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How to fall in love with the client?

Love the client as yourself... Well, or at least so that through the unlimited number of months of cooperation not to begin to hate it.

So often we hear that the client is always right! If you work in sales department or supports of sales, this phrase has to be at you in a frame under glass on a workplace and in the head as “Pater Noster“. Only after a while works with the client often there is an opposite situation. Let`s try to understand how to avoid it.

Let`s say you seller. Every Monday the sales director gathers all your selling team - to threaten with a whip and to beckon gingerbread that in a weekend new contracts were signed. You fight for each client as a small fish for life, with the purpose to receive bonuses in the form of a desired sum of money. And here the client otmuchit you, received the conditions, but also you, there are no ninnies, signed the treasured contract and implemented a sales plan. Money on the card arrived, work is humming further, and the most interesting begins here.

Gradually you understand that conditions were not such favorable, the bonus (not such big) is already spent, and the client did not leave anywhere. He continues to receive the terms of the contract, but at the same time requires too much attention, not agrees, swears at everything, writes terrible letters and calls the boss with complaints to you. Extreme politeness from your party and the agreement with all its complaints turns you from the basic person, honest with itself, into yes - exchange whom you in yourself quietly hate. All this breaks you, and there is no wish to work.

On own experience I faced self-flagellation for yes - a vumenstvo tens of times, though developed several rules which help to avoid undesirable quarrels with the client. When I adhered to them, my clients still live and prosper, and in when followed the tastes that I do not know what, it was necessary to divorce the client quickly enough. Here that my small list of rules , perhaps, it will help also you:

1. Sell only what is pleasant. Otherwise you will be nasty to yourself, working with the fact that it is a shame to mention in conversation with friends on Fridays. Believe, musorovozk can be sold abruptly too. The most part that goes by our streets, the western production. These companies have them really abrupt, and the budget on marketing good, and approach creative. It can be interesting too, but only if it is pleasant most.

2. Promise the client only that really you will not be able, and you will want to make. If you promise the world, again you will take a dislike to yourself. There were cases when I agreed to do such nonsense which even at school would not begin to do of sympathy for the client. It seems if I help the client, he, maybe, and the contract will sign then for a large sum - to work kopipasty to me for it not difficult. Difficult! And it will not prolong then the contract. It is checked already.

3. do not underestimate the cost of the work. There is so much, and a point. The price itself should not know and to change it. Otherwise see consequences of the previous rules.

4. Argue with the client and defend the opinion. If the client tells the real nonsense, and you as the professional of the business see it, tell it honestly that you will not do for it it because … it is nonprofessional. Let will make others. And on them then he will swear that did not warn, here so brought. Do the work professionally always. Even if it goes to a section with representations of the client. Or do not do in general.

5. Leave beautifully. Otherwise the client will despise you. If you came to the client the first time beautifully, promised mountains gold and signed the treasured contract with dithyrambs, then also beautifully and leave. Even if cancellation of the contract does not please you at all. The earth is round, the client will return. Perhaps not, and in the person of those to whom it will recommend you. And maybe when the nonprofessional meets to it on the way.

6. the Client who took from me my ideas and did not pay for them receives from me regular letters not with threats that I will file a lawsuit against him, and with questions as its affairs whether it turns out realize my ideas, maybe, I can help something. It is sure when it realizes all these ideas, will come to me for new. But this time he should buy them.

If to follow these rules in communication with clients or in the choice of the company for work, definitely you will not begin to hate yourself, and the client especially.

With the client it is necessary to be on friendly terms, as with the friend from the childhood. You do not tell it any more a detail of the last parties or where spent all salary, and remember how it was healthy then as it is great that we are on friendly terms still. You are on friendly terms with it at distance, but love from it not less.

With the client it is necessary to carry on dialogue, as with the second half. Sometimes forgetting about it a little and not reminding of itself that started missing. Sometimes rushing to it into office on Friday with the superoffer without the prevention only because there was a wish to tell personally everything and to show.

It is necessary to care for the client. Of course, it has the life, the cares - a family, children, holiday, the apartment and repair. But it needs personal space too. Therefore if sometimes to invite the client to dinners at restaurant, bowling or on shish kebabs in the country, he will estimate that you look after him, give more, than just the partner.

, It seems, in these rules there is nothing new. All everyday, more than once written. But works, helps and makes profit. Not only financial, but also emotional. And when on the display of phone there is a surname - a name of my favourite client, and I have a lunch or at this time I not at office any more, I with pleasure lift a tube.