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To be itself is a risk or art?

Probably, each person heard about collective unconscious more than once, that there is a certain sphere consisting of cogitative energy of mankind, the scientist Vernadsky gave it the name - a noosphere.

Today, in our century of promptly developing technologies, when everywhere electronic communication when the whole world is shrouded in the World wide web, apparently, that us, people, some electronic system, and all of us as though small screws in huge and its ruthless mechanism begins to operate. Isn`t it time for us to quit this system and to look at the world with a serene look, own, but not imposed by the system “devouring“ human soul?

Everything is clear, a civilization. Where here from it you will get to?! All of us want to live with comfort, to use the best modern equipment. But whether it seems to you that we become slaves to this equipment?! We cannot live without mobile phones, without the Internet and without the other benefits of a civilization any more, we try to be as everything, to conform to standards and templates, to be let and not better, but is definitely not worse than others. And who needs it?! And is it good to conform to the set standards and to be as all?!

Be yourself!

is present

In herds nothing attractive even if they run after you (Friedrich Nietzsche).

To be itself is an art and luxury. Only units are able to afford it. In consciousness of people, unfortunately, strongly settled thought that if you differ from someone - it is bad, it is not norm. You do not fit into a format, so you can be killed as an ugly duckling. The person having the views unlike others, is considered strange, “other-wordly“. System against outstanding personalities! System in general against the thinking and conscious persons who go against it which have courage to argue with its laws and to violate its rules.

Unless it is good to be “small screw“ in this mechanism, to believe what is told and show, to eat what is eaten by all though this food is poison for an organism? Therefore to be itself is, of course, also risk, the system tries to make all “normal“, that is weak-willed small screws, her slaves.

Sometimes there is a wish to stir up properly mankind, to tell people: “Look what you turn the world into! What you turn own soul into!“ Each person can and has to be conscious, he has to be able to analyze information arriving from the outside, he has to think that he speaks and thinks, realizing that his thought has a certain force and energy in this world.

We would need to learn everything to be ourselves, to understand ourselves, to realize. What we want where we go and what for? Let`s “wake up“ from mass hypnosis and we will look at everything a sober view, we will fall in love with ourselves, we will accept such what are, and we will begin to act consciously. Then life will seem more intelligent and saturated. Analyze


do not believe what the system tries to impose to you. Check everything and compare. You should not be afraid to argue the point of view, to listen to yourself, to a voice of the reason and intuition. It is time for us to wake up! To think of what water we drink and what food we eat. All this forms us, exerts impact and on our health, and our thoughts, and respectively, and on our life. Begin with small, just at least for a start fall in love with the organism and begin about it is mute to care, eat not that praise to you in advertizing, and what is really useful for you. Look for the truth and choose truth among stuff of the sticky lie imposed to you. Be improved by


i “B each usual day live so as if it would be your last day. Do not leave anything for tomorrow, for emergency, live all completeness of thoughts and feelings today, now. Do not try to develop specially will power, and just be kind and pure each running minute“ (K. Antarova “Two lives“).

Let each your day will be filled with force, pleasure of existence and new knowledge. The doctrine and studying are a way of progress, advance. Let each of us will have a thirst of knowledge, thirst of truth. Our organism needs food, we feed him, and our soul needs food, truth, knowledge. The more we know, the we are stronger, the more doors for us are opened, that we are happier and more harmonious. “There are no miracles, except truth!“ - you are convinced of it if you aspire to knowledge.

Let`s live consciously and to think the head, and then the whole world will become another, more live, light and joyful!