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And whether such foreign language in which there is nothing to learn exists?

By itself, are language without grammar. Perhaps, no more than with 5-9 elementary rules. Language in which everything is said as it is written. Not “Manchester is written, [Liverpool] is prompted by a transcription, Birmingham is said, and Sunderland is meant“. And really in accuracy it is read as it is written and vice versa.

Language which has a small phrasebook for all and big for all occasions - for those to whom it is necessary. Same and dictionaries: from the first five on 40 most proper words and though to... 9500 words, and there and to any quantity.

It would already be curious to read something in such language: stories, verses... And about the language or around it - too, but in entertaining spirit.

Also it would be just wonderful how it will seem fantastic if at least a half of all people on the planet already understood this language!.

Whether so there is such language? Whether it is possible? Language from one words? From one dictionary?

It appears, is! The Espering - general English without grammar!

All we began with, is about it. Except “from Manchester and to Sunderland“. It was as many guessed, - about English. With all other languages of mankind, both natural, and artificial, - it is not much simpler.

Of course for whom it is necessary owing to the academic circumstances or for career reasons - that will learn in years not only English, but also Japanese together with Chinese, and even Russian if it for someone nonnative. But as often after councils “to learn, study, learn“ excuses “in vain spent time“ follow, “for many years“, “hard work“, “not to master“... And in end a cry: “Really there is no exit? “

For those to whom the foreign language is necessary also as language for universal global contacts with all inhabitants of the planet, - an exit is! And “an exit to the world“ - for all and towards each other.

So, only 5-9 elementary rules, 22 letters (in Italian, “the smallest“ the alphabet it is only considered that 21 letters, but are 5 more - for words of a foreign origin), only 26 sounds, but not fifty, and even hundreds, as in other languages.

Ask not only not knowing English at all, and even begun it to study to read the English word “knowledge“: knowledge. It is unlikely at that it will turn out. And this word unexpectedly so sounds: nolidzh. That`s it so it both is heard, and looks on an espering: nolij.

How not to admire brevity, simplicity and ease of this language for general contacts! And now pronounce this word nolij to any, knowing English, - and he instantly recognizes him. As well as having come across it in printing. Though itself, most likely, will not manage to write it correctly.

The most important that the espering (espering) is already almost familiar to all English-speaking as this language - extremely simplified English, both in spelling, and in a pronunciation. Besides that words it are easily learned by everything though a little familiar with this language. And such on Earth already 42%. And, seemingly, for English - it is close to its apogee.

Then that all of them in general have nothing to learn in an espering, and other mankind - has not enough: only new words, as required in them. Absolutely without words only the limited sign language and what else is called “body language“ is possible.

Such “seed capital“ - a half of the population of the planet already knows language! - still had no of 7000 languages on light! not so simple Esperanto to which this year 125 years will knock also dreams Of it. Same and anniversary of “unwillingness of mankind“ to study foreign language.

The Espering - already half general language. Language for global, world contacts. From virtual open spaces of the Internet and to geographical points on the globe in which we should be or from which visit us.

Whether so the mankind dreamed of it general simple, easy and convenient language which besides practically does not need to study, - still!