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Whether it is possible to grow up a coniferous tree in the apartment? Yes, if it is a cypress of

When presented me a small tree in a flowerpot, at once asked a question: “And who it?“ In reply heard: “Cypress, but it still very small“. Really small because I saw such trees on vacation in resorts near the sea, and they were very high.

And constantly tried to guess - a thuja it or a cypress. It is easy to confuse these trees, they belong to one family.

When to the plant presented to me there was a place at a window in kitchen, there were thoughts: and when it will grow where to put it, considering an apartment malogabaritnost? In our climate this tree does not grow in an open ground, does not transfer hard frosts.

The cypress appeared on the planet in the Cenozoic Era many millions years ago, its remains find during excavation. The symbolics of a tree is very inconsistent in different cultures. The Ancient Greek mythology narrates a sad story about the beautiful young man Kiparis, the favourite of Apollo who during hunting incidentally killed a favourite deer. From a grief the young man even wanted to die together with an animal: his melancholy was so strong that no arrangements of Apollo could console him. Then god with words: “Be always grieving“, turned Kiparis into a fine tree. The slender body turned into a high trunk, and curly hair - into evergreen needles.

In antiquity the cypress long time was considered as a symbol of heavy loss and a sign of mourning, but, nevertheless, cypress groves put around the cities, considering that they preserve against evil spirits. And now many cypress groves grow in the south of Greece and the island of Crete. At Phoenicians, on the contrary, the cypress was a life tree. Centuries later in Christianity the tree began to mean eternal life, and also endurance and valor. In the Bible it is mentioned that such trees grow in paradise. In cultures of the Asian countries a cypress - a symbol of immortality and longevity. In other value the cypress also meant man`s force.

Usually cypresses grow in a temperate climate in parks and gardens as decorative trees. From needles make essential oil, using in an aromateratiya and for treatment of a bronchial tube - pulmonary diseases. Very strong wood was valuable construction material in Ancient Egypt, and also in shipbuilding. In medieval Byzantium noticed that insects practically do not strike it therefore made iconostases of a cypress and wrote icons. Cypress wood well remains as contains a large amount of pitch.

It is very difficult to grow up coniferous plants in the apartment, they hardly survive in the house. For example, the fir-tree or a juniper do not grow under no circumstances. But if to provide the correct agrotechnology, then the cypress will grow. The main thing that for this purpose is necessary - the damp soil and cool air, far away from batteries of a central heating. And not to forget to spray a plant at least twice a day. It badly transfers direct bright sunshine therefore it is desirable to put a pot on northern or east windows. The soil has to be constantly damp. If to overdry - the plant will die, but not at once, and several weeks later. It is almost impossible to reanimate. In it the problem consists upon purchase of a plant, it is unknown how looked after it in shop, and the green needles can long remain.

Kiparis can grow enough - high (to 2 m), but its height can be controlled, growing up in a small pot. It is necessary to replace seldom as roots are very sensitive and can easily be damaged. In the summer the cypress can be taken out on a balcony, but it is necessary pritenyat from direct sunshine. In the winter - to keep in the light place at a temperature of 10 - 15 degrees. If it will be not enough light, then the plant can turn yellow and even to dump needles. It is necessary to water only once in a week in the winter, in the summer - is more often, but it is necessary to watch that water did not stand in a pot.

Kiparis well purifies air indoors, emits a lot of oxygen and phytoncides which kill even a tubercular stick. For this reason many people having diseases of bronchial tubes and lungs go to be treated to the Crimea to Simeiz`s region where cypress groves grow.

If you manage to look after correctly a cypress, one more favourite will appear at your place. And even live New Year`s “fir-tree“.