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The Internet on electric conducting. What it is necessary for?

of Requirement grow. There is a wish for the maximum speed of access in any place of housing, the new TV, the stuffed Internet - functionality appeared, the child got own computer and is torn in the Internet? Or viewing of the movie in high resolution through Wi - Fi enrages breakthroughs and brakes?

The big house, the apartment with fresh repair or a configuration of the apartment, difficult for laying of a cable, forces to refuse the simplest and cheap option? The decision, of course, is. Broadband over power lines (BPL).

It would seem, the solution lies on a surface - all devices - consumers of the Internet also consumers of electricity. With mobile devices everything is clear, Wi - Fi has no competitors here. But speeds so far at all not those what is wanted and the quicker, the equipment costs dearer. Therefore the idea to connect the Internet and power supply is logical and reasonable. Well if at a stage of repair were laid all of a cable and are removed in sockets. Only such situation is rather an exception to the rules, than the standard practice.

An opportunity to start up the Internet on electric conducting exists long ago, only very few people from suppliers of the equipment propose similar solutions and computer editions seldom cover this topic. When the first time tried to find though some materials, the searcher was necessary to torment fairly. It was necessary to understand the theory of process, to learn how all this is arranged and what thin places are. There was no wish for devices of the size of the refrigerator, the minimum energy consumption and the maximum speed was welcomed, existence of enciphering of a traffic and simplicity of control was obligatory criterion. An ideal was “thrust and earned“.

At the following stage it was necessary to carry out attentively the tactical analysis of firms - producers, the offered models, to read not numerous responses of owners and to agree with the smothering toad. As a result chose an optimal variant, but the reality introduced the amendments (it did not appear on sale) and it was necessary to order younger model. What, by the way, I am not sorry about at all. Range to 300 meters, speed is up to 200 Mbit, the compact sizes, low consumption and enciphering. It is a pity that there was no through socket, but it is not so important.

Corresponded to all above-mentioned criteria of the device (in a set there are two devices). Unpacked, thrust, connected to a router one box and to the TV another, pressed buttons on the case of everyone for synchronization, and everything earned at once. The TV “rushed“ in the Internet to update an insertion and widgets at once, began to show weather, news and even rollers with YouTube without brakes in the maximum quality. Testing of fifty movies of different quality and different formats showed that the video stream to 25 Mbps shows just remarkably and periodic brakes of the only thing in my collection of the movie with the best quality were, most likely, not from - for a lack of speed, and result of rather weak processor of the TV.

The technology works, it is possible to buy at reasonable price in Russia. If you had similar problems with connection - consider the offered option as alternative to a cable.