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The blonde for an elephant or How to earn from sleeplessness?

Sleeplessness … About it it is told and written so much that it is impossible to bare, probably, any new sides in knowledge of this not palatable phenomenon, and especially to offer original techniques of disposal of “an illness of millions“.

Actually, not about sleeplessness the speech, and about certain enterprising mister who was very successfully enriched will go further, using passionate desire of the citizens exhausted with a sleep debt to be forgotten, at last, in Morpheus`s embraces.

History this old also goes back roots to an era of videotapes. In the middle of 90 - x in St. Petersburg traded in everything and everywhere, fancy combinations of goods and services blew the mind even of the former Soviet citizens who got used to everything. In shoe shop it was possible to find with amazement department of sale of auto parts, realization of household chemicals the trip went near confectionery, and in butcher shops, along with production of animal husbandry, “the accompanying goods“ - from ware to lingerie were successfully offered.

As deification of a commodity lawlessness it is possible to consider one of trading floors of the bookstore, largest in St. Petersburg, on Foundry. In the former temple of thought faience toilet bowls and drain tanks serenely adjoined to computers and hi-tech gadgets to them, as well as the counter which is bashfully fenced off by a shirmochka over which the sign “Intim - Salon“ invitingly flickered.

I bought a videotape with the inscription “Larisa Trubetskoy`s Dream Book“ in a bakery - a show-window with melodramas, fighters and a desperate porno successfully fitted in between a rack with inexpensive optics and the refrigerator with drinks. From muffled explanations of the seller it was succeeded to understand that this piece liquidates sleeplessness at all if it is correct to follow the instruction. In spite of the fact that dream book, generally, call the collection of various interpretation of dreams, I nevertheless decided on purchase. The aristocratic surname of the author of a technique caused trust and the price was small.

In the first one o`clock in the morning, having finished, at last, works just, I included a video player, jostled the cartridge there and settled in a bed near peacefully pokhrapyvayushchy spouse - everything according to the instruction. Under quiet noise of a surf on the screen the animation pink elephant appeared, thoughtfully waved with ears and flew away in the unknown direction. Instead of an elephant there was big figure “1“. Then it went out and one more pink elephant appeared. He was not late too, and after flying away as it is easy to guess, there was figure “2“ …

will not be lied - I did not see the nine hundred ninety ninth elephant.

In the middle of the night I was woken by the husband and was curious from what it a time I took a habit to fill up under erotic animated cartoons. At that moment on the screen wagged with pink - no, of course, not ears, and more outstanding parts of a body, the nice blonde also departed - probably, after elephants. Judging by the appeared figure “218“, blondes were expected not less, than elephants. Having assumed that the author, perhaps, provided also other characters, we put the cartridge on rewind. And it is valid, after young women brutal gentlemen who any more, fortunately, wagged with nothing departed, but unanimously were a miracle as are similar to the actor Dzhorzha Clooney.

I managed to meet the developer of this surprising method of making of money from nothing quite easily - on a box phone for wholesale buyers was specified. The beautiful name “Larisa“ and proud surname “Trubetskaya“ had no relation to the creator of “dream book“ - the unknown, but enterprising programmer presented as Anatoly was him. I managed “to untwist“ it on a straight talk especially as anything illegal - on those dashing times, he did not make and had, as they say, “the right“.

The programmer Anatoly told that the idea of “dream book“ came to it suddenly - trying to fall asleep after an unlucky day, he drearily considered the imagined ripples in the water, sheep, elephants … And suddenly lit up it - and why not to draw what the individual having sleeplessness painfully tries to imagine?

All work took less than a month and did not cost to the computer genius practically anything - the familiar artist for a bottle of the counterfeit Amaretto liqueur created images of elephants, women and men, and Anatoly without effort navalyal the program where they alternated at numbers. Then he wrote down the master - the cartridge and suggested the friend to participate in business - the project. The friend trading in piracy replication agreed without hesitation - in which - that eyelids he received the honest movie.

Symbiosis of computer thought and private commerce yielded amazing results - from each “dream book“ friends had not less than three hundred percent of profit: the pure cartridge cost concessionaires about two dollars, and the final product was sold already on five. I believe that such trifles as payment of taxes friends did not bother. For few years of successful sales Anatoly, according to him, could buy the one-room apartment, and still remained on beer. I believed - during “that time“ housing cost in St. Petersburg was not space inaccessible.

For heating of consumer interest friends attributed authorship of “dream book“ to mythical Larisa Trubetskoy - Anatoly refused to explain this combination of a name - of, having mysteriously turned an eye somewhere afar. It is not excluded that it had a romantic adventure with the successor of a family of great antiquity and thus decided to immortalize memory of unforgettable days.

I do not know how further there was a destiny of the programmer Anatoly. Perhaps, he became the influential businessman, perhaps, “flowed away“ together with the ingenious brains for a cordon, or perhaps drinks bitter in the one-room apartment, remembering beautiful Larisa Trubetskaya, and considers, considers, considers elephants …