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Ayurveda about what the speech?

All history of medicine are fight for understanding of the processes happening in the person and discussions of questions of an opportunity to help it with overcoming of all illnesses. It is considered that the medicine is applied science that, certainly, not absolutely truly. At all traditional schools there were always 2 sections: the section of theoretical medicine which tasks included consideration of the pathogenic processes happening in a human body, research of the reasons of their emergence and mechanisms of action, and, respectively, a therapy course. As statement of the diagnosis is based on theoretical part, certainly, this its part is basic and the main. In confirmation of told it is necessary to add that the traditional medicine appointed a therapy course not just as a result of diagnostics, and chose it as its mechanical reflection. At the same time the principle of treatment “similar by the return“ was applied.
With development of homeopathic science appeared a new method of treatment, namely a treatment method “similar to similar“ that is also not absolutely true. The matter is that both methods can almost be considered as one mechanism based on different levels of impact on pathogenic processes. The method of treatment of similar to the return assumes direct influence on physiological processes in a human body and, therefore, demands certain doses of medical substance. The method of treatment of similar to similar is based on hyper stimulation of immune system to cause necessary reaction of immunity in the direction, necessary for therapy, therefore, that, being some therapeutic “provocation“, it causes development of physiological processes lechebno - recovery character, absolutely coincident both on a sign, and on mechanisms with medicamentous influence. Comprising small doses, this method does not make the injuring impact on exchange processes which always arise due to the need of removal from an organism of products of chemotherapy (including in heteropathic doses). At once there can be a question of expediency of application certain dietary food a component it is aware of therapy as, there are more powerful on force of therapeutic influence methods. Here it must be kept in mind that application of any course of therapy is always based on the available protective forces of the patient. In literal sense: after the best operation performed by the best expert, the patient just should for a start survive, meaning that any operation is traumatic in itself and always creates additional load of the patient`s organism.
Mentality - function - organic chemistry
Mechanisms of regulation of a human body can divide into three components: mentality - function - organic chemistry. Without postponing a question afar, we will explain interactions of functions of an organism to the relevant Ayurvedic constitutions at once.
As says popular wisdom, “all diseases - from nerves“. All traditional sciences (An Ayurveda, Zhen - Jiu therapy) and the homeopathy which joined them to some extent easily confirm it. Literally: the disease develops “from top to down and from within a knaruzha“.
Thus, development of a disease is provoked by mentality, there is a motion of functions of bodies and systems further, i.e. there is a functional phase of pathogenic process, and only then there are motions in the field of organic chemistry. As a matter of fact, well developed organic phases of pathogenic processes are also observed when using methods of modern medicine, such as the tomograph, ultrasonography etc. It is clear, that supervision of these phases happens at that very moment when the disease reached the apogee. At the same time, meaning mobility of mental processes, development of a disease could be prevented easily at emergence of the first signs of change of a mental state. Were not in time at this stage - too nothing. The functional phase of development of a disease is usually shown in the form of subsharp and sharp cases which, certainly, demanding application of the qualified therapy course, nevertheless, also reliably can be compensated.
always tells Emergence of organ phases about well developed chronic process with existence of an immunosuppression, i.e. weakening of protective functions of an organism and possible danger to the life of the patient.
Research of pathogenic processes at the earliest stages (mental phases, functional changes) always interested medical science. As these phases have no organic outlines, and they cannot be investigated by feel method, at different schools there were always attempts of creation of methods and techniques of diagnosing of these phases. In these cases the speech always went about a certain predisposition of an organism of the patient to development of pathogenic states, and development of these predispositions was described by the mechanism of constitutions. For this reason three main constitutions can always be found in various medical schools. What the Ayurveda calls Watt Pitt and Kapkh, in homeopathy is connected with Flyuorik, Fosforik and Karbonik`s concepts, respectively. with
the Majority of you will be surprised by such couple of concepts: “immunotherapy“ and “Ayurveda“. However, from the point of view of medical practice, these methods optimum supplement each other. As all methods of a microwave immunotherapy, including classical homeopathy, affect (exert impact) mentality of the patient in the beginning, causing the corresponding functional and organic shifts. Ayurveda methods, food, and other special techniques, operating on organic chemistry level, have significant effect on stabilization of mentality and correction of functional violations.
leads Experience of lecturing (and your obedient servant since 1992 trained more than 1000 people) to understanding of that fact that the most difficult for our doctors is not the understanding of sense of techniques at all (on the contrary, they quickly are understood and effectively then are applied), and the language of their statement. After acquaintance to the terms Cotton wool, Pitt, Kapkh there is some shock which lasts on a course of a day more two. Here it must be kept in mind that this terminology is traditional for this science, and, respecting her, it is necessary to use these terms. Further you will see as far as it is convenient. If we say that the patient - Kapkh, means that the patient has a developed pathogenic process corresponding to redundancy and violation of exchange processes in general. If the term “Flyuorik“ is used, we understand: all complex of the mental changes inherent in this patient. Mental as the homeopathy defines the constitution of the patient mainly in the mental sphere. So it somewhere even is convenient.
concerning studying of the Ayurveda for those who earlier with it a was never sign: all is better to study at first and to try to understand, without paying attention to a strangeness and strangeness of terms and schemes as it is language of the Ayurvedic description, and with it there`s nothing to be done. It is similar to a bathing problem: someone enters water gradually, someone is dipped at once. It, as they say, matter of taste. However, silly to speak about that, water if you in it did not even bathe is good or bad today.