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Competitor. Please make feel welcome?

Here she, went, and dressed up that as! And he does not take eyes from it (so long ago did not look at me any more!). As I want that it was not and that in general such was not

As often we face the competitor in life. And main, all for the husband, you try, you cook well, you endow yourself, the time. Children are pure, dressed, fed. And missed the husband... It found to itself(himself) another...

How we react to competitors? Most often aggressively. What else reaction can expect from the ordinary woman.

And, can, it is time to become the unusual woman?

I Suggest to look at a situation with the competitor from a positive side.

So, we will consider pluses in appearance of the competitor !

1. If your man was fond of other woman, so he is not indifferent to women (you remember: you are among women!) . It means that at you as the woman has a real chance to attract it to itself (if it is necessary to you, of course). Therefore... it is lost nothing yet (if he still did not say goodbye to you) and consequently to worry there is nothing.

2. The competitor, is a reason for improvement of . It is such signal it is time to change. Think: perhaps, you started the appearance, or in general forgot about yourself? It is necessary to make up for lost time. When you visited the cosmetologist, the makeup artist, the stylist, the hairdresser last time? You in general visit beauty shops? Seductive to yourself you buy dresses? For certain, in house efforts, in cares (and about the man too, by the way) were run, and started themselves. As we often live for a family, for children, for the husband, and we forget ourselves! Leave efforts for later. Especially as these efforts as practice showed, do not bring happiness (time the man went to the party). And in the future any more never forget about yourself, darling! Do not make old mistakes! Let the world will begin to spin around you, and not vice versa.

By the way, I suggest to consider fixedly the competitor . What in it there is it you do not have that? Than it hooked on it? Reject emotions! Be attentive and prudent. Also study in the competitor not only appearance. Everything matters! What manner at it to talk as she behaves with your man what requirements he with it fills, what character at it... Generally, than it is better than you? Draw conclusions and introduce amendments to the life.

3. The competitor, whether it is an occasion to reflect A you need such man who left YOU? Told lies once, will tell lies and then. It is necessary to you? It is not necessary to regret for the one who did not appreciate you, did not see everything that is only in you. Why to change itself for the sake of it? It is better to change itself for the sake of itself. What wants to be changed in itself and if there is a wish. And to find that for whom you will be a darling such what you are. Because you are the most beautiful woman on light! Such as you are not present any more! And it is the truth! Therefore, you lose nothing at all, and get prospect to find the worthy elect.

And man... he does not love when it is thrown. He is in general an owner. And as soon as will feel that you are lost, itself will think again and will come. And then let he thinks out as to hold you!

Happiness to you, lovely women!