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Alcohol. How it is correct to drink.

the Subject of alcohol appeared in very old times. Now it is authentically known that already in Ancient Egypt cooked beer.

Pharmacological properties of alcohol were investigated by well-known misters Mendeleyev and Botkin who invented that table wine No. 27 - vodka which became current under the leadership of Smirnov.

Only what they argued on - it is about the doses useful to daily application. Mendeleyev insisted on 300 g daily, Botkin - on 150 g a day for men. But both agreed that to women - is exactly twice less. Functional properties of alcohol more than are amusing - it almost instantly decomposes sugar in blood, working as insulin therefore before revolution diabetes treated only vodka that it was not less effective and much more useful than insulin as the last at prolonged use causes destruction of endocrine system and then all organism.

Besides, long ago it was noticed that alcohol blocks effect of poisons in blood. As one famous homeopathist Farrington writes: “at a snake sting it is possible to drink very high doses of alcohol without supervision of effect of intoxication“. Therefore alcohol blocks effect of all poisons in blood, neutralizing effect of the toxins capable to cause poisoning.

Indians of America called vodka “fire-water“ and oddly as in water looked in respect of effect of alcohol at an organism. From It - the Jing - ancient Chinese medicine - it is known that fire assumes action on heart, system of blood and urinogenital system (and it is system of water).

Effect of alcohol in certain doses on an organism is very useful, taking into account our constitutional features.

The constitution is given from the birth and is explained by the simple fact that at the birth we get a certain stress and some traumatism anyway and if to it any external pathogenic circumstances increase, they certainly leave a print on our organism. It is defined by science bioritmologiy long ago. But it is more convenient to us to determine it by zodiac signs - the periods of influence of elements and energiya.

So, options only three:

The constitution of a flyuorik - the Aries, Cancer, Scales, the Capricorn

Karbonik`s Constitution - Aquarius, the Taurus, Lev, the Scorpion

Fosforik`s Constitution - Fishes, Twins, the Maiden, the Sagittarius

1. Flyuorika is rather weak constitution which main problem consists in a microelement exchange. Energy at representatives of this constitution has not enough because substances are badly acquired by an organism and are even brought out of it. Flyuorika is a violation of an exchange of fluorine which we also will restore. And for this purpose we will need a bottle of red dry wine which is poured in a glass on 2 fingers, to it is added as much hot black tea and one teaspoon of honey - all this needs to be stirred and drunk well before going to bed.

An indispensable condition - only before going to bed and at once under a blanket - in a bed. Any TVs, walks on the house and acceptance of bathtubs with a shower - are categorically not shown. Surely after acceptance of this drink you go to bed. This very important medical condition. I assure - it will be pleasant to you.

The scheme of a course - one bottle drunk similar in the way (on one such dose) every evening for the night. To repeat such medical course not more often than 1 time a quarter.

2. Karbonika - the main thesis of the constitution - blocks and clips. The constitution “abrupt, strong“, from it all. Everything also floats in I will shift increases - the power engineering specialist, pressure, an organism tonichnost. Power blocks force down an exchange, but substances are not removed as at a flyuorika but only collect. Therefore if at a flyuorika calcium is removed from where it is only possible, and it at the same time and problems of veins, then here naoboroit - calcium is not acquired, and drops out in the form of rainfall - stones, sand, a sclerosis of vessels. But technologically here it is simpler and simpler - one glass of cognac for the night every day in general easily removes all problems. Whisky is possible, and and it is good as contains tannins. Plus to it is very good effect of a rasshchelachivaniye of an organism which causes effect of rejuvenation. Certainly, cognac and whisky only qualitative - without toxins. We just have no good cognac therefore whisky is more reliable. Generally, if you gather for rest, do not forget to come in “Duty free“, to buy qualitative cognac. And it can be made not in our territory. It is not at our airports for a long time.

3. Fosforika - a fosforika is generally an exchange problem. The constitution is weak, a poetma and an exchange sluggish, a problem of organic chemistry and weight from here. Also a blood problem, but in respect of a sluggish liver. Respectively, the accelerated aging - a sharp motion of age biological. With fosforiky everything is rather simple too: is are absolutely unique the product developed in Egypt which is prepared on the basis of malt - germinated barley grain - germinated grain already in itself contains favorable power of growth and rejuvenescence, besides in this drink which you, probably, already defined, and it, correctly, beer, we have active alkaline PH reaction. That the acid balance towards norm very well shifts, normalizes an exchange and causes rejuvenation.

Medical process: on half a glass of beer in the evening (for the night), a course 1 month, also quarterly.

On the alkaline structure beer still is very useful for what removes acidity even at usual washing of hair. Therefore it is the best of all to pour out the beer remains of a bottle on the head - just in a basin, wetted, it is possible to take on the head several minutes, then we wash away. It is possible to apply in this case shampoo, but it is not obligatory.

Certainly, beer live, and, certainly, strictly is the best of all than a half-glass. The second a half-glass will give strictly boomerang effect as will overload a liver and will cause those consequences which we usually know at abuse of beer - just a question of doses.