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How to become the heroine of the thriller? The parody to typical situations of the American horror films of

Many young girls ask how to become similar to heroines of the American thrillers. It is very simple! It is only necessary to work according to the following recommendations which we gathered from a rough flow of the second-grade horror films which captivated screens of our TVs. So, councils of the film critic...

your way of life

Having arrived to the unfamiliar city, it is necessary to tell at once all passers, that you nobody know here, that nobody knows that you arrived here that at you with himself all works which are saved up for many years money etc., etc... You need to choose work such which would come to an end late at night. Do not buy the car, even the cheapest at all, home it is necessary to come back only on foot, avoiding the lit places. It is so pleasant to walk on fresh air, especially at night when around the old thrown park. Early in the morning in the same place jog. A form - hardly fitting shorts and the stretched men`s undershirt... The effect will surpass all expectations!

The apartment needs to be chosen from the following reasons: entrance doors have to have surely a glass insert in order that it was visible that you do there inside and in order that this glass easily it was possible to beat out and open a door the internal handle. Electric safety locks and the general switches of lighting of your house have to be surely placed in the cellar. They have to be designed so that the touch to them caused flash with a sheaf of sparks. With neighbors the relations need to be improved so that they for anything the doors did not open, as if you did not knock and that you did not shout.

As servants it is the best of all to choose the first of sent you by hiring agency. It is the best of all if it in the person has something strange repellent. It is not necessary to find out details of its previous work, and also circumstance of dismissal at all.

It is desirable to buy a cat such which favourite entertainment would be sudden jumps with a heart-rending cry on you from darkness.

So, coming into the dark apartment and having heard suspicious noise, it is necessary, not including light, to slowly bypass all rooms. Light in general needs to be saved! The most part of time support the twilight in the apartment. And here it is necessary to change clothes to a dream, on the contrary, at bright lighting before an open window.

Young girls should wash under a shower so: to start up very hot water and, having blissfully thrown the head, to drive languidly on shoulders hands up - down. It is also allowed to wash sometimes a leg, closest to a translucent blind. Nothing more can be washed!

Having got up in the morning, it is only allowed to clean slightly teeth and to brush the hair. The make-up cannot be washed away in the evening and to put in the morning - it has to be on you constantly! Critical days should not be at all! And of course, it is always necessary to carry beautiful underwear - and suddenly tortures with an undressing are coming?!

your children and the husband

I here, at last, you married. For a honeymoon there is nothing better than a gloomy deserted castle which is known for mysterious murders in the Middle Ages. The unpleasant unfriendly old woman over whose warnings of ghosts you will be able to have a laugh with all the heart has to be the owner of the lock.

Stories of children about the unclear and terrible things occurring in your apartment need to be stopped most decisively even if you have any doubts! Force them to sleep in the remote room on care of the dolls and clowns with terrible persons found you on a dusty attic or bought in antique shops.

Choose the husband it which would be convinced that in intellectual development and imaginations you nearby left children. At any doubts it has to direct you to the psychiatrist. The husband has to be strong beliefs and not trust in any unusual phenomena even if they occur at him in the eyes.

Fight against the villain in the apartment

Down with offensive distrustfulness! Let in at once the apartment of all who will call themselves the plumber, the electrician, the gas-man or the illegitimate son of your husband. Never demand production of documents!

If your guest as it is strange, is nevertheless a villain, then for experiment try to scatter to it in a face boiled water or acid, to knock him the iron on the head, etc. You are convinced once again that such things do not affect villains in any way.

If you nevertheless manage to deafen slightly the villain, then it is necessary to turn immediately to him a back and to call by telephone in police. If the police insistently advises you not to leave the house or, on the contrary, urgently to leave the house, then it is necessary to arrive exactly the opposite.

If to the apartment in which there are you and the villain, nevertheless the police rushed, then it is necessary to rise closer to the villain that he could take you in the hostage. Even if before you furiously and not unsuccessfully battled against it, then from this point it is necessary to stop completely resistance and not to try to be released independently. If you decided to use the weapon against the villain, then keep in mind that at first it is necessary to warn him about it. The villain will at once grow quiet and very much will be frightened, but we - that with you know: nobody is going to kill him. At the last moment, holding the gun at his temple, you have to become feels sorry for the poor mad maniac. Really, he is the same person, as well as we. Just it needs the help...

Fight against the villain outdoors

But here you by some miracle escaped from the house... It is necessary to run away from the villain, without hurrying and constantly checking whether he lagged behind (he can be the elderly person or even the lame disabled person with the knife which is sticking out in a back and three bullet wounds!) . Never look under legs! Do not hesitate to move back the back from time to time, to stumble and fall, choosing for this purpose ideally flat places, and also to scaredly scream that it incidentally did not lose you... If the villain pursues you by car, then it is not necessary to run from him between trees where the car cannot pass, and is even better not run away from the car at all, and to stand still and to shout plaintively “No! No!“... If you pursue the villain, then stop the prosecution as soon as the villain pushes someone on the way, and begin to find out, whether all as it should be with the one who was pushed.

If all of you decide to buy the car, buy such that it not so - was simple to be got! Keys from ignition fasten to slippery a brelka and you store at the bottom of your handbag it was possible to get them, having only shaken out completely handbag contents on the earth.

If the villain broke from a roof and is kept by one hand - strain all forces and drag him on a roof even if the day before it killed all your family.

Other councils

If at you are the lodge near the wood and you somehow will hear at night suspicious fuss about a lodge and bark of your dog - safely leave in a nightgown with a dim oil lamp to learn what occurs. A dog it is necessary at once, without waiting for morning, to begin to look for in the wood.

Strictly instruct children that during the fire they are only allowed to hide in a case and from there quietly to peep “Help! Help!“. Independently forbid to be chosen, irrespective of age...

If you are not able to swim, then when driving by the boat express the delight jumping on one of its boards. It is allowed to bathe in unfamiliar places to girls only bared!

If you were called by the stranger with the offer to meet in the small bar on the suburb the city where he will report “something important for you“, agree without thoughts! To inform any of acquaintances of your trip there is no need.

If you have a severe stress, then for its removal choose rainy night and drive by car on the highway with the maximum speed and the switched-off screen wipers.

Good luck to you! If you survive, observing all above councils, then you can safely consider yourself as the most real heroine of the thriller!