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Age problems with health?

the Subject “for 60“ - not just interesting, but also very perspective at least just because from 60 to 80 - there are very actively recovery processes. In the sense that all processes are reversible, certainly, in the presence of adequate leaving. And homeopathy and a microwave resonance - all that is in our project as - time and is created by these wonderful opportunities. Here we will also talk about them.

We will begin with time biological. Actually, in it and all salt. As “for 60“ is that period when aging process begins. At the same time, it begins not in itself, and as confirmed the last American researches, in an organism certain “switch“ - the fact that confirmed - good fellows, however to this fact already more than 6 turns on. 000 years just because all ideas of time biological were determined in It Jing - the main book by the Chinese medicine and philosophy.

What is told there? The main idea - there are biological rhythms (what, however, the modern science is also engaged in...) at the same time at women everything is based on figure 7, and at men - on figure 8. Simple justification of this fact consists already in existence monthly and a cycle of pregnancy which pays off according to the lunar calendar based on figure 7. But not only it. It turns out, not only micro, but also macrocycles also have this nature. Therefore till 7 (8) years - the child, 14 (16) - the teenager, 21 (24) - the beginning of adulthood etc. Respectively, following the results of has figure 59 (64) - it is those figures when organy passes to new system of regulation, including endocrine system which operates and will organize all this transition.

In this subject there is that nuance that transition from one state to another goes not smoothly, and during 1 year. Therefore if you are 59 years old - year will be difficult, and transition to new system of the organization is possible.

Actually, all pathology - just problems with health - is based just on this simple fact. Not only that to this age we manage to save up a lot of any chronicle, but also transition demands forces. And as them, as a rule, already not really, respectively, there are also problems - dysfunctions, cardiac crises, crisis of pressure and a lot of things still.

On the other hand - the latest data say that our consciousness lives in a body of “the biological robot“ which unlike iron cars (which only rust and collapse) has very active phases of restoration therefore it is possible to start recovery processes, certainly, influencing them.

At the same time, there is one wonderful moment - our time biological strongly differs from passport. Just because all diseases anyway displace it in a zone starenya. Therefore if just to restore the saved-up pathology, not only the health improves, but even appearance because all our organism returns itself the normal age (for half a year - year even integuments are regenerated). Therefore we on the website have a microwave therapy “rejuvenation“ which as - time and intensifies this process - active regeneration. But, certainly, before being regenerated and rejuvenate, it is necessary just to be treated - in the beginning simply to remove saved up on lives and pathology absolutely not necessary to us that for half a year - year quite real task.

The general course of restoration

the Situation “for 60“ is complicated a little by the fact that before passing to treatment of usual diseases - to carry out the directed treatment - in the beginning it is necessary to restore immunity. Any treatment demands from an organism of forces on restoration, and it is already not enough of them and if at once to begin to treat on diseases - there can be aggravations. The aggravation is when against direct therapy - on diseases - the general health (even if it is temporary) can worsen or to become aggravated just temporarily the current disease. And though crisis quickly enough takes place, but it is not necessary to us - just because it is a stress for an organism which is never useful, and at this age especially.

Therefore it is carried out a preparatory work in the beginning. The best option - to carry out step autoimmune cleaning by means of nozod. At the same time in the absence of a serious illness, such as diabetes and oncology - a calla it is not obligatory to begin with a phase, and it is possible to begin with urine. But it is recommended to carry out reception of an autonozod of times a month. Usually at us try once a week. And, as a rule, quite successfully (without aggravations). However, this option is good only at very decent health - there is no deep chronicle, and in general you feel at least more - less.

This course of cleaning can be combined with reception of homeopathy between sessions of reception of an autonozod which is the best of all for carrying out on Saturday evening. And, of course, this Saturday day we do not carry out any other therapy and we do not accept homeopathy - just that there was no overload. And here since Monday - it is very good to begin the directed homeopathic course towards correction warmly - vascular problems and increase of drainage function of an organism.

Course the simplest:

In the morning - Arnica - 12, the Cactus - 12, Pulsatilla - 12 - everyone on 2 peas.

In the afternoon (in 12. 00, 15. 00 and 18. 00) - A cantoris - 12, Karbo animalis - 12, agarikus - 12 - everyone on 2 peas.

Vechero (with 21. 00 to 23. 00) - Cinchona - 12, Likopodium - 12 - on 3 peas of everyone.

To accept for all the time of carrying out autonozodny cleaning Monday through Friday and if autonozod once a month - that and at the weekend is accepted.

The scheme of reception usual, with a dinamization on 100 ml of water.