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How much beauty?

The fact that this phenomenon expensive, it and is so clear, but not about it the speech. Who was only not engaged in the theory of beauty: both Leonardo Da Vinci, and Michelangelo, and educators of the XVIII century. So there is beauty? In general, it can be defined as “as far as people sympathize with us“ or “the theory of the made impression“.
Usually, at supervision on the screen of the TV and just in life (if someone was so lucky), the famous persons, it is often possible to hear: “As it (or it) looks!“, and any it - and how?
In general, one may say, that the impression made by us is defined by our power, it mood, it is energy mental. Certainly, everything depends on health and, in general, on a state of health of an our organism. In general, following the results of, we deal with time biological which, in general, is defined by presence at us of these or those diseases. be not surprised to
, but often it is necessary to deal with the child who looks as the adult, behaves as the adult, thinks as the adult. Unfortunately, here it is not about some child prodigy, and just about a disease. As in this case diagnostics (an objective method of research) shows the condition of bodies and systems of an organism strictly corresponds to a mentality.
On a question, really everything is so simple, I explain - the our mentality is capable to exert to 80% of impact on a condition of an our organism.
Now about modern methods. Whether it is possible to return time biological? Certainly, it is possible, and it happens often as a side effect of healing. Now there were many methods of “rejuvenation“. One of them - introduction of stem cells. Well it is possible to tell here?! If on old “Zaporozhets“ to put the engine from “Mercedes“, it will become better for it not. In the form of collateral processes - activization of tendencies to new growths - and it is oncological processes. Therefore, the first rule - we do not look for fast and easy means - how we look, is defined by an our real state of health - and they should be engaged.
By the way, somehow time on reception one recovering completed “very effective course“ of stem cells in Switzerland. The summary after a course of therapy was very curious: “Yes, then to me it was lousy, and now to me it is good!“ (behind brackets: to think that 20 thousand dollars departed, at least, in anywhere, and it is real - then it was necessary to restore long an organism, it was sad - the specified sum just corresponds to a course of stem cells in well-known Swiss clinic).
By the way for this reason, pay attention that all procedures of external influence by homeopathic remedies which will be recommended are carried out in parallel with reception of homeopathic medicines in inside. And, the main course - cultivation on water, and all recommendations about external application are assumed for improvement, acceleration, stimulation of recovery processes. As “there is always a wish quicker“ according to what we act. We recommend, what can be done in respect of acceleration - without health hazard because it is known from old homeopathic practice and is many times checked by the current experience that external use of medicines (even homeopathic) nothing, except as “to tire out an illness in inside“, cannot. The most striking example of this practice “secondary asthma“ after treatment of neurodermatitis a usual technique. The scheme of this effect is extremely simple: neurodermatitis is than other as a form of a homeopathic psora is when during the bad work of intestines (dizbakterioz), those toxins which are not removed in a toilet bowl are removed to skin. Ugly, of course, but it is only compensation form. In attempt to close these “windows of allocations“, for example, ointments, the organism looks for other way of compensation and brings toxins to mucous membranes of lungs - here and asthma. By itself, we write it not just like that as, those “spots on skin“ is a same process, but about skin at us separately.
So, appearance is a power, and it it is necessary somehow and from where - to receive that. By the way, the homeopathy is not vitamins, and immunostimulators at all, and they do not bring any additional energy in an organism, and just most effectively spend, what already is. So, it is necessary to gather somehow.
Is clear that energy arrives from food and air. So, for example, in China exists the whole sets of exercises on control of energy of Qi - mostly - respiratory gymnastics. Certainly, oxygen is necessary in our organism for formation of all okislitelno - recovery processes, but the main thing - an our state of mind as Qi`s energy, it is energy mental, it a stock of forces, comes to an organism only in a condition of pleasure. And not violent, but light. And all power supply systems at all their usefulness only base, or a nutrient medium, for formation of this energy. The fact is known, concerning Seraphim of Sarov when at very poor food and a sluggish metabolism, the person had surprising spiritual power. We to you do not recommend to go to the monastery, but the fact remains. you, of course, can tell
that at our life … (there can be definitions, what further, and, by the way, absolutely correct), to rejoice there is nothing. Just in case: this answer assumes existence of suicide tendencies (it is pessimism). So to do?
Is supposed that our website is multi-religious (any restrictions on sexual, racial and other signs). Nevertheless, in any forms of religions and philosophical systems there is a formula “gave birth to us-we live“ as life is joyful on the fact (you can compare to alternative, and than more brightly compare, the effect will be better for those). Well, for example, somehow time, year in the ninety second, I was so “got“ that even presence of grandmothers on shops before an entrance to an entrance began to irritate. Somehow time, sitting and “meditating“ on this subject - to see, was strongly tired after work - I thought how it would be good if all of them evaporated then, I on so many brightly imagined this picture “one in the whole city“ that quickly understood that it will not be better so.
Then, even when happened our GAI “braked“ me, I came to a meeting friendly - joyful. Than was considerable surprising of workers of internals. Typical subject of conversation:
- And what it you such cheerful? (having taken the rights, but without having opened).
- Well as? To whom now who is necessary, and so - an attention sign - here, met.
- Yes, is logical. Well (having opened the rights), go Sergey Aleksandrovich, but is accurater - a situation on roads difficult now.
As became clear from further practice, our internal state is defined not by a situation, but our state of health and melancholy at all. At the same time, the health - the more melancholy is worse. Just the our brain (more precisely, the mentality mechanism) is quickly and obligingly put on our health by certain “viscous“ reasons - and everything is all right. It is simply one of protective reactions of an organism. All problem is that it is not necessary to get used to it, according to the scheme “it is good drink on a holiday, every day-superfluous“. Therefore, since the morning - we begin to rejoice - to what is: to the fact that woke up in general (as all know, options are possible), that on the street the sun (options are possible), well and further everywhere …
In general, “rejoice - and it will be given you“! Well, and application on the matter of methods of nonconventional medicine - in appropriate sections of the website.
To a question of surgery. Well it or is bad, but it was eat and will be. Therefore:
In 3 days prior to any planned plastic surgery:
Gepar sulfur -12 on 6 peas three times a day (in 12. 00,15. 00,18. 00) - significantly increases immunity, shipping of operation, a zazhivlyaemost and so on.
Right after operation:
Arnica - 12
Cinchona - 12
Gepar sulfur - 12 - the first knocks after operation on 2 peas of everyone each hour, the next two one or three weeks of time a day (in 12. 00,15. 00,18. 00).
to Wash:
Arnica - 12
Sodium of messes. - 12
the Thuja - 12 - everyone on 2 peas on 100 ml of water with a dinamization - 50 rotations clockwise shooters. As soon as the surgeon, further resolves a month more. The first two weeks three times a day, then - morning - evening.