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What consequences of venereal diseases

Any thought that antibiotics completely destroy a virus basis of venereal diseases can be, it is not well-founded. They, certainly, influence viruses, but do not destroy them completely, and only significantly suppress their activity, so, that after a course of antibiotics, consequences of activity of an infection on tests are absent as there is no toksinny scheme, nevertheless, infection remains. Just in this case we deal with the “semi-strangled“ infection which according to the characteristics is very similar to a condition of a virus in a vaccination stage - when it is weakened, but still live. On standard tests these infections are not found, nevertheless, in 5 - 8 years they cause steady inflammatory processes of an urinogenital path which are expressed in an inflammation of appendages and in prostatitis.
What “prostatitis“ means? Actually, both the inflammation of appendages and prostatitis pass quickly enough, in the urinogenital sphere and all forget several days of troubles about it. It is, as a rule, the first call. For further 5 - 8 years there is, as a rule, a cystous education on ovaries and prostate adenoma therefore when speak about prostatitis, it is not about an initial inflammation, namely about an organic phase - adenoma. So by the end of this first period of a maturity women - 35 years, at men have 40 years very few people do without the corresponding moments.
concerning tests. The only reliable way on destruction of infection is carrying out bioresonant therapy by the relevant groups of nozod - infections as at a stage of microwave testing existence of infections in an organism comes to light, and at a stage of therapy there is their complete elimination. The only possibility of replacement of this system, certainly, not so reliable, but more - less acceptable, is the scheme of autoimmune cleaning when it is applied not simply nozod, and autonozod.
That to us was convenient to communicate, it is necessary to notice that it nozod, being purely German invention, represents the homeopathic medicine received on the basis of infections and products of diseases though the scheme of their preparation can be different. But generally it always “a direct product of an illness“ which after a homeopathic dinamization becomes a usual homeopathic medicine in the sense that all mechanism of its action completely coincides with usual homeopathy. Nozoda are convenient that work much more powerfully than usual homeopathic medicines and, certainly, more selectively. All scheme of the offered cleaning is based on the same idea: if usual nozod prepares from products of diseases (is unknown who), then why don`t we use the same method, but for itself. For this purpose a little substance which contains information on an our disease is necessary to us. But all products of allocation of an our organism and furthermore blood, comprise rather full information on what occurs in an organism. Especially blood. But as in this case it is about diseases of the urinogenital sphere, the urine drop will be the first source of our of “future wonderful healing“. to
So, we take one drop of urine and we prepare from it a homeopathic medicine, the dinamization method in this case is rather simple (a dinamization in one ware according to Korsakov).
1. We take an urine drop, sometimes there is a question what I wet to apply - morning or evening, in general it is not so important - the preparation will work and and so, but, strictly speaking, it is better morning as there are all processes of restoration of an organism at night, morning urine contains all information on our diseases. Evening will add a consequence of the our lived day there, but in general, both preparations from morning and evening urine on action are almost identical.
So, took an urine drop, and morning or evening - it is not so important, but it is better morning.
2. Dripped on a glass bottom, added 100 ml of water, dinamizirovat - stirred 50 times clockwise, 50 times - against.
For those who are interested in a homeopathy problem in more detail we will notice that usually in homeopathy decimal and centesimal cultivations are accepted - when 9 or respectively 99 parts of water at each stage of a dinamization are added to one part of substance. In the first case we receive decimal cultivation, in the second - centesimal. Again - decimal and centesimal cultivations are standard for homeopathy, but absolutely not obligatory. So even in Dnipropetrovsk in the homeopathic center easily do the twentieth and two-hundredth, that is add to each drop substances 19 and 199 of parts of water respectively. Here we added 100 ml of water how many drops in 100 ml we will not consider to our drop of urine - in an our case it has no value as it is the scheme of autonozodny cleaning, especially author`s
Scheme of reception.
So, took one drop of urine on 100 ml of water, stirred 50 times there, 50 times back and right there drank. As well as all homeopathy, autonozod it is desirable to accept in the evening during the period with 21. 00 to 23. 00, but it is possible also since morning (if it is about morning urine as it is undesirable to store morning urine till the evening).
is Very important: it is obligatory to turn a glass that from it all remained liquid flew down, not to wash at all - the liquid which remained on glass walls will be necessary for the following reception. So drank, turned and cleaned.
the Following reception generally every other day (the exception makes a case where we have a serious chronic illness - skin, asthma, diabetes and so on, but it is already beyond the current work as all our recommendations in this book are made for the people who do not have chronic diseases as any kinds of homeopathic stimulation are possible only after carrying out therapy on the existing diseases before their full treatment, by the way, a full course of cleaning for diseases chronic you will be able to find in Nikitin S. A. work. “Homeopathic treatment of chronic diseases“.)
