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Importance of the family center of

Creation of a family, undoubtedly, for each person is a natural duty. This duty our religion considers neglect without the special reasons as a sin.
Non-compliance with rules which the Great Creator established for cultural development of mankind, refusal of life in society will promote developing of incurable wounds; it will lead to different misunderstanding in society, to social diseases, crises, to the fact that instead of love, respect and responsibility between people there will be such qualities as carelessness, arrogance, evil intention.
In each family constructed on the strong national and moral base from seniors to younger will get friendship, good breeding, humanity, love to each other and respect.
In life of the Turkic people a family was the most important part of life at all times. Our people having with each other close religious and national communications always tried to live adequately, adhering to national moral values. In a family the father and mother were always considered as the most authoritative. Under a wing of their guardianship the children receiving good education who continue to develop the best qualities of the parents grew up, and then descend them to future generations.
At the children who did not learn love and caress of the parents who did not receive family education are possible manifestations of social and psychological shortcomings. In the advanced countries for this reason for the matter much attention is paid: there try to provide such conditions that children - orphans were brought up in families too. Scientists who believe that children raised in a healthy family bring to society benefit advise to some age to bring up the child in a family. Having analysed scientific researches, it is possible to be convinced that, for example, even chickens who were sat out by chicken strongly differ from inkubatorsky. The first appear much more strong, stronger, is more hardy. It says that even among birds and animals there is a principle of paired relationship, the principle of a family is very important.

Our religion teaches that creation of a family, life in couples are the finest obligations which were left to us by ancestors. When there are no extremely difficult situations and the valid reasons, our religion - categorically against stains. The prophet Mahomed (S. A. V.) told: “Before Allahom the worst, most undesirable business is divorce“. In one Sacred Hadith it is told so: “Creation of a family is my Sunnah. The one who does not carry out that I ordered will be considered descended from my way“.