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Who such Michael Dudikoff? The fighter “The American ninjia“ of

When to Hollywood the fashion gushed over a shelter - faugh, local handymen of different degree of feebleness started riveting second-grade boyevichka with indispensable presence of a sophisticated fight. Decided to strain native public Asian persons the few, import production never in the USA had success.

All were in continuous search of the pale nuggets capable to wave effectively a hand and legs and at the same time not only “to chew in the head“. Chuck Norris was not enough for all, took even those who approached only the invoice.

Quite so, because of lack of the worthy choice (Chuck refused) a wave washed the nice pumped-over young man Michael with the pseudo-Russian surname Dudikoff ashore. Though what young man on figs? To Michael already knocked 31 when he was invited to act in the fighter “The American soldier“. A bit later, a post - a prodakshna to a picture changed heading for stages. So there was “The American ninjia“, one of cult smash hits of an era of video salons.

… The American military base mislaid in the middle of the jungle of the anonymous banana republic. Local guerrillas regularly plunder caravans, putting to military is material - a moral loss. What is characteristic, fighters do not climb on an embrasure, silently stand aside and do not hurry to act heroically. Well, plunder. The main thing that is not forced, and is fine. The property is state, pushchay use, monsters illiterate.

This shameless situation proceeded until the thoughtful beginner Joe did not appear in part. Uvidav that some speaking monkey dragged the colonel`s daughter in a rainforest, he made eyebrows a lodge and distributed lyuly to all who came to hand. In response to unexpected manifestation of aggression from povyskakivala bushes ninjias, uncharacteristic for the southern republics, also became how much in vain to kill peace soldiers of the opponent. Joe, having taken the nice little fool, retired, and his companions remained to recline boots to the sun.

The administration did not approve Joe`s act. One business - to write off on accounts department the stolen weapon and cartridges, and absolutely another - to speak for corpses which you will not conceal in pieces of paper. The hero is shone by tribunal and silent contempt of colleagues who preferred to be pants, but live. And still inevitable death from hands of mysterious ninjias who are set on the young man by the shadow weapon magnate Ortega having dirty affairs with the administration of base.

Joe, certainly, does not intend to give up on favor to enemies. And does not want to refuse tricks with the colonel`s daughter too. Any efficient people in black suits with sharp swords and syurikena do not disturb him, he is brought up in canons to nindzyuets and Dudikoff, by itself is able to catch arrows a shovel …

to Any oriental martial arts, did not study. Before shootings “American“ it generally got nindz supporting roles in tapes, like “Bachelor party“ with Tom Hanks or “Extraordinary courage“. The actor was not even found time to be trained in elementary bases, therefore Michael learned all elements directly during film-making process, entirely relying on advisory boards and directors. As a result that turned out, se and sideways a bow, looking like the well-known hand-to-hand dances of Bollywood. But to visitors of video salons it is hefty it was pleasant because smelled slightly of exotic.

The plot of the movie is constructed on natural magnetism of the good and evil. Any others - logical or psychological - the reasons to explain an attraction of the main villain and hero it is impossible. At one permanently scratches, and at another incessantly itches. Certainly, this imperceptible Joe a bone in a throat costs at all participants of illegal traffic in arms because to someone the fervent fight and maiden love, and shines someone the sky in a section. Clear business that all interested persons chase this American nindzy: they extremely need to eliminate the witness of the frauds. What rozhn of Joe is not sat in place - in a tape does not speak. Probably, it is all about heightened sense of justice.

The Israeli producers Yoram Globus and Menakhem Golan, patrons of fighters of category B, famous in Hollywood, were eager that the main character looked as James Dean (an untimely deceased idol 50 - x). Such mysterious fellow with the muddy past and a look of the person who learned life in details. For this reason Dudikoff all movie strenuously wrinkles a forehead, will languidly move eyes and shoots short, but capacious phrases. Installation is such. However, the scenario too initially did not shine with intelligence. Michael`s workmate, the actor Steve James (Jackson), admitted to the press that he was forced to insist on correction of the text. At the first stage their talk with Joe looked as dialogues two feeble-minded. The final option, however, too nearby left.

The budget of a picture made one million dollars, collecting - ten. The insignificant sum for Globus - Golana, but big break for Dudikoff to whom turned on the green light on all similar projects. Alas, as the hero of fighters of Michael considered only at us before, in the homeland of the performer did not favor and did not recognize merits in a genre. Well, there were no merits that you will do. Nice face, open look, well-muscled body. While all this blossomed and smelled, the actor was actively invited in similar movies of action (two sequels “American Nindz“, “The Punishing Force“, “Live Board“ and about ten others), and with approach of zero reference points were replaced, and Dudikoff`s star was gone under a plinth.

Hindus, by the way, strongly respected Sam Fyorstenberg`s tape. They showed the attachment originally - shot the movie with just the same plot, having replaced unclear to public nindzy with hot dances and songs. Plagiarism carried the name “Commando“ (too familiar heading, isn`t that so?) also the USSR was successfully rolled through towns and villages. Bollywood also carefully attached in a picture with Mitkhun Chakraborti`s participation and a musical subject from “Star wars“. Well not to vanish to John Williams`s creation. And so - was put to use.

As we see, the classics happens different. Sometimes, you watch the Oscar-winning drama and quietly you roll in a pillow. And here everything is stupid, but is live. The main thing to fill the place at sources. Because all subsequent continuations of history of Joe look as the parody to the original. Today “The American ninjia“ - only object of nostalgia on VHS era. It is no more, but also it is not less in any way.