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How to disaccustom the child to ask on hands?

the little baby possess huge charisma and attracts to itself adults. Parents have a desire to touch, stroke, and can snuggle the child. In the healthy child everything touches: its mobility, inquisitiveness, flexibility, and the most important ingenuity with which the child masters world around.

Children awaken interest in life and knowledge of parents again. And parents have a huge desire to help the child with development of world around. It is expressed that adults take the child on hands and show objects at the high level which only adults (rather tall persons) can take. Over time at the child the habit to ask on hands is developed. What it is necessary for the child for? Just at the level which it can get from - for the growth the child already learned everything. And the internal need for development of and world around is put in genes and escapes outside, the knowledge of the world is a continuous vital process. To learn further everything surrounding the adult “with handles“ is necessary. At the child the simple scheme of knowledge of the world is developed:

1. To get on the adult`s hands. It is very feasible task as there are a lot of ways: it is simple to ask, to begin to cry, fall to a floor, to run away in other party etc. of

2. To show on something and to enjoy life or to point a finger at everything something and will fall intermittently.

I it only knowledge of the world and as often parents use the moments and transfer children on hands when:

- a dirty pool or the bad road,

- hurry and there is no time for “rassusolivaniye“,

- were tired and there is a wish quicker home.

is present At this scheme a weak link which can disappear at any time is an adult. How to be then to the child who can master world around only with the adult? There is not such and wide choice: to break that to eat or arrange whims.

the Child grows and the psychological habit changes.

“With age a habit becomes the dictator.“ Evgeny Hankin.
For the grown-up child, already the adult to learn the world has to be other person nearby, it is desirable is more senior on age which will show area of development of knowledge. For example, “you are a clever guy, get second higher education“ or “you strong small, work as the security guard in club“. Councils of the family, friends, councils “skilled“, once on advantage, and once are also not present. I assume
Ya that each parent wants that his child created in own life independently, but not according to hints of other people.
Turns out what on hands cannot be taken? Of course, it is possible, but it is perfect in other situations: - you swing
, you are turned with the child.
- you embrace, you show caress and tenderness.
Is important for parents to UNDERSTAND that the child has borders which are caused by growth and the acquired skills a lasagna. “To understand
- means to get used and learn to use.“ Richard Feynman.
Considering these features, it is necessary to build communication with the child:
- to talk to the child at his level, to sit down for this purpose on hunkers.
- to add new objects of use and a toy to its mastered space.
- in the house to create conditions for a lasagna (to independently get objects slightly higher than growth, using house furniture).
A what to do if the child already got used to hands?
Use features of the child: everything to touch emotionality, curiosity, desire and to feel. Create favorable conditions in its mastered space that it was interesting to it to consider, touch, learn and take it on handles in this space, that is you are on knees or on cards. Now it is about a psychological habit which as well as a usual habit is developed gradually over time.
“Pass habits into customs soon.“ G. Mini