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Why “pulls pregnant women on salty“ and from where toxicosis undertakes.

About pregnancy go many rumors which are based only on unqualified maintenance. The matter is that on the earliest terms of pregnancy nausea in the mornings and “draft on salty“ develops. The first symptom - nausea - corresponds in the mornings to the raised zhelchevydeleniye. Bile is a digestive agent and if its allocation happens spontaneously and is not connected with meal, nausea, and then even heartburn will be the first symptom. “Draft on salty“ speaks even more simply: salt operates activity of kidneys, in other words, stimulates their work. Therefore at a kidney hyperactivity pulls on fresh, and here if kidneys “sat down“ - we have functional decrease in their activity - just and pulls on salty. Actually, it not two different symptoms, but one. Just the condition of kidneys defines activity of a gall bladder, and “failure“ of activity of kidneys provokes the raised zhelchevydeleniye - spontaneous emission of bile. The matter is that already on the earliest terms of pregnancy in an organism there are large-scale changes. He literally switches over the child`s births to the mode. All changes: hormonal background, exchange, scheme of activity of bodies and systems. Therefore usual representations “I am simply pregnant“ have no relation to realities. Here a situation such is as though the known import Zaporozhets car suddenly would release everything wings and departed. All approximately the same. Just everything this large-scale reorganization will be organized by immune system, and at a healthy organism all this occurs almost imperceptibly. And in itself “draft on salty“ at a normal state of health can be softly expressed.
Change in activity of kidneys is defined by the fact that we have uniform urinogenital system where the condition of kidneys easily influences a condition of a uterus in an organism. The return is also right. As for imperceptible ovaries in usual life, they in general change all hormonal background through functions of a hypophysis. So picture briefly approximately following: ovaries, giving a signal through a spinal cord, change function of a hypophysis and consequently also all brain, and went - went … By the way, not all experts know that in connection with this process, and even without it (without pregnancy), ovaries can influence so function of a brain, exciting a cerebral cortex, up to hypostasis (in the first case the woman just is nervous or “too worries“, and in the second case there is a full picture of tick-borne encephalitis, exactly with the same possible consequences - intellectual backwardness).
So as Ilf and Petrov`s famous character in the book “Twelve Chairs“ used to say: “Who will tell that it not so, let the first will throw into me a stone“ (not literally). The simplified relation to this process is explained by the fact that in heteropathic medicine there are no means for correction of this process. The matter is that the traditional medicine is essentially aimed not at treatment, and at compensation of pathogenic processes. The task is reduced not to healing, and to simple relief of health as there are neither methods, nor means. In homeopathy all just the opposite - is both methods, and the means capable to compensate practically any pathogenesis - a disease, the homeopathy is no more than information medicine - and it is a possibility of management of all functions of regulation of an organism. But it is time to pass from words to business.
For the first month of pregnancy
Morning (with 9. 00 to 11. 00):
Arnica - 12
Glonoin - 12
of Ignation - 12 - each preparation on 2 peas on 100 ml of water with a dinamization - 50 rotations clockwise. Put
(in 21. 00, 15. 00, 18. 00): Az`s
of a fetid - 12
Kantaris - 12
of Karbo animalis - 12 - each preparation on 2 peas on 100 ml of water with a dinamization: 50 rotations clockwise, 50 - against. Reception thrice - in 12. 00, 15. 00 and 18. 00.
Evening (with 21. 00 to 23. 00):
First evening:
Cinchona - 12
Kuprum - 12 - everyone on 3 peas on 100 ml of water with a dinamization: 50 rotations clockwise, 50 - against.
Second evening:
Apis - 12
Lakhezis - 12 - everyone on 3 peas on 100 ml of water, with a dinamization: 50 rotations clockwise, 50 - against. The first and second evening is alternated, irrespective of day of the beginning of reception - just every other day.
