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How to combine love and sex?

Happen so that from touches of some person on skin goosebumps run... Looking at it, there is a wish to be dissolved in its embraces, to kiss it, to possess it, to play with it... And someone, seemingly externally and attractive, does not cause such emotions, blood does not excite and does not disturb crazy thoughts.

Why does that happen? Business here cunning some, at the subconscious level being. Pheromones, smells, chemistry of feelings... Yes, everything is not as simple as it would be desirable. But it is much simpler, than it seems.

Business here in energy and, in energy of an attraction. In a freedom, in ability to be given to feelings. The love and sex are absolutely different things. And very seldom they, unfortunately, are combined. Because in passion, in sex, practically there should not be “brakes“, bans, constraint. For this reason some men speak: “The wife is sacred“ or “Well, I with the wife cannot afford everything that I want“.

Why?! - the question arises here. The wife, that - not the woman, maybe, it already and not the person, and some addition to the house? As vacuum cleaner or dishwasher. Is and is fine, carries out the functions and it is good, and here that there is no wish for it any more, too it is fine, it is possible and on the left to descend.

“The good ultraleftist strengthens marriage“ - this phrase can often be heard from lips of men too. I have no right to judge here someone, but campaigns turn into dependence on the left and do not lead to anything good. Whether it is better to try to diversify the sexual life with darling?

It is necessary to forget about a stamp in the passport and to rush with the head to the ocean of passion. In this ocean there are some rules, it is elements therefore it is necessary for it:

To be given entirely!

Grudges that it is impossible to press a button and to disconnect sober reason for some time. When we are given someone, it is not necessary to think of the, of problems or unpaid accounts, of what at you is not shaved somewhere, and somewhere it is ugly, somewhere folds, and somewhere dimples, - to hell all! Indulge in sex without brakes, be given entirely! Merge with desire, be desire! It is some kind of game, virtuosity, this time when two people do not need to be afraid to open, be given. This time to take and give. Without complexes, bans and fears. Two naked persons opening each other the world what can be intimny? What to hesitate here of?! Whom?!

Not to be clamped! ability to relax, join only in this process and to enjoy each its moment is important

Here. If you enter intimate proximity with this person - it your choice, so the person is pleasant to you. You wish it, wish to possess it. So show it it! Let he or she will feel your desire, your inclination. Transfer the mood, light! Light the fire.

It is not necessary to be afraid to let in itself energy of passion and to be given it, it only a moment, and it has to be wonderful. Play! You as fine wild animals, hunters, sniff to each other, find to each other tracks. You go carefully on soft paws, such independent and strong, look for production... And here a choice is made, you overtook the one who was wished, and now he (she) in your paws (hands). Triumph, celebrate, possess! It is possible even to porychat and be bitten. There are no bans. Your production.

To work!

it is good to Give pleasure to darling - it, of course, but also it is worth to remember about himself. Prevail! Be not afraid to declare the desires, send a current to the course necessary to you. Be not a log, but also to the partner do not allow them to be.

If you want some actions from he (she), tell about it, ask. Each of us likes a certain caress: someone “departures“ when to he (she) kiss and/or bite an ear, someone thaws from touches to a tummy and other... Each person is individual and possesses the “special“ places on a body and imaginations in the head.

Sex is various as the world... It is unpredictable, fantastic. Do not turn it into routine, into “conjugal duty“. Be able to play and enjoy this game!

Also you remember, sex - it is not dirty if desires of two coincide; it is far dirtier to have sex without love.