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The belief of


and - the beginning new nothing an inconspicuous aphorism, conclusion
in - important
d - banal, for children
z - informative
and - interesting
to - winged
of l - best
of N - not important
p - instructive
with - difficult for understanding
yu - humour

Vera definition to form value to change to divide will lose it is necessary to have fidelity to bring up others depends to develop correct new identical different excessive own harm the trusting person the trusting people to find firm to correctness

z Belief - confidence, conviction.
pzv In formation of the correct belief of the person very important role is played by spirituality, morality, philanthrophy, benevolence, love to the nature, activity … vp If the person does not trust
in good - he will surely believe in bad.
to Vera who did not get into soul - is weak.
z Vera of the person are formed through knowledge, feelings, emotions, thinking, supervision, experience, the analysis, conclusions, mood, suggestion, health …
z If the person believes that it is right - doubt it all the same there is no requirement, will be approved by opinion of others. Vera as in fidelity and incorrectnesses of object of love leads
of stars to a rupture of the relations - keeps only their doubt.
p Vera - not the best form of tranquility.
pzv Cannot develop the correct belief - in area which is not studied and is not experienced.
z In formation of belief are necessary knowledge natural, socially - historical, technical, philosophical, everyday …
p Vera - has to be moderate. zp Vera lay up
for action - doubt give thoughts.
to Vera - is silly, the doubt - is reasonable.
kit People the belief - are proud, - are ashamed of doubts.
p Vera has to be resolute - only after doubts.
p At serious doubts should entrusting belief to instincts of the wise nature.
p When the belief burned bridges - to doubt late.
p In urgent business belief is better than doubt.
p is Less belief - less mistakes and delusions.
p the Excessive belief - prevents the person to make more correct and weighed decisions, to draw the correct conclusions and endangers it.
and Vera is more friend, than enemy.
of C Is silly - as unjustly doubts, so - and blindly to trust.
zd Vera help in achievement of the purpose.
p the Full belief - should be avoided.
to Blind belief - the girlfriend of nonsense. p Vera weakening
- admits danger.
z Vera calms - but sows a mistake, the doubt concerns - but rescues from a mistake.
pz Vera lulls into a false sense of security, reduces care, weakens control...
p Most of all belief at nonsense. pz the Excessive belief - leads
to trouble.
to Absolutely trusts the fool, clever - doubts.
and Blind belief - idiocy.
pz Vera and obstinacy - different things.
p Vera - has to be no more than it it is required.
and Vera is born through representation of the world through understanding and feelings.
pv Vera without self-control - anything. p the Wrong belief can result
in defects, offenses, and even crimes.
lvp Nonsense to have belief - is compelled, will trust in a rumor.
z the Enemy of belief - doubt.
zd Vera comes to an end there - where the doubt begins.
zd Vera to courage help.
and needs belief good luck.
z Vera relies on estimated truth.
p Vera should not substitute truth.
of C the Correct belief - is truth.
zk Vera - the end of doubts.
zd Vera and hope - companions of a survival.
zdp Vera is an important condition of search. there is no
and Without belief - views.
to Only rational belief - to views help.
zp Blind belief and fanaticism - the soil for the birth of wrong views.
to Vera - an outlook support.
and Vera is undermined by discrepancy. there is no
and Without belief - idea and the purpose.
to the Fool believes that it creates good, the wise man - suffers from doubts.
and the normal person has no full belief that it is created kindly.
p the Wrong belief prevents to see truth.
with do not allow the belief - to define truth, it can use - in difficulty of the choice of the direction of search.
z Vera is in many respects obliged to outlook.
p Vera - not the best form of steadiness. zp the Person gives to
belief for the sake of profit and achievements of the purpose.
and Vera - gives force.
p the good support for belief independence.
p the Deep-seated faith - grows stiff. zpv Without belief - to reach nothing
z Self-confidence - increases conviction and credibility concerning others.
and Vera can argue with good luck and destiny.
and Vera at the expense of a pressure can win - and can run.
p to Vera - is necessary will.
z For belief - mind is not necessary, to doubt - not to do without it.
d True belief at failures and adversities does not weaken.
with Vera can be only in love to others, as for reciprocity - it is fanned by doubts.
and Vera - is active.
p in difficult business - not to do Without belief.
and Vera it is difficult to define on force.
of l To wrong belief is more than sympathies - than to reasonable doubt. pz the Excessive belief - leads
to delusion. and Without belief - activity not to include
z Vera - is counterbalanced.
z Vera - is persistent.
z Belief - reason disconnects, the doubt - forces to work.
p Vera - is deceptive.
with Vera - develops feeling of controllability of the world.
z Vera - betrays the internal force, and ease to a body.
z Vera not only spirit - but also slackness, a gait, a bearing.
z Vera is in many respects obliged to predictability.
pzv Intolerance to foreign belief - interferes with development, establishment of truth, adoption of the correct decisions.
z Correctness of belief is promoted by clarity and flexibility of mind.
of stars Purposeful development of belief - a maturity indicator.
to True belief - the child of reason and feelings.
pv Uneducated consciousness - a hindrance to development of the correct belief.
z Vera significantly depends on understanding that such good and evil.
