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Problems with weight loss?

Actually with application of the correct approach to grow thin very easily and as almost all grew thin and the majority unsuccessfully with the subsequent set of weight needs to be understood in what there was a mistake. The first is important not to grow thin, and to bring an organism into new system of regulation which would correspond to appearance necessary for you. It both diet (power supply system) and necessary level of physical activity and of course necessary regulation of our bodies and systems. The matter is that our weight or more precisely our constitution is defined by a certain state endocrine, urinogenital and a number of bodies and systems. Surplus of weight is always slackness of work of these systems - the endocrine system determines the level of hormonal regulation and respectively a speed of all exchange processes. Urinogenital system and zheludochno - the intestinal path is provided by appropriate levels of allocation. And, certainly, as soon as one system fails, right there another adapts to it. What we always with you see only just because our weight never for some reason evaporates, well and so therefore affairs in an organism go worse and worse respectively and we grow stout more and more.
That does process of usual weight loss (a diet or tablets) they sharply accelerate an exchange, temporarily urging on “semi-dead jades“ - it is about our bodies and systems. Some time they are invigorated, and weight falls, but then fall finally as this “the accelerated hundred-meter race“ just finishes their possibilities of functioning, respectively everything becomes sharp worse and not only the weight, but also the general condition of an organism which sharply provokes development of all chronic processes.
Second - a stress factor. Besides that we live in a condition of the raised social stress, but also still these wonderful methods create the functional stress bringing to a full spasm in an organism. Then there is exchange dysfunction, calcium, sodium, arthritises, arthroses, periodontosis and caries of teeth it only the beginning of this nice process is not acquired. Therefore all therapy has to have the stage-by-stage adaptation not stressful character which is smoothly bringing an organism into new system of regulation. Therefore it is necessary not just to grow thin, and to make so that at the same time everything was good, than we will be engaged now. Here the system of a healthy lifestyle and a peace of mind is very important.
As all functions of an exchange are based on organism intoxication which defines a condition of systems of an exchange and allocation before a course of “weight loss“ which transfers your organism to a new phase of regulation then it begins to work more cheerfully and intensively. We to you strongly recommend to conduct a full course of cleaning.
an our organism is very big factory at which vital energy necessary for us is made. Actually, it is t oh, that provides our “functioning “as persons. It is no secret that 95% of all received energy are consumed by a brain and “we“ are with you for all our needs and efforts, including emotions and stresses... Well, actually, in the last all and business... No, no, the environment ecology, nitrates, what we drink from water too do not add beauty of life. But the main thing - all this an exchange. The organism is busy with a complex challenge pererabotkt what in it comes to different power forms by splitting and synthesis and as at any factory - there is waste. On all stages in all “shops“ of our organism. Beginning from an intracellular exchange and to a rectum.

But main thing, of course, stresses. Without them, the organism has to cope - in time to take out waste, but a stress creating “race“ sharply raises an exchange - and the system of allocation - desintoxication just does not cope... But it is even worse - too high level of a stress can just cause blocking of processes - there are spasms. It spasms of separate muscles, and all organism in tselom(can do life a stupor...) and just a liver that we will feel in the form of the cutting pain in the right podreberye and a pancreas at once - the same spasm but at the left... Generally very few people from us though sometime did not feel similar feelings.

All this not only creates painful symptoms, but also breaks work of bodies and systems, leads to immuno depression and development of chronic diseases - therefore it is necessary to carry out cleaning of an organism of deposits and accumulation.

Certainly it is necessary to see her on all stages - from an intracellular exchange, to direct vydeleitelny functions of a rectum. but this task not so just as seems., It seems, it is necessary to begin with inside cellular exchange - but is not present! At the general zashlakovannost it will overload a limfoottok, then blood and a liver at once - further anything, from a simple spasm before development of the chronicle.

Respectively it is necessary to carry out “prepreparation“ to normalize work of bodies and systems and to adjust “garbage removal“ and then isty mu we will load this on full. It is the action plan.


1. In the beginning we conduct a course of preliminary cleaning. It stimulates immunity work, normalizes secretory functions. In principle it is the main course without which just it is impossible. Here only one subtlety - the course is calculated on three full months. And in the presence of a serious hrongika or “when for 50“ best of all and to arrive... But if the general condition of an organism does not disturb also to you not for 50, it is possible to carry out therapy on one weeks from every month. The module of microwave therapy cleaning is in club of health of a family.