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Whether it is possible to receive the Schengen visa independently?

the Main obstacle separating citizens of the CIS from the European Union countries are the Schengen visa. It is not so difficult to receive it how can seem at first sight. The main thing that you had bases for visit any of the European countries.

The simplest and most often the effective way is to collect the necessary package of documents and to address to travel company. Many countries do not demand personal presence of the applicant at the visa center if you address for a tourist visa through agency. Well, and if you do not like to look for easy ways, we will independently act.

To what consulate it is necessary to address?

It is valid, each consulate has the requirements to the applicant of the Schengen visa. Some of them - are less exacting, some - more, but it is always necessary to address to consulate of that country which is the main country of your stay where you are going to spend most of all time.

For example if you are going to visit several countries - day to be alone in Poland and five days in France, then it is worth addressing to the French consulate. If you go to Benelux countries, in each of which are going to spend exactly three days, at the same time the first country to which you arrive, it is the Netherlands, then in this case it is necessary to address to the Dutch consulate. Also such option is possible: you address for the Polish visa, confirming that you are going to spend two weeks in Poland. Then you arrive to Poland, live several days there, and then freely move land transport across the Czech Republic, Germany etc. the bases for visit of the European Union countries can be


If you wanted to see with

just like that the country, so your version of the visa - tourist. In order that to receive it, you need to provide information on your location the abroad.

The first option is an invitation from relatives, friends or acquaintances. If in any of the European Union countries your relatives of the first degree of relationship (children or parents) live, then, as a rule, to receive the Schengen visa does not represent work. Difficulties arise if you go to distant relatives or the acquaintances. In this case many countries demand to provide proofs of your relations: it can be letters, photos, listings of telephone negotiations, your talk on Skype. Can ask details of your relations you: where got acquainted as long you communicate when whether last time saw and saw in general.

Other option - to go without invitation. In that case you need to reserve a hotel accommodation where you are going to stop and to provide the relevant document confirming it. Rather just to make listing of the letter which came to you to e-mail after you reserved the room and to specify the detailed address of hotel with phone numbers and an index in your questionnaire.

How to prove the intentions to return home?

Each applicant of the visa in consulate is considered by

as the potential illegal immigrant. I.e., you will have to prove to the officer or the representative of consulate that you are not going to leave for a long time the country and to remain in the European Union as the worker - the illegal immigrant.

What serves as such proof? the First is a presence at you of permanent highly paid job. For this purpose it is necessary to provide the reference with the indication of the size of your salary and the period of the granted leave. If you are engaged in individual work, it is enough to take the certificate of the income from tax and to make the copy of the documents confirming your status.

Further it is necessary to confirm your solvency. Sometimes it is required to present an extract from bank about presence at you of monetary savings, it is sometimes rather simple to confirm presence of a daily minimum at you for stay in the country. This sum makes from 40 to 100 euros a day. I.e., if you are going to receive the visa for two weeks, and the daily minimum makes 40 euros, then you have to have with yourself 40õ14=560 euros for the person. It is possible to confirm existence of this money, having shown traveler`s checks or the reference from bank on the blocked sum on your debit card. Also documents on existence at you of real estate or the vehicle can be necessary, but it is not obligatory.

What documents needs to be provided?

the List of all necessary documents each consulate uploads

to the official site. Except above-mentioned references and extracts, it is also necessary to provide in the presence the marriage certficate or divorce if you go with children - the relevant documents to children, and also notarized permission of trustees if the child goes without parents or only with one parent. Besides, existence of an insurance is required, its registration takes only five minutes, and near each consulate it is possible to find insurance company or its representatives. Sometimes it is necessary to provide confirmation of the bought or booked tickets. And, of course, photos for the visa and the passport which period of validity has to make not less than 3 - x months from the date of end of the required visa.

For what term needs to ask the visa?

Most often tickets for a trip reserve

in advance and proceeding from these data ask this or that period of validity of the visa. But it is better to make secure a little, it is not excluded that from - for weather conditions will detain a departure of your flight or the bus will break on the road, and you should be late for 1 - 2 day in other country.

Then not to spend time for proofs of justifications for extension of the visa, it is better to add several days for emergency at once. Remember that at the moment when you cross the Schengen area, you already have to have an existing Schengen visa. Let`s say if you go by bus which according to the schedule crosses border at twelve o`clock in the morning, then it is better to take the visa for one day earlier in case the bus suddenly will approach border on an hour earlier. Also consider time difference.

Why can refuse obtaining the Schengen visa?

Sometimes refusals in obtaining the Schengen visa do not give in to a logical explanation. The probability of refusal exists even if you already have ten Schengen visas, and, on the contrary, having absolutely blank passport, it is possible to receive the visa even to the most “difficult“ country. The main requirement for receipt of a visa is providing absolutely truthful data. If the representative of consulate suddenly suspects you of lie, he has the right to deliver you refusal. But also you also have a right to give on the appeal. If you already had refusals, tell the truth. If you conceal this fact, it will become all the same known, and it will play not your advantage.

Also you remember that it is necessary to file documents on the visa in advance. On the website of each consulate the term of consideration of documents is specified, it can be from two weeks to one month. Add some more days for the period of delivery of the passport to this term and collecting not to do everything end-to-end. Try, and at you surely it will turn out!