to bring to itself and other people!

Let your interest in life will never die away!