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The father, you are not busy?.

Education - the basis of bases defining further character, manners and hobbies of the person. Parents undertake to lift up the child and to put on the right track. Unfortunately, the modern concept of this process changed a little.

Children bigger time are without parents, in an environment of the peers or tutors, and also with the best electronic friends. It occurs by and large from - for lack of excess time at adults for the child. “Well and why then gave birth?“ - you ask. Fair question. But also without children of a family it is impossible to imagine too. Also we will not sit over demographic problems.

And children cannot remain unattended too. Subsequently they can become closed or, on the contrary, too dismissed and to join not the best campaign. And the most important - any communication, except as genetic, with the parents at them will not be.

There is no wish to offend anybody as there are exceptions, but the fact remains - parents leave the babies for the whole day in kindergarten, then at school on an after-school club, and houses only force to do homework, and go about the own business or have just a rest.

And here children already grew up, and they did not achieve any contacts with the fathers and mothers. The most terrible that it already became a norm for modern families.

The child usually receives food in educational institutions, all according to the list - a breakfast, a lunch, an afternoon snack and a dinner. Thus, the main instincts which say - who feeds, that and main, simply are absent. If it is necessary to stay at home, for example, on vacation, then everything usually is solved instant food or the order of dishes on the Internet.

Thus, the child does not receive good nutrition, it forms the same relation to kitchen, completely there are no authorities.

the child does homework alone. Unclear material and remains misunderstood, the help from parents is not expected any more. Often, running up with a notebook to the father, the child hears in reply: “Then, I am busy now“. And later in the diary he receives a set of threats for a bad mark and, perhaps, slaps. Parents hope that this little man with a small outlook receives all possible at school, and if he badly studies, then - either he does not try, or such teachers.

Thus, the child studies, joins injustice worse, early becomes independent.

Viewing of the TV , strangely enough, parents is not limited. If, of course, it is not such peculiar punishment: “Everything, you will not watch TV tomorrow!“ Children with full tranquility include the forbidden programs, such as TNT or horror films. The same happens to the choice of games on the computer, that is there are no restrictions even if on a box +18 are written.

Thus, the child becomes more cruel and unbalanced, early gets acquainted with concept of sex.

Friends . Often parents do not even know with whom their child communicates. And it can be people, is much more senior than them, smoking or drinking, using foul language. In general, here everything is clear. The child repeats after the acquaintances that that, the closest and understanding people, admitted to the company.

Thus the child gets addictions.

Parents often consider that can bribe the child . And if they are not engaged in the child, then it is possible to buy everything that it will be necessary for it. It will be played and, in general, will be happy. And do not understand at all that it is better to preserve that money, but not to leave the child to have a good time alone.

Thus, the child becomes razbalovanny and greedy.

For oversights parents will not spare for anything. From - for fatigue after work of feeling become aggravated therefore the child hears about himself the most unflattering responses. And it is possible to explain quietly to him that it is good and that it is bad.

Thus, the child perceives himself worthless, becomes reserved, learns to offend other same worthless.

Our children cannot do without attention. Elementary manifestation of love is very important for their development. There is no wish to grow up the immoral and lonely person who in the future at all will forget about the parents as once they forgot about him. It is necessary to spend with the child more time, to speak with him, to teach him to life, nobody will do it.