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What to give and how to do it?

Gifts love everything, but everyone differently chooses them and presents. The gift purpose - to give the real joy therefore it is necessary to try that nobody was disappointed: neither the donator, nor presented.

If at the person strong belief “I - the best gift“, then is a striking example of what even good can be too much. Most likely, parents since the childhood inspired in such person feeling of a worthiness, but, probably, overdid. Therefore, having hardly stepped over a house threshold, this character is sure that his emergence - happiness for all attendees. Its gifts happen very valuable, but only if the relations with the one for whom it prepared a gift are interesting to it. It gives all rest something formal and quite modest. Such person can sometimes come also without gift.

What to give those who like to receive gifts, but seldom to what are rather glad? Openly, of course, does not show discontent of people, but can hint. For example, will put it aside, having hardly unpacked, or will joke so that between lines it was guessed its true assessment. Not long to suffer, selecting a suitable gift, it is better to ask on the eve of a celebration it what he would like to receive. There are also sure bets, for example, a picture.

The phrase “not the gift, but attention is expensive“ it is said so often that lost the true sense. And there are people who really so consider. They actually lack attention though it seems and with colleagues in good relations, and the family is. Usually such people since the childhood received less attention and kept this feeling for the rest of life. Even being at mature age, the person is afraid to lose the relations therefore approaches the choice of a gift very seriously. It can spend for it the considerable sum of money if only to ensure a friendly arrangement.

And if the person with all the heart rejoices to any gift, then and it is possible to give it anything? For example, to pull out some long ago forgotten coffee service from mezzanines or, having rummaged in a case, to find an unnecessary cut on a dress. It is the most inadmissible principle! On the contrary, it is necessary to take the choice of a gift seriously, without feeling sorry for time. Perhaps, after such efforts its attitude towards itself will change to the best. Such people can make small gifts without cause, sincerely showing the arrangement.

“I will present you your dream“ - the motto of the person which at heart the Father Frost. He by hook or by crook learns what darling dreams of one fine day to give unforgettable joy. Cheer: “My God! It is my dream!“ - for it the best gratitude. It from those who adore doing to people pleasant. This person at school avoided banal stereotypes, and drew such card which could surprise and please really for mother or the grandmother.

The gift is the thing bought for money, therefore if to spend, then intelligently. If the birthday man insists that the gift is not necessary to him, and even threatens to take offense, then it is possible to go in the banal compromise way: to bring a bottle of good wine and fruit.