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Whether it is necessary to feel sorry for the child.

Many parents feel sorry for the children and indulge them, so at children the habit to be capricious or groan, and still to elicit, etc. is brought up. That is such behavior of which subsequently parents seek to get rid. What actually it pity? Let`s consider option when the word comes from a root it is a pity, pity means. For whom in society it is accepted to feel sorry? Of course the poor and beggars or people who have constantly failures. Parents, present a situation when you feel sorry for the child, at this moment you consider it to the poor and the loser. If all the time so to treat the child, then he forms a dependant position of life. And in other words the child will always wait that to him made a tip. At infantile age - it looks so: the child “skuksitsya“ and he was given right there a candy. Notice, not he took, and it was given. With age not only the child, but his and psychological habits grows. At teenage age this habit can look already here so, the teenager for mother goes and constantly explains that it needs pocket money or it is necessary to buy a fashionable thing. And in adult option I will already not describe where and at whom the person asks from parents or from the head. With such approach to pity “beggars“ are formed and it is not important that they ask: money, love respect or things and t of. Sense of words such: love me, you have to respect me, I lack money therefore the boss has to raise a salary. And now I suggest to go to consider some other way the word from the point of view of the alphabet Slavic our primogenitors. The approximate translation will sound so, pity is human life in love and coauthorship. From this it turns out that it is possible to bring absolutely other sense in the word “be sorry“. In a different way it will look so, to be sorry - it means to see and understand in what situation there is a person and to show exits from it, and the person himself makes decisions and acts according to the made decisions. And now we will pass to practice that everything was evident. Already infantile age when children learn world around and climb. The child climbed under a table and cannot get out. What is done by parents? Generally pull out as helpless kittens were regretted, so in sense the loser. And how it is necessary to arrive, using other sense of the word? First of all to consider a situation and to find the most several solutions. In - the second if the child already panics to calm him and to encourage and in the third to offer options as it is possible to creep out, but the final decision remains for the child. To remember the main thing, to parents what decision would not be made by the child it is always right in the situation. As it got stuck, but not you. It is always easier to give advice, than to work most in hard situations. Any discontent from parents when it is impossible to the child, brings up sensation of fear and the child begins to be afraid to make a mistake. You remember who does not act, that does not live. And any laughter over the child, brings up sense of shame and fault that it is not such good. And is what leads the child to inaction, but already for fear to seem ridiculous. Only the understanding of a situation and sensitive reaction of parents leads to formation of the full-fledged identity of the child. The behavior will seem blasphemy or very ridiculous if the adult comes to reception to the psychologist. And after the story about the arisen problem, the psychologist will take and will begin to abuse the person, for the fact that he at it happened or suddenly will begin to laugh loudly over it. And parents act this way with the child. Whether you reflected parents as you treat the child in his hard situations. You are sorry or disclose in it its personal force. Depends on you whom will be a child: strong personality or dependent. Education put thin moreover joyful when with love. You love the children - it is your creation.