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From what age the child becomes independent?

Asking such question, parents want to hear concrete date when independence appears at the child. The answer can be such: children become independent in 7 years (15 years or 18 years). Everything depends on a type of the direction in pedagogics and psychology.
But from such question I have a counter question for parents: For what to you concrete date? Let`s allow you learned that the child becomes independent in 15 years. What to change in your education? Present a situation that the child was 15 years old and from this morning you parents ceased to help it with everything, that is to prepare for it, to buy clothes, to pay training etc. Since 15 years the child independent, according to foreign people who do not even know him. The full absurdity turns out, but he lives in our reality when parents ask similar questions. we Will suit
on the other hand and we will consider independence not as the fact occurring in life and as quality of the personality.
If this quality, then it is put since the birth. The main thing is required to understand an essence of the quality.
Independence is when the person HIMSELF, without someone`s help acts and receives result necessary to it.
All human activity can conditionally be divided into 3 parts and to represent in the form of the traffic light (so more habitual for perception):
1. Green part. We will refer all actions of the person which he mastered to this part and does them easily and simply.
For example, tasty cooks borsch and is known to these in the circles, plays at the difficult level a computer game, sells goods or service, and at small children: holds a spoon in hand, shows “so far“, pulls out laces from boots etc. of
2. Yellow part. Actions which the person masters at the moment belong to this part. For this purpose he studies new material, carries out monotonous exercises, tries new actions, remembers familiar material which will help to master new. It is possible to call this period - the period of specific actions.
For example, studying of English, acquaintance to duty regulations on the new place of work, mastering skill of driving of the car, and at small children: a rearrangement of small objects, a pronunciation of new sounds, clothing of the cap on the head or on legs.
Vygodsky L. S. gave the name to this period - “zone of the next development“.
3. Red part. All actions which the person is not able to do concern to her, but the most interesting he has no aspiration or desire to learn to do them.
For example to be the head of public institution, to prepare or drive the car.
Red part is special the fact that the child does not have it. At the child development and knowledge of the whole world is put, adults lose such feature over time or forget.
Probably you agree that when you know, it is easier to operate. Someone knows how to steer plane or train, and someone - the life. At everyone the purpose different in life.
And so for what all this information:
the Task of parents to learn to get to a zone of the next development of the child and to give it the chance to master new actions most. Such vital steps quality of independence develops.
I Will give an example, the child holds a spoon in hand, so his zone of the next development will be such: to gather porridge on a spoon and to put in a mouth and to do it without the aid of parents.
Parents to YOU always is what to be engaged with the child!