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Greg Mortenson. What can one person make?

When the USA fight against Saddam Hussein`s regime in Iraq, 45 - summer Greg Mortenson quietly conducts own campaign against Islamic fundamentalists who often hire the supporters at religious schools - madrasah. Mortenson professes very simple idea: it builds secular schools and propagandizes education - especially for girls - in the most unstable region of the world, thereby depriving the Taliban and other extremist movements of support.
Kevin Fedarko, Pereyd magazine, 6 prelya

Quite recently me fell of 2003
into hands David Relin`s book “Three cups of tea“. The name seemed very tempting, especially, if to consider that I love tea.

The book appeared about the biography of one person - Greg Mortenson.

He was born in America. When Greg was small his parents moved to Africa where parents got a job. Greg and his 3 sisters spent all childhood in Tanzania. After completion of work of the father, the family Mortensonov returned to America. From - for shortages of money Greg went to army where spent several years. On the saved-up money Greg could pay training in college. At this time he was fond of mountaineering.

In September, 1993 he went to conquer one of the highest mountains of the planet - K2 as it is called by Americans. But could not make it. It went astray. Next day it was found by his porter - the Pakistani Muzafar. Together they reached by
the next settlement in Pakestan Korf. When Greg saw that children could not study that in the village there is not enough drinking water and the medicine is practically absent, he made the promise to construct school in the settlement. This promise haunted it and when it returned to America.

There passed some time before Greg found the person who allocated it the essential sum of money. It was doctor Jean Ernie. Later he financed creation of Institute of Central Asia. the first school it built
about two years.

But it was only the beginning. During the activity in Pakistan Greg constructed more than 170 schools. In the activity it places emphasis on education of girls. Also ICA (Institute of Central Asia) is engaged in construction of the women`s centers - places where women can gather, have a rest from men and be engaged in needlework.

The separate attention should be paid to Greg`s position during the period, after September 11, 2001.
at the beginning of a new century in Pakistan wahabite groups built a large number of mosques and madrasah - schools with a religious (Islamic) inclination.
Residents of settlements, border with India, moved on uninhabited places from - for the fact that their villages were destroyed. (It is worth noticing that on border of Pakistan with India constantly there are military operations). Greg helped refugees with the device on new places.
Right after act of terrorism to Mortenoson came various letters from Americans that they do not support his activity. But it did not break Greg.
the Government of Pakistan and Afghanistan support Greg in his undertakings.

Greg considers that it is possible to win against terrorism only in one way: it to educate these people.

In spite of the fact that as on me, in the book there are a lot of inaccuracies (for example, at first it is said that Greg carries out the most part of year in Pakistan, and later that there is no house 3 - 4 months in a year)
and the fact that there was a book - the critic “Three cups of lie“ John Krakauer, I all the same consider that Greg Mortenson - the personality deserving respect and proving that even one simple person can make a lot of things.