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What do we see in “a world mirror“? Reality as reflection of our thoughts of

“Someone complains that bread stale, and someone that seed-pearls“ ... All of us are dissatisfied, angry by something. We very often like to criticize others and seriously we think of such things on which in general to argue not our business. We like to pile on the agony, to expect the most terrible, to be disappointed in life and in people, without understanding that the world begins to concern to us the same as ourselves treat it and gives us that we think of it and that from it we wait for.

Yes, happens terribly, happens insufferably painfully. Everyone happens also to all. But there is such force which is invariable which will not bring which was and is ALWAYS. And she rescues, inspires, does us better, purer, kinder. This force - love. Of course, about it it is much told. And many of us understand, but do not realize, unfortunately, cannot experience all sense, all depth of this feeling.

The most important in life that it happened how it was difficult - it is ability to keep in itself love and good nature. Not to harden. Not to be closed from the world, and, on the contrary, to trust it. To understand that everything that happens to us - it is for the good to us. Each, apparently, difficult situation, helps to become a little stronger... Or not a little... At whom as. Depends on degree of complexity of this situation.

To be able to be content with what you have now - a difficult task. But it is quite feasible when you realize that it “your hands business“. “On your belief will also be to you“ - means, you deserved what occurs, so it are worthy time at present.

It is hard to keep in itself light when around there is a lot of darkness. And each person chooses for himself the way. That is closer to it and that for it it is better. Each of us has an option and a free will therefore also we bear responsibility for everything that happens to us in life.

The world “otzerkalivat“ our thoughts, ourselves therefore it is worth thinking of what we are and what we think of:

In life as in a mirror, you see
of the Thoughts reflection,
Than you live, than breathe,
Acts, words, the movements...
Think that you say,
to People of Dari love, -
Everything that you to the world bring,
K to you to come back again.
I know

Ya, you heard a lot of things about it, and these my reasonings, most likely, not news to you, but I only want to remind you of it, there is a wish that met in life of the happy and smiling people more, kind, open and sincere, ready to love the whole world and to accept it it what it is.
I finally, I will tell... I will Or rather, publish for you the poem:

In the world have more than people human,
True, open, kind,
Than cold and heartless,
Small, bad and mean.
In the world is more than a dobra also of light,
Than cold and sticky lie,
I to hope, to trust in this
We the heart have to all.
That you give, will return to you,
I for everything looks forward to hearing from you,
As the call, - so will respond,
Want it or not.
I sincerely want to believe

that this is true!