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Fanatical belief. Why people go to sects?

Lead to itself the person quiet, measured life. Slow everyday life is diluted with couple of days off, and again the Monday reminding Tuesday, Wednesday and other days of work. As a rule, and belief at most of people the same slow. We remember church holidays only to be delighted additional day off.

Our belief is shown, often, in certain calendar days and is followed: ritual preparation of a kolivo, baking of easter bread and a visit of church to consecrate future meal. We amuse ourselves with hope that our life is not so guilty and that visit of church is a remnant of the past that the church stopped being the Saint long ago, and our soul - here the God`s true Temple.

Probably, indeed. In any case, my belief leaves the place for disputes and reflections.

Such inertly believing the vast majority. And suddenly the person whom you know hundred years and, apparently, you do not wait from him for any surprises becomes the religious fanatic. It leaves from reality so promptly as if dives with the head into the run wave.

At first you notice how it changes - the reserve, isolation, irritability appears. Perhaps ached? Perhaps the diagnosis terrible learned? But how uznat to help if it began to avoid communication? And suddenly, when you go together down the street, the woman approaches you, clings you a look of reproach, embraces your companion, calls her “sister“, kisses and, taking by an arm, takes away away to be whispered. In a minute your acquaintance mumbles awkward apologies under a nose and leaves with newly appeared “sister“, and you stand with round eyes and watch leave the removed couple, and only the scary word - “sect“, turns in the head.

Why people so suddenly become religious fanatics? From where such prompt rush and why in sect? Why not to go to church if heart directed to God?

We often rush the word - “sectarians“ (here and I not an exception) . But if to ponder is people unfortunate and unfortunate. These are those who dropped out of the habitual environment and lost the place in life. They often irritate people around, but nobody reflects that they need the help. But whether they want this help?

Was and I have such acquaintance. The woman is kind, harmless - from those from whom you do not wait for a stone in a back. It was always ready to come to the rescue and understand position. But not the puritan - also liked to have fun, and in a feast to join in. A family usual - the husband, two children. The husband was well placed in the city and it worked at a senior position. Children got married - congratulated all collective. The first grandsons went - too pleasure. It seems well everything, is stable - all as at all. But suddenly the grief on a face began to appear even more often. At first nobody turned special attention - well you never know from what mood changed. You will ask - “Everything normally“ , - answers. In soul did not decide to climb, but all learned over time.

Children established the families and left. While they were at home, the husband secretly met the mistress. When children left, gave it home and lodged with it in the neighboring room. Divorce as a result, but is no place to go. Began to live three together in one apartment. The general bathtub, and kitchen did not see such enemies in the person of two hostesses yet.

There was no smiling woman any more. Instead of it the shadow closed in itself which is mechanically performing work and at the end of the day leaving always one went, avoiding even the best friend. On a visit she more to anybody did not go, in fun did not take part and refused everything.

Gradually dresses and jewelry disappeared. The make-up faded, the hairdress was dismissed. The desire to be pleasant was not any more. On their place there were constant posts, faceless clothes, a roving glance, and from working cash desk money began to vanish.

Sect. When the person does not have love source in a habitual environment, he seeks it elsewhere. Sometimes the emotional shock can be so strong that the person is disoriented and takes lie for gospel. Being in a condition of sincere loneliness, the person becomes vulnerable and impressionable. At this moment it easily gives in to suggestion. To struggle with a depression in power not all, that`s when there is a substitution of concepts, and the people incapable to resist to own trouble independently, unite.

Heads of such sects found the ideal idea capable to unite sufferers. Only God as a source of love and forgiveness, can be recognized by those who seek consolation. It is unlikely people with the same dedication would be grouped around a poker! The idea of organizers is simple - to surround the person with love, and then, having lulled into a false sense of security, to exhaust from him all will and to make of an empty cover of a bobblehead which is easy for manipulating.

Seldom when process back is possible to turn. The drugged people do not want to know that they became puppets in hands of swindlers. Even if they once (to the introduction in sect) were revolted with this phenomenon, now it seems to them that then they were simply blind. Now the veil from their eyes fell and they began to see clearly.

It is possible to feel sorry for such people, but you should not forget that religious fanatics can be dangerous not only to themselves, but also to society. They blindly trust “pastor“ whose lips “God speaks“! The love that united these people, extends only in a community. Everything that does not keep within new consciousness, is perceived aggressively, and acts are corrected false by the Messiah.

By rules of a genre, I would have to give a practical advice how to save people dear to you from a mistake. I can even advise to surround them with attention, warm-heartedness, love. There is nothing more awfully, than to lose a support in the person of relatives. But unless it is possible to force to love? If and to give advice, then, probably, first of all that who learned treachery and appeared in a vacuum situation.

Never despair and you remember that only you are capable to help yourself. Love yourself! Fight for yourself! If you are not capable of it, it will not be made by nobody. The crowd of foreign people will never come to the rescue to you disinterestedly, and the alleged care pursues personal benefit. The faith in God does the person purer, but unless intermediaries are for this purpose necessary? God does not need your apartments and bank accounts. But they are necessary to false prophets! The love cannot be bought or sold. The love can be only disinterested.