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How to create an effective and harmonious power supply system? Part 1

Every day we need to support activity of our organism, and the power supply system is one of the most important factors influencing health.

Besides, food is not the simple use of food for restoration of forces. As our organism - power - information system in which difficult biochemical processes proceed the food has the active regulating effect on all bodies and their interrelations.

Here has value not only danger to get poisoned if we not that or not so ate something. Presence at us of flavoring receptors causes active influence of taste of food on regulation of functions of an organism. Generally, it is one of powerful control systems of an organism to which it is necessary to pay attention.

The healthy lifestyle puts the task creation of an effective and harmonious power supply system capable to support normal activity and longevity of our organism as absence that causes pathology of bodies, provoking development of sharp processes and chronic diseases and the accelerated aging of an organism.

To solve this problem, it is worth specifying concept of normal ecological model of food.

of the Retro - idea

the Last researches showed that as for the last 20000 years the biology of our organism changed a little, the model of healthy food can be based on ideas of food of the person as species. As our organism as biosystem was optimum created about 20000 years ago, and that which was applied by our ancestors will be an optimum power supply system. Here it must be kept in mind that our organism has very active adaptation potential, and the person can eat practically everything, however not the fact that it will be useful.

Respectively, for the analysis of a power supply system of ancestors it is possible to apply a simple method of availability it to the ancient person. Our ancestors ate what they could get. Hunting and collecting were the main sources of food that caused some difference in food biology in men and women.

About a stick - a kopalka all of us heard from a course of history of high school. The fact that men went shooting, and women supported the center and were engaged in collecting, is well-known to our science, but usually the understanding of a question as simple division of spheres of social interests on it and came to an end. However here everything is much deeper. So, ancient people ate fish, meat, a bird - all that could be got on hunting. Collecting gave fruit, nuts, certainly, of egg, and a stick - a kopalka - also root crops.

A stick - a kopalka, pay attention, costs independently. From Ayurvedic science - the most ancient and rich power supply system - we know that root crops are not an ideal food product and overload intestines. From what it is possible to draw a simple conclusion that already at this stage a certain adaptation gradation of our organism to food according to the simple scheme is shown: the later the product appeared in the history of mankind, the worse it is digested.

That is idea “the later, the worse“ there is a driving basis of a rational power supply system. And though the stick - a kopalka appeared at the person during rather early historical period, nevertheless the root crops received with its help all - already drop out of the initial mechanism of adaptation. The loading arising from the use of root crops is capable to cause decrease in a vermicular movement of intestines up to a full atoniya - intestines cease to work. Certainly, it occurs not in one year, but at advanced age the atoniya meets rather often. Therefore at the first analysis stage we can share all food objects into 3 categories (on a way of receiving) which determine their value for food and efficiency at assimilation.

1. Hunting and collecting .
All this fauna components, including seafood (the fashionable idea of sushi is not so new, apparently, and idea that it is possible to wrap something in an alga which washed ashore, appeared at the person very much and long ago). All options of advertizing of seafood which delicacy and usefulness is known long ago, - at all not opening, but the correct application of very long ideas.

2. “A stick - a kopalka“ .
Root crops and everything that grows underground. Here even the peanut and a filbert as a peanut as what grows underground, is acquired worse, than a filbert differ.

There are root crops, of course, it is possible, but it is a certain loading for an organism. Here is visually visible the amusing fact that we live according to ridiculous habits. So, for example, potatoes for us are much more habitual battery today, than seafood, and actually initially all on the contrary - seafood for our organism in fact much more convenient, comfortable, useful and pleasant object of food.

Exactly here the essence of a problem of a healthy lifestyle is concealed, but we so forgot about a diet, natural to the nature of a human body, that in our traditions of food habits and stereotypes, absolutely unhealthy already strongly took roots. And change of a stereotype of perception - one of the main tasks of return to a healthy lifestyle.

Be continued.