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As the psychology of relationship from the Stone Age to the present developed.

If the person lives on the desert island and he would be pleased by loneliness, then this subject would not be, but as it is at all not so this subject - psychology of relationship - main which passes through our life irrespective of professions of the social status, and also races and nationalities.

The psychology of relationship is understood as psychology of personal or pair relations, simply speaking, psychology of the relations between the man and the woman. Here a certain historical experience and a way is very important. Researches show that than further we leave from the Stone Age, with this subject it is worse and worse. In the Stone Age of the man ran on hunting and collectively exhausted whom could - from mammoths to the smallest living creatures - there was a normal men`s collective organized by the clear principles, women kept “center“ and in general knew all house situation and problems there practically did not arise, men cared for hunting, women - for a household. There were even no essentially designated roles except as the man and the woman as even the concept of a family was absent, respectively and problems any did not arise - except simple elements of love, care, jealousy that quite keeps within a picture of interpersonal communication and does not lead to a war of floors which we see now.

At the same time the woman was quite a woman as jewelry, a beads, bracelets, and even very well processed hairpins for hair easily appears - are found in the corresponding cultures, the truth under these hairpins in the historical museum hangs the plate unknown object, but it is simple because modern archeologists are hardly ready to recognize. That already in those - times, rather far from us, that the man was a man, and the woman was a woman, perhaps just out of envy as now of course all in a different way. With development of economy there were certain “dopelement“ of female life which needed to be descended - from mother to the daughter. Men had nothing to transfer as except a spear, the axe, onions and arrows they a little what owned - and it was the expendable material. Respectively there was a matriarchy as if the problem of definition of the father was difficult, then with mother everything was simpler. With development of community there was opportunity not only to run on hunting, but also to reach neighbors having taken away from them all that could be valuable. So hunting replaced the functions and turned into an element of military force then it became clear - especially psychologically that it is possible to apply it not only to neighbors. But also at home for redistribution of certain benefits, so there was the third phase of community - patriarchy which is based on use of simple military force. Amusing the fact that our development as communities - all mankind goes on improvement of certain forms at which old quite remain, than even specially is engaged an arkheopsikhologiya. The fact that all three types of interaction gradually passed into option of personal interaction like family is important for us.

The first type “Stone Age“ - it partner marriage does not assume other role functions except as the man and the woman and is extremely developed in modern western culture (nearby left) or more precisely effectively try to return. But at absence to carry out collective actions - hunting and a household gradually degenerates the subject “meet“ where no community and interaction is formed.

Couple it when except “I“ and “you“ are formed the general “we“ which is necessary for the decision, any essential tasks - the births, education of children, housekeeping or joint advance on a career ladder. And when there are no such tasks, any “we“ it is not necessary met, communicated, ran up. And in regions with prevalence of this kind of interaction population respectively falls - the people die out.

Matriarchy not only remained, but also was fixed in part of cultures, especially it concerns the Jewish culture where in general the woman is a structure-forming element of society - everything solves mother, there are, by the way, also certain tribes which maintain matriarchy in its pure look. But in modern society it poured out in family type where the main senior on collective is the woman, actually she and the leader. And at last, patriarchal type of a family when the leader is the man.

Actually all three families options have in themselves an array of problems, the simplest situation here with partner option as children, and actually it does not assume problems, two other options give very negative consequences. “Matriarchy“ the ruling role of the woman creates the shift of roles up to the return and as to any couple type the man and the woman are present always (even at homosexual couples) respectively it leads to the shift of mental behavior models. And as mental behavior model defines hormonal background, consequences are obvious. In such families there is a change of roles when mother is a man, and the father “woman“ respectively children who study everything in a family, quickly adopt these roles that the essential print applies on their further personal or social behavior. Here we have option of the suppressed men who are afraid of women (mother strict) that at the weak mental constitution leads to emergence of homosexual bents (blue). The return option patriarchal, is also not always good. As leads to suppression of women and in the presence in a family of girls and their weak mental constitution that homosexual tendency appears.

And everything would be absolutely awful if not one nuance, these psychological schemes are based on direct suppression or violence, and also on a peculiar representation of psychological science which does not operate with concept of God, namely love. As the family it, the place where lives love, and all these psychological schemes - correct in essence and to contents just depict as happens badly and badly - clinic when it is love just is not present. It is possible to make also rather simple forecast of this simple research (in psychology a hypothesis) that all these three defective schemes have to have generally exactly that one effect the shift of man`s and female hormonal signs on the line a unisex - creation of a situation of “sexual uncertainty“ when pair contact is simply impossible. As even accurate self-determination is characteristic of homosexual couples. Therefore the majority of “personal“ problems of a modern civilization is based on this simple “sincere“ fact when culture, training and education not only do not support formation of bases of sex, but also on the contrary try to level them.

And at “equality on trousers“ it is very difficult for person to self-organize as formation of sexual characters, as we know, happens at the child after three years his simple perception in society. Respectively here it is possible to think of simple alignment of a hormonal background.