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What hunger is? Information!

the Modern person passes every day through himself the sea of information. Perception that - habitual process. Daily the world around with enviable frequency and methodicalness bombards us flows of any information. Sometimes even without realizing it, many of us turn on in the room or in kitchen the TV or the radio receiver “just like that“ that something “spoke“. Look at

“Transport psychology“ with

on people in public transport, especially in electric trains, buses of the distant message or in the subway! To go with “bananas in ears“, first of all for youth, already in the nature of things.

Yes! The subway - one of the most striking examples. Music lovers - listen to music, fans of reading - buried in pocketbooks (e-books that is), inveterate gamers press buttons on video game consoles, workaholics do not let go tablets … Familiar picture?

And what here to the tolkena you will see: from Noname Mp3 - player to the last iPod - ov at music lovers; from minimalist PocketBook 611 Basic to Amazon Kindle DX in hands at bibliophiles... And the most inventive from netbooks and even from laptops manage music to listen.

As always. One enough simple compact and inexpensive devices, without frills, superfluous priblud and lotions, as the first of the mentioned eReaders. Another is ready to give the last shirt, if only to get a device more abruptly, and it is unimportant what percent of its functionality will be used! Truly, “wonderland and fools“!

But we will not digress. When the flow of information, so habitual for us, is interrupted, there is information hunger. The person cannot sit or stand just like that! Especially, if to reach work more than half an hour. And to thumb through virtual pages of the pocketbook, to listen to music, to squeeze the smartphone (if transport allows) - a good cause!

And information hunger is shown. Also we not especially need information obtained thus. In this case the essence also consists in the process.

A little about information hunger

Concept it exists on a joint of psychology and sociology, though is used quite often, but generally as a synonym of the psychological concept “touch deprivation“. (A touch deprivation - isolation of sense organs, information hunger, insufficiency of communication. The long, more or less full deprivation of the person of touch impressions caused by conditions of life or created in the experimental purposes.) I Want to specify

at once that this concept bears in itself sense wider, than information hunger. In life there are always enough sounds and other irritants. That hunger about which we speak - is shortage of information here and now, need for its receiving.

At the same time, a touch deprivation and information hunger as one of types of its manifestation, mention in many works devoted to loneliness. (Loneliness - set of emotions which arise in response to deficiency (quantitative and qualitative) social contacts; painful, sharp experience which expresses a certain form of consciousness and testifies about violation of system of the relations and communications of the personality with the outside world.)

as a result: an example of the subway - a special case. Around there are a lot of people, but everyone in itself. In it the environment does not have communication, except minimum necessary. So there is no circulation of information also.

Reading, listening of music and other occupations are the way “become isolated on itself“, to emphasize isolation and, at the same time, to compensate shortage of information which set of the same closed people does not give.

Mobile gadgets, figures and information hunger

Dug out in the Network the curious publication recently - “The main results of monitoring of the user base of mobile devices and gadgets in the Moscow subway“. On the provided figures, with players the vast majority goes. Whole 62 percent! On the following position fans to esteem - 32,4 percent of passengers go with pocketbooks.

Hmm … A few years ago eReaders had units. These devices become more and more “social“ - both available, and popular. A little owners of smartphones lag behind in a rating: 32 percent have them. (Yes, sum of percent more than hundred. It because one person can constantly carry more than one of the mentioned devices.)

And if to read, then it is better not advertizing, and the good book from the brand new unpretentious pocketbook 611 in a basic complete set (from modern eReaders only such and it is possible to read in the subway - both a device reliable, and the price is low). Or from other pocketbook - popularity of these devices, so supply and demand, grow - that every day. Only do not forget that reading in such conditions as - is harmful in any way.

And now - a little exaggerated example. What will be with the modern young man if to take away from him the computer with the Internet, all books and the TV? It will climb on a wall from boredom!

And to you the feeling of information hunger is familiar?