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How there has to be a birth?

Are normal - when at mother fights begin, the child patches begins to make a start from the top wall of a belly of mother in a step to fights, sometimes for a while calming down and gaining strength for new pushes. Then it begins to raise a chin up, straightens lumbar department and comes to light (a head facedown).

Then the child himself turns over on the left shoulder, and right puts out outside, then - left, and further with a force making a start legs from mother`s belly, he entirely is born.

So has to occur naturally, and very often quite so and happens. Process of the birth is put in our genes, and it is not necessary to worry about it, it is necessary to worry about that needlessly did not interfere with it. Midwifes always knew about it, and never hurried to help the child to pull out the second plechiko, and waited until he makes it independently.

And never prior to the beginning of the XX century of the newborn splashed that he let out the first in the life cry, - midwifes just poured out a floor - a ladle of cold water on the child`s crotch, and he took the first breath. From the sharp slap on a bottom applied presently often there is a shift of pelvic bones of the child, there can be sprain as they absolutely still weak.

And surely at once after the birth of the child put on mother`s breast, it gave it feeling of safety in this the world, new to it, and fixed emotional attachment between mother and the child. And when in our times doctors neglect this simple rule, the huge number of postnatal psychoses at young mothers as natural process of emotional attachment did not manage to develop properly turns out to be consequence.

Besides, midwifes never cut an umbilical cord before in it the pulsation stopped. And it can even stop 20-30 minutes later after the delivery. It promoted preservation of strong immunity of the child and passing naturally of biological separation of the child from mother and normally.

Process of the birth is a work which demands from the child of huge efforts, but also reward for it it is earned huge - the first drink of air and new life - out of mother`s belly. And this feeling - it remains in our subconsciousness for the rest of life - feeling of how we come to this world with all our force, sweeping away all barriers on our way.

This feeling remains in deep layers of our memory and in our body - at the cellular level, at the level of muscles and fabrics of our organism. And it gives us the chance in further life to maintain situations of high mental and physical voltage, to cope with a stress, to overcome obstacles and to try to obtain success.

How we are born, defines our ability to cope with a stress and to maintain situations of the increased tension without exhaustion and emotional burning out. We remember how it happens, and we want to feel these feelings again - feeling of our force, feeling that we have the right for existence.

of the Trauma of the birth

Cesarean section . And now imagine that at the most intense moment of your work when there comes the peak of a physical and emotional pressure when it was necessary to make the latest effort, and - the victory, something from the outside takes you and just transfers to the desirable purpose. What you at the same time feel?

Disappointment? All efforts were vain, you did not manage to achieve independently that it was necessary for you, you lacked very little, and you deprived of chance to make it. And in your memory for the rest of life there is this feeling - too easy victory without application of final and most important effort.

In an adult state it will be reflected that you will not be able to pass through a stressful situation independently, will not be able to maintain long emotional and physical pressure. And as a result - you will not be able to achieve goals, always will slightly - be enough for you nearly to desirable result, you will always use slightly less efforts, than would follow, will be given and lower hands absolutely close from the treasured purpose.

Stimulation of childbirth . The child is not ready to the beginning of patrimonial activity yet, but he receives a signal that he needs to hurry. This signal passes at the cellular level, and all organism of the child gets an enormous stress which consequence the enormous fear is: you want to live - hurry up … And he begins to hurry from what there is a spasm of various fabrics of all organism of the child. And this fear remains with it for the rest of life - it is necessary to hurry, or will die. Therefore in life it will be very hasty in decisions, it will not give itself(himself) time for considering and weighing of all pros and cons, he will hurry including to live …

Too fast childbirth happens result of both natural patrimonial activity, and influence of the stimulating preparations. Differ in the fact that the child begins the activity in time, and begins it very actively, but his actions bring too fast and too easy result. And all its organism keeps this experience in mind - the result has to be fast and easy that strongly complicates ability of the person in adulthood to maintain a long time as - or significant tension - both physical, and mental.

At such person it is considerable resistance to a stress is reduced, it is subject to stronger and fast emotional burning out. Any work is only performed by it provided that single or short-term efforts for its implementation will be necessary.

Too slow childbirth
. Happens that process of childbirth is dragged out from - for very weak patrimonial activity, the child gets stuck in any situation, and further not to do it without assistance any more. The prevalence in nature of aspiration to look for for itself only difficult ways of achievement of results will be a result of such long and difficult childbirth. Such children, when grow, act according to the slogan: “We do not look for easy ways“.

At the cellular level and in the deepest layers of memory it will have feeling that in this life nothing is given simply, and only through excessively increased tension, through stressful situations it is possible to achieve the objective. The person will feel comfortably only in a situation of the increased emotional or physical pressure as subconsciously it will be associated at it with a victory over obstacles, with achievement of the purpose, with pleasure of opening of the new world and new life.

Deviations from the normal course of childbirth leave an essential mark on all subsequent human life. Therefore it is necessary to try to avoid whenever possible to interfere with natural process.