This course will remove all “usual“ troubles. As it it is understood that a state of health of future mother “more or less“. As real toxicosis is always defined by chronic decrease in activity of kidneys. Unfortunately, the organism is so arranged that the painful signal comes to a brain at the beginning of inflammatory process. Therefore if we have an inflammation of kidneys (nephrite), then we always easily learn about it on waist pains. By the way, ““ give uterus problems to a tailbone. And here if we have degeneration phases - decrease in functions of bodies and systems, then the painful signal does not arrive (for kidneys this tendency to a nefroz). Just gradually there is a decrease in functions, then sand and even stones can be formed, and it is possible to learn about this process only incidentally skhodiv on ultrasonography, or on an acute pain at an exit of stones. Therefore, at partial decrease in functions of urinogenital system in general very few people know about it. Certainly, for pregnancy the healthy organism is necessary, and at its inclusion at full capacity, nevertheless it is necessary to give birth to the child, there is a functioning problem. As toxicosis and hypostases are explained by sluggish functions of system of allocation which just do not cope with removal from an organism of the fulfilled substances. Before everything could be as it should be. Just the organism lived at the rate on one, and already on two people. As in a pregnancy consequence the child lives too, and, certainly, at a fruit the same secretory processes, as well as at each of us function. Therefore the secretory system of mother has to work already for two.
Early terms of toxicosis are explained by the fact that else before formation of a fruit in the volumes putting an allocation problem, the organism sharply raises an exchange in general. The poet if earlier the exchange was sluggish, and everything was as it should be, then it just is not enough now. As a result we will have two problems: “dysbacteriosis“ and Qatar of a bladder. Dizbakterioz we not for nothing quoted just because a collateral consequence of much more serious process. Dysbacteriosis is understood as violation or change of standard flora of intestines. But it is only secondary process and business not in it at all. Activization of an exchange and zhelchevydeleniye leads to an inflammation mucous all zheludochno - an intestinal path then there is a change of a bacterial background. Well, really, at an intestines inflammation, no normal bacteria survive there, and here is how time pathogenic appear easily. There are two consequences:
the Most dangerous is the fact that the inflammation mucous completely breaks work of intestines. It ceases to acquire nutrients and to remove disintegration products. Certainly not absolutely completely, but nevertheless. Therefore, the nutrients necessary for life of mother and formation of the child just are not acquired. At the same time in blood toxins which influence formation of an organism of the child collect. If to imagine this picture in bright paints, then it is clear that about any formation of the healthy child the speech just does not go as instead of useful nutrients, in blood the poisoning toxins “dangle“.
Usual attempt to correct this situation with the help of the medicines containing bacterial flora not only is silly, but also is dangerous. All this is very similar to attempt to seed seeds to the dry earth and to wait when they ascend. Process of an inflammation in intestines quickly destroys all flora owing to what we have ptomaine - additional freight of toxins. Well, usually he is not so much, but if to try and apply “global means of bacterial influence“, it is possible to achieve sharp deterioration in health quickly.
On this case, occurs history with one my “recovering“, just - the bacteriologist by profession. At one scientific institute she was just engaged in the fact that she grew up bacterial cultures for receiving medical supplies. From communication: “Here idiots, Sergey Aleksandrovich! To these cultures you create optimum habitat: temperature, nutrient mediums, and all of them die and die! At what why they appear in intestines much it is not known at all - it is pleasant to them there. One is absolutely clear that at any an inflammation - die - absolutely unambiguously! That they try to occupy there - so all the same will die“. Let it emotionally, but in the text is right. Thus, it is necessary to restore normal work of intestines, and at all not “to try to breed rabbits in the desert as camels there already are“ therefore:
of Any biological cultures! Including bakteriofarma - are not useful.
For normalization of work of intestines needs to eat slime. The best of which - usual broth. And from broths the best - chicken, is ideally acquired, normalizes work of intestines, quickly restores necessary balance of nutrients in an organism. As that picture of dysbacteriosis about which we already talked anyway leads to organism exhaustion - decrease in balance of nutrients.
