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What is the website and for what it is necessary?

Despite abundance of information, at some users still remain a question: “What is the website“? Let`s understand on a bright example.

We will assume that the website is the most usual house. In - the first, it has all architectural elements: walls, roof, windows etc. And the website consists of separate elements - working files which provide its functioning. In - the second, the house has to be located somewhere, that is for it the site is necessary. The website needs the place too. “Site“ for the website will be called “hosting“. In - the third, the house has to have an address. And at the website - a domain name, having gathered which in an address line of the browser, the user will get on the necessary page.

What is the website , we know now, and here to answer the question “For What the Website Is Necessary?“, it is necessary to understand what they in general are. Because during creation of the websites absolutely different aims can be pursued. Now you are convinced.

The website - the business card is theoretically intended for the same purposes, as the usual business card in real life that is to inform on the company. Actually the possibility of the website has more and more. On the Internet it is possible to provide information which will push to making decision on cooperation in a short form. The website - the business card is convenient that information on it can be provided very quickly and also to update quickly. The website - the business card - the excellent decision for the companies which meanwhile have no website.

The professional website is created for the purpose of customer acquisition through virtual space, it serves as way of demonstration of professional opportunities. His portfolio (models of works), cooperation conditions, experience, the list of clients, responses etc. can be posted on the website of the expert. Any information which can be necessary or interesting to the potential client. Existence of the professional website is usually practiced by experts who find the clients on the Internet - a web - designers, copywriters, programmers, optimizers, developers of the websites, etc.

the Internet - shop - a peculiar virtual show-window on which, as well as in usual shop, goods are exposed. The Internet - shop has the mass of advantages both to owners, and for clients. For example, it is not necessary to look for the room for sales in the downtown, it is not obligatory to have goods available, to employ sellers etc. the Buyer, in turn, can buy goods at any time, carry out the order without turns and choose the most convenient payment method.

The portal is the website which contains a huge number of references to other network resources therefore the user can continue the travel on the World wide web in any direction. The portal differs in the convenient interface which allows the visitor to orient and find easily the necessary information on all Network. Portals usually provide to the visitors additional services - mail, bulletin boards, entertainments, forums, blogs, a weather forecast etc. Depending on what functions are developed stronger, portals can be positioned as service or information or as search engines.

The blog is a so-called network diary. Its main difference from the usual diary - publicity. The author of the blog, bringing notes about the life, understands that other people will be able to read these records. Blogs are created with the different purpose. It can be personal, professional, news, a brand - the blog or nonconventional. It is very simple to create the blog. Thanks to their popularity are created free the blog - platforms. For example, LJ (LiveJournal).

The Internet gives the mass of opportunities for self-expression and conducting network business. What to choose from them, everyone solves!