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Maslenitsa, sun, happiness! How to bake classical pancake?

It is worth making a reservation at once that pancakes - products from the liquid test - people of Earth love since the most ancient times. All love - and British in Europe, and Uzbeks in Asia, and Africans in Africa. At the different people pancakes are cooked differently. And at Slavic, especially Russian, pancake (more precisely “́ëèí“, from the verb “grind“, a product from namelenny) developed in a special dish, a dish - a holiday.

The Russian classical pancake - porous, easy, soft, friable, on a gleam translucent - as the sponge will absorb in itself both the kindled oil, and caviar, and sour cream, and any jam. Also will become even more juicy, tasty, shining, fragrant.

Such pancake - pride of the hostess. It is baked in due form true art and centuries of the checked technology. Why any detail in its preparation - from a frying pan to the test - plays an important role and requires the most careful attention.

This culinary miracle begins with a frying pan.

For pancakes the pig-iron frying pan, the small sizes is necessary. It is never washed with water and not scraped. And clean in the special way: put on fire, pour a little oil, fill a tablespoon of coarse salt, heat and allow to cool down a little. Still the hot frying pan is carefully wiped with a tissue, anew - both time, and two - wipe with dry salt, and having erased it, will rub off a dry soft rag. If on a rag there is no trace left even from a deposit - the frying pan is ready. Otherwise the first pancake will turn out a lump. Means, it is the best of all not to be lazy at procedure of cleaning of a frying pan.

The Russian classical pancake prepares on yeast. Dough is kneaded in 5 - 6 hours prior to pastries.

For it it will be required: 5 glasses of flour (wheat or buckwheat, and it is possible both that, and another together); 5 glasses of milk, 4 eggs, 2 tablespoons of sugar, 1 teaspoon of salt, 50 g of yeast, 200 g of fat, 20 g of salted pork fat.

We prepare a support. In two glasses of warm milk we part yeast, we pour three glasses of flour, horoshenechko we mix, we put to the warm place for 30 - 40 minutes, we allow the test to increase in two volumes.

We add salt, sugar, the pounded yolks, fat to a ready support. Thoroughly we mix everything, we pour the remained flour, carefully we knead dough, a thin stream adding warm milk. We allow the test to rise. Then, having brought down in strong foam of a squirrel, carefully we mix them with the test and we leave it for about 20 minutes once again to rise.

As soon as dough is ready (a consistence of dense sour cream), we take it a spoon - carefully that did not fall down - and we pour out on the heated, oiled frying pan.

But! It is necessary to oil a frying pan skillfully. Business this not so simple: if there is not enough oil - pancake will burn if much - it turns out thick or in general will shrink and will not spread on a frying pan.

To receive the necessary butter layer, we take a bulb, we cut it across in half and, having pinned a fork (where backs grow), we dip a bulb in the oil prepared on a silver platter. We will also be this “brush“, densely pressing it to a bottom, to grease a frying pan. And that dough spread evenly, pouring it, slightly we incline a frying pan.

Pancake should not be baked too long not to dry. As soon as it begins to rise and rumyanitsya, fast we sprinkle it with oil and we overturn on other party.

We put ready pancakes on a beautiful dish, oiling everyone warmed that did not cool down.

As we see, art to bake classical pancake - quite difficult. But also to taste such pancake and furthermore to treat with pancakes of friends - rare pleasure.

However Maslenitsa - a holiday not only taste. But also souls.

Its ringing, wide, splashing cheerfulness and warm fun action with its swing - roundabouts, driving from a hill, tapes, an accordion and an impetuous feast was born in pagan times, widely opening the doors to spring and new year. That is why a form of pancake - a circle! - became a symbol of the sun, heat, shine, life, feeling of relationship with other people.

Not for nothing on Forgiveness Sunday - Maslenitsa peak - we - cross will ask forgiveness for any passer and we will kiss him. Whoever he was: relative, stranger, righteous person or villain, Englishman, Uzbek, African. For us it - a kindred spirit. One of the general circle shower of all mankind.