Kefirchik is possible, but there is a number of preventions. The matter is that sour taste stimulates work of a liver which “is so loaded“. Therefore, turned sour - dairy products - a thing very useful, but only at a sluggish liver (signs of a sluggish liver - the reduced acidity, a sluggish exchange, surplus of weight).
can taste Here baked milk and fermented baked milk as they are better acquired and “less sour“. In the sense that fermented baked milk affects a liver less nagruzochno, than kefir. But you should not risk as at a dysbacteriosis picture we always have the raised zhelchevydeleniye and, therefore, a liver hyperactivity.
Toxicosis is always defined except dysbacteriosis by existence of Qatar of a bladder. Which as we already know, dysbacteriosis also causes. Qatar of a bladder consists in its reduced functioning (sluggish activity). The main trouble is that at dysfunction the bladder sends a signal to a brain in which he reports that he is not ready to work normally. In this connection, the brain forms a signal of refusal of reception of drink. Simply speaking, to drink does not pull. At the reduced consumption of liquids, the bladder still especially “calms down“ and so on. As a result, liquid is consumed a little. “Washing“ of an organism decreases. In an organism disintegration products begin to collect. And as uric acids in the form of compensation are removed in joints, joint pains can develop and even to develop arthritis (an inflammation of joints).
Certainly, in this situation it is necessary to consume as much as possible liquid that the bladder started over again working. But complexity consists that such measure quickly causes one hypostases as the bladder as did not work, will not work. It defines that usually in this case in female consultations suggest to reduce reception of liquids as much as possible. Consequences are obvious - heavy toxicosis. All this is explained only by the fact that they have no ways to normalize work of a bladder. In homeopathy such means are. And, the course offered by us, within a month will remove toxicosis and normalizes work of a bladder.
a gomeoterapiya Course at toxicosis (with hypostases)
Morning (with 9. 00 to 11. 00):
Opium - 12
of Ignation - 12
Glonoin - 12 - everyone on 2 peas on 100 ml of water, with a dinamization - 50 razmeshivaniye clockwise. Put
(in 12. 00, 15. 00, 18. 00)
Kantaris - 12
of Karbo animalis - 12
Cinchona - 12 - everyone on 2 peas on 100 ml of water, with a dinamization - 50 razmeshivaniye clockwise, 50 - against.
Evening (with 21. 00 to 23. 00)
First reception:
Likopodium - 12
of Az of a fetid - 12 - everyone on 3 peas on 100 ml of water, with a dinamization - 50 razmeshivaniye clockwise.
Second reception:
Moshus - 12
Konium - 12 - everyone on three peas on 100 ml of water, with a dinamization - 50 razmeshivaniye clockwise, 50 - against. To alternate each evening reception every other day. It is necessary for restoration of water balance and normalization of work of a bladder: to Take three liter thermos
to Put
in it 6 spoons of the
green tea to Add 1 teaspoon of honey (yellow or flower)
to Survive one segment of a lemon. the Received structure (green tea) to accept
during the day in the small portions, drinking all thermos in a day. In this case it is desirable to drink more often and less. The first days in general can be put near themselves a thermos with a cup and to drink slowly. The only prevention that it is possible to begin this process only after reception of the specified homeopathy course. As it normalizes work of a bladder, and then we will already strengthen a drainage. As it is desirable to drink the first days more often, if you work, there is a sense to begin this process at the weekend.
Prevention! It is impossible to accept tea without homeopathy course! Hypostasis can only increase! At reception of a course of homeopathy - it is obligatory to drink tea. As the preparation restores work of a bladder and without tea reception, there can be problems.
So, within a month in the presence of toxicosis with hypostases - we accept the specified homeopathy course. And during the day - chicken broth with noodles and green tea - here and all diet. Better and to be limited to it as any salatik this month can overtask intestines. So let at first it will be restored, and then - we will expand a diet.