3. Every other day it is added to an our glass 100 more ml of water in the evening, at the same time urine we do not drip any more as preparation of the following cultivation requires what remained on glass walls. So we add 100 ml of boiled water to an our dirty glass and we stir, 100 times clockwise, 100 times - back are desirable. On a question whether it is possible to stir less, the answer is also simple - it is possible, but action of a preparation will be slightly lower though it and not so essentially so 100 times are very desirable. Farther everything as in last case: we drink, we overturn, we clean before the third reception which will be also every other day.
4. Here the last reception (at least, in this course). We take an our dirty glass, again we add 100 ml of water, again we stir, but already 300 times clockwise and 300 times - against. The matter is that the scheme of autonozodny cleaning is based on a step dinamization at which the potentiality is higher, the more it is necessary to stir.
Should tell that as the course of cleaning is very effective, and the first time was published by the author for a long time, there is already a certain experience on its application as autonozod is in own way ideally picked up homeopathic medicine, after a course of cleaning considerable improvement of both a condition of urinogenital system, and health in general is always observed. But there is already a number of the moments “on modernization“. So one of “recovering“ instead of stirring used “a stirring method“ as usually homeopathic medicines quite so to prepare and have to: 99 drops of water then they are stirred up are added to one drop of basic solution. Depending on potentiation phases, it is necessary to stir up more and more. On the author`s question, how exactly she stirred up, really directly in a glass, the answer was very simple: in a usual can.
Just in case, stirring it is possible to replace essentially with stirring, but iron covers from cans cannot be used at the same time categorically. If there is an old glass cover, then it is better to use it.
I again - it is the best of all to stir a glass stick or at least a silver spoon, the tree and plastic in this case are not acceptable at all.
So, the full course of autoimmune therapy in the area of urine will take 6 days, that is one week us, in three weeks it is desirable to repeat it, and having waited 3 weeks, to repeat once again so a full course of cleaning - quarter.
One small prevention. During 3 - x weeks after an initial course of cleaning it is undesirable to hand over any analyses - blood, urine and so on as in an autostimulyation there are a lot of various operating factors including real strengthening of drainage ability of an organism so contained in fabrics, in a lymph and even on intercellular membranes toxins are inclined to begin to be emitted from an organism: in the beginning in a lymph, then in blood, then in urine. During life we accumulate a lot of all not only unnecessary, but also harmful that after a cleaning course blood test yields the most surprising results: what is not found only there. So there was one case when one lady, having treated in the summer with antibiotics concerning clamidiosis, not later than in October conducted a course of cleaning and decided to take once again a blood test on the analysis. Results of the analysis strongly surprised her treating gynecologist as if in the summer on a phase of active infection the test indicated a chronic state, then now the test yielded results as in a sharp case. As in a sharp case as no repeated infection, certainly, existed, just in blood it was full of any toxins, as was the corresponding surprising of the gynecologist. However, in a month repeated blood test yielded quite acceptable result - total absence of infection and improvement of composition of blood on other indicators.
needs to be meant Here that the course of cleaning is not just the scheme of the raised drainage, it contains very powerful homeopathic medical factor which promotes improvement of the general state, even in the presence of chronic diseases. Nevertheless, in the course of carrying out a course of step autoimmune therapy you should not make tests, it is necessary to wait at least a month until the organism removes all toxins.
Well and of course, is necessary for more reliable result triple carrying out a course.
the Harmonizing actions
Again - any our disease is always based on the general condition of an organism, generally, it is wrong to treat some separate body or to solve some one problem. So, in particular, any activity of urinogenital system is always based on activity of kidneys and a bladder. And to tell, system - “urinogenital“ so and here a certain communication is already looked through. From the point of view of Ancient China, abilities to intimate life, all our with you, are based on energy of Qi which is developed by kidneys.
By itself, the offered cleaning course - a hyper immunization course - solves problems not only stimulations of urinogenital system, but also influences all organism in general - increases immunity, improves activity of all bodies and systems and after this course it is quite good to carry out the harmonizing gomeoterapiya.
That it “the harmonizing gomeoterapiya“? We use a homeopathic medicine in medical doses, so, it is about actively operating medical factor. So in general we are treated, but preparations, and it is group of calcium, are preparations constitutional and have on an organism the harmonizing effect so it is about soft stimulation due to improvement of an exchange of calcium, fluorine, phosphorus.
In this case to us should conduct a course of monthly therapy. Unlike the previous recommendations when reception was carried out every other day, here the course is painted on days of week.
Monday - Kalkarey of a flyuorik - 12
Tuesday - Cinchona - 12
Wednesday - Kalkarey of a karbonik - 12
Thursday - Likopody - 12
Friday - Kalkarey of a fosforik - 12
Saturday - Aurum iodine - 12
Sunday - Konium - 12
Each preparation is accepted in the evening, during the period with 21. 00 to 23. 00, on 6 peas by a dinamization method on 100 ml of water - according to the old scheme: 50 razmeshivaniye clockwise, 50 - against.
there is Usually enough monthly reception, but duration of a course can and be doubled - to carry out reception according to our scheme not 1 month, but 2, but no more. Repetition of a course can be recommended time in half a year.