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Natural selection at the person. Civilization for the good or to the detriment?

Natural selection in the nature are the strongest mechanism of a survival of a sort. Animals have no doctors and healers (except the person, but the little “are lucky“). During evolution all that allows to live is from generation to generation perfected: sharp mind, natural intuition, strong constitution.

These properties are descended, and, thereby influence increase of degree of a survival of these subspecies. And how this mechanism operates at people? To what we were led by a civilization? What can be expected from ours “natural selection“?

When the medicine was still undevelopedly (and active development the medicine, as well as other sciences, received in the 20th century), natural selection worked also among the person. We were not able to nurse premature children, we had no antibiotics, operations were not daily. And people had to struggle with the illnesses independently. The same simple mechanism worked: strong immunity, a resistant healthy organism - probability to survive is more. All who were with poor health - died as a fly. And bred (forgive for cynical expression) much more! Means of protection were not! Here was also born in a family on 12, and even it is more than children. But a third drove out of them. And even it is less. Many perished even in infancy. But it is possible to call those who survived safely the strongest!

Long to worry concerning the dead was once. The simple peasant needs to support six more living children. And for this purpose it is necessary to work hard.

The old person gave away diseases - with him there is nobody, once and there is nothing to potter. How many lived - lived so much. God gave - God took. Another thing is that also old people worked while could work. Thereby prolonging itself life. Sometimes died in the field. But did not sit on shops and argued on the sores (thereby exaggerating their value). Are once to them.

Earlier the child`s woman in the field gave rise, rolled up in a hem, here and all “medical approach“.

And what at us now?

The medicine and a civilization developed so that we learned to nurse the children born on the fifth (and even earlier) month, weighing less than 500 grams! We can cure a set of serious diseases. Every day in hospitals tens of operations become. We nurse those who in all respects would have to die long ago.

Yes what there to say, my daughter was born with heart disease (thank God, remediable), and we prayed on our medicine and on doctors for rescue of the child. Of course, we are glad to modern opportunities!

In human nature everything mixed up. Now premature weak children survive and, having matured, propagate. And by that continue the WEAK sort.

Opening of antibiotics caused mutations of bacteria which learned to fight against antibiotics. And we, in turn, should invent more and more strong forms of drugs. How it affects our organism? Badly! All organism suffers from antibacterial means! And the organism nespopobnost independently to cope with the illnesses now is transferred from generation to generation. In human nature there is norm a weak immunity, bad resilience to diseases. All this recovers and blocked by drugs which even more aggravate already shaky immunity.

The child`s birth at the forty-year-old woman - almost norm. While this woman already has diseases and the probability of appearance of the unhealthy child is higher, than at radiating with health and with a force of 20 - tiletny.

Everywhere blow that the population began “to grow old“. And it is correct! Birth rate goes down, and the old age and diseases are nursed.

By the way, about birth rate. Now we have means of protection. And we do not give birth to children “packs“. We observe the figure, we dream to live for ourselves. And what as a result? In a family of 1 - 2 child, it is already a limit of dreams. And it is not surprising that we worry over 1 - 2 children and we are afraid for their life. The civilization gave the chance to release time a great lot. At the same time, nobody plans in plus to 1 - 2 children to give birth still. And we hope for our medicine.

Within one family, one person, one life of a possibility of a civilization is happiness! But in scales of the human race it is accident!

Perhaps, we could improve the health sport, physical occupations. But alas, and here the civilization played a dirty trick with us! The overwhelming part of the successful population for work drives cars now, and work represents an everyday, constant prosizhivaniye at the computer. And it definitely does not add to us health!

Thus, with arrival of a civilization the mankind weakens. Now natural mechanisms of survival of a sort do not work for us. We were “cleverer“, we bypassed these mechanisms. But to what it will lead us? What hereditary “weaknesses“ will be fixed in the person? And with what natural health we will be allocated in 100, 200 and more years, it dread to think … for

Good luck!