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Whether animals trust in homeopathy of

the subject of pets In itself appeared as occupation “side effect“ homeopathy (those who read the book “Homeopathy for Cats and Dogs“, it know), just in the course of reading a course of lectures on homeopathy it was better to explain action of preparations on more striking examples. Besides, definition of the constitution of a mastiff represents more useful educational task, than definition of the constitution of the person as at reflection about people we can be distracted by the personality, there is a working example per se - the mastiff it is a mastiff and is. This subject is very interesting by definition, especially to those who only begins to go in for homeopathy as action of homeopathy extends to all biosystems, including on plants, birds, fishes and animals, and in the experimental plan it is very curious to look at effect of action.
So, not so long ago at treatment of small fishes in an aquarium (and the preparation Gepar sulfur was added) at the same time and all water vegetation sharply went to growth.
Those who are familiar with homeopathy, know that Gepar sulfur is a universal immunostimulator. By itself, there is a question, what immunity at plants? The answer consists in the preparation: business in the fact that Gepar sulfur is a sulfuric liver. This name appeared from process of its production as Gepar sulfur no more than dinamizirovanny option of the burned-through sea shell, generally, is cockleshell ashes. to
Proceeding from these reasons, it is possible to present that it has to stimulate growth of plants as “they eat it“.
About homeopathy goes many legends which are often interfering its development, actually everything is much simpler: all mineral substances just stimulate the corresponding mineral exchange, that`s all. Therefore in the form of skilled acquaintance to action of homeopathy you can add when watering plants fertilizers 6 peas of homeopathy of the same structure: if fertilizer phosphoric - we add Phosphorus - 12, potash - Potassium - 12 etc., everyone on 6 peas on a bucket (jug) of water. with
As soon spring, it is possible to begin experiments at home on house plants and seedling, at the same time Gepar sulfur acts as an exchange activator in general - improves survival, viability etc., generally, here a wide field for experiments.
By way of illustration to opportunities of homeopathy we place the well-known case with a cat described d - rum Zh. Galavarden at the beginning of the 20th century.
Epileptoidny attacks at a cat
In August, 1913 one patient in writing asked me to relieve his cat of spasms. “Attacks are various, for the first time they began so: eyes got out of orbits, it writhed and seemed swelled up; at the same time, and also long after an attack she panted. Another time she writhed on a floor, scratched claws a muzzle and foamed. At the following attack we observed how our usually so amusing cat was in depression stolen around us as the defenseless child; when the attack came to an end, we were in the wood, at first she was near me, then ran off and shook, and writhed at me before legs. I noticed that blood flowed it to the head, ears became red and in nostrils small red points were visible. More nothing unusual was. After an attack she is and drinks well, but in depression, similarly as well as in day before approach of an attack. whether
you Can, the doctor, on the basis of these supervision to make healthy our little canine house friend again? We want to help out a beautiful small animal and we cannot endure all this“. I emphasized with
In this letter the following symptoms: a rush of blood to the head, eyes, nostrils and ears; ekzoftalm. Therefore I chose the Belladonna 3, to dissolve about 20 grains in a glass with water and from there daily to mix one spoon with a forage. The animal accepted means within several days. I heard
In a month that the cat had no more attacks, and after that (in February, 1914) wrote to me in brief that the cat is always healthy and safe.
Jules Galavarden
the Reasons of diseases of pets
the Subject this extremely important and interesting, and her idea it would be possible to formulate approximately so: animals support from - us, we - from - animals. It is necessary to deal with it. At the beginning - about simple. Developing, both cats, and dogs, and any other pets, absorb our biofields, absorb our biological environment, absorb conditions of our own life. Also develop in these conditions. So, at the birch which incidentally sprouted through asphalt or through a chink at the wall of the house, branches will look in one party, and the birch will grow a little “crooked“. Animals as if just “grow“ into our life, into an our biofield. Also try to fill with themselves all possible emptiness.
Of course, is always probability to catch on the street that concerns also to us. But nevertheless we are ill not so much from - for external factors how many “from - for our life“. In this sense Ganeman who is the founder of homeopathy noted that “it is necessary to treat the vital principle“, and to select preparations for the principle of similarity. In a consequence his colleagues easily rejected the first element, but too concentrated on the second. And at such approach not that not to cure an animal, the person as, the vital principle, or living conditions, they do not investigate. And collecting symptomatology, or complaints of the patient, is always difficult. Animals are inclined to be silent more, though the ordinary patient - the person - is also not the best option for homeopathic research as it is more difficult to speak about the feelings to it sometimes even, than to a cat or a dog. In any case, to the skilled doctor or the doctor wishing to cure the person, to be guided by his stories about itself - business very troublesome.
So if we live in abnormal conditions, in the abnormal environment if we have stresses and we lead not too “healthy lifestyle“, then how to be healthy a pet as they always and all (well, of course, grown in your house) from the moment of the birth to the death will always try to compensate or at least to revitalize an our biosreda.
there can be Here purely human question why they do it. However, perhaps, this question also distinguishes people from animals. At the same time if this question suddenly arose, then difference it - at all not in favor of the person as in all live world life is valuable by definition, and nobody against life will go. And on the contrary, will seek to support her in every possible way. Who except you to feed them - that will become? Therefore between feedings ours “house partners“ (the word “cohabitants“ somehow not really approaches) treat us just like that, and during food - “with additional enthusiasm“. From that are also ill.
Is one more type of diseases, or pathogeneses - breed pathogenesis.
Pathogenesis of breed
However, here all exactly also, but in even worst option. The person on the intention or through folly, exerts various impacts on the nature, forgetting that “Michurinsk process“ not always favorably terminates. It is necessary to tell that studying of history of development of the person in medical and other meanings says that a certain physicality concerning wildlife is unfavourable.