of C Vera has to are born - as the child in the person, but not to break - as a flower in the field.
with Vera - are dissolved in benefit.
z Correctness of belief in many respects depends on knowledge of people and the world.
z the Important tool for formation of belief - philosophy.
z Essential deformation of belief of the person occurs under the influence of a reproduction instinct.
z In installation of the correct belief not to do without logical thinking.
z to Installation of belief is promoted by intuition and ingenuity.
zd Vera undergoes changes from - for new conditions.
p Formation of belief has to be purposeful - but not spontaneous.
z Is people who prefer to the choice of own belief a consent or rejection the stranger.
z Assimilation of foreign belief, without judgment, the analysis and search - destroys the personality.
zd Vera - is sincere.
and Vera turned into dogma - grows stiff.
z Often belief - no more than a habit.
z the good support for formation of the correct belief serves the analysis and experience.
zp the Hindrance of the correct formation of belief - false information.
zp the Hindrance of the correct formation of belief - haste and vanity.
pz Normal belief can be born only in coherence and steadiness of all aspects forming it.
z Formation of belief the most difficult mental, spiritual and practical work.
zp In formation of the belief of people is simply obliged to consider last experience of society and the forthcoming future, spirituality of ancestors, the general outlook.
z Vera of the person is only that - what he is convinced of.
z Help for formation of belief serves inquisitiveness.
zp Blind belief and fanaticism - the soil for the birth of wrong belief.
z to Formation of the correct belief - is promoted by an insight.
and Formation of belief - process creative.
zpv Formation of belief - has to is under construction on reasonable justification.
z Vera of the person depend on his activity.
p can turn Into belief repeatedly repeating information.
pv Vera has to change thoughtfully and first of all because of growth of spirituality and knowledge.
pvd Vera created because of harmful influence - is pernicious.
about Formation of belief has to occur in favor of the nature, but not a civilization.
zpv the Difference of beliefs between people - is softened with mutual respect.
d influence formation of belief mass media, the Internet, books …
and Vera of the person is shown, in word and deed.
p When forming belief should not seek to accept a majority position - it is necessary to listen to the heart and reason.
z to Change of belief is disturbed by a habit.
and Special belief - is dangerous.
zd Through change of belief of the person it is possible to affect his character and behavior. p We often renounce
the belief - satisfying requirements.
to New belief confidence - other person.
pz Vera imposed from outside is less clear and close it may contain the deception nature.
d At many people the most fertile field for the belief birth - is benefit.
d Only the belief which is given rise on the basis of justice and high morality - has the right for life.
z On education and formation of belief the big mark is left by business.
z Vera is often obliged to sympathy and desire. p the Non-standard belief can lead
to loneliness.
z Belief - lie grows dim.
p In a belief denial tranquility, a step, restraint - is more important than arguments.
d Anger and shout are not capable to convince, it in power only to tranquility and restraint.
d Opinion of the majority - nonexistent can make reality.
and People who perceive something differently - the person considers sillier than.
and Silly to have belief - on a habit.
in At the knowing person belief is more correct.
and Vera is capable to grow on coincidence and accidents.
and Some people are inclined only to distinctive belief. nothing remains to
with the Person how to have belief according to the hint of others in that, knowledge about what it has no, or in what he is not able to comprehend.
with Vera leads to the end of a way in knowledge.
z Vera - weakens control, thinking, suspension, care, doubtfulness.
and Vera helps not only to believe in itself, but also to believe people in you.
and the Person can get big belief when feels support of people.
and Vera is in many respects obliged to success.
and Vera - is afraid of doubts.
and Belief - to doubt the enemy.
z Vera and doubt come in turn.
p Vera without doubt shadow - madness.
in Vera in what is not capable to be comprehended - is blind.
and is difficult to believe in that - that is not clear.
z That was born true belief - the understanding is necessary.
p Without understanding can be born only blind belief.
and Is blind belief of they are who is beyond the knowledge.
to Blind belief - is easy.
klvp Blind belief - is worse than disbelief.
d Vera installs optimism.
d not trusting in the forces, is difficult to reach something. d Vera - unites
and Stronger than belief unites people - only idea.
of C Vera is madam of doubts.
z First of all the person believes - that to it it is more preferable. z We often believe
in that - what we want to trust in.
d the Person believes quicker in that - that is desired. p the Blind belief even in trifles - kills with
the person as the conceiving being.
z Vera - strengthens spirit.
and Who needs the belief depriving of rest? d Strong people belief inspire
, weak - undermine.
and Some people believe only in what it is difficult to believe in.
yu the Person, without knowing the future, believes in him stronger, than in the past and the present.
yu the silliest belief - in love.
yu Trusting convincing others - begins to doubt.
yu Vera of the fan - is unshakable.
yu to the Nature unlike a civilization is not conducted what is belief - it concerns only reproduction.
yu Singularity of belief is more often from nonsense - than genius.
yu Nothing so increases belief - as vodka.

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