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How to celebrate St. Valentine`s Day - on February 14?

St. Valentine`s Day are celebrated by a huge number of people around the world. For Russia it is rather new holiday therefore many have a question as to mark out him. I want to offer several options, various on material inputs and as necessary existence of free time.

Choose any. The main thing that this holiday was remembered by the brightness and originality, or perhaps and brought closer approach of spring a little. So, we will begin.

If this day, and better also several subsequent are completely free at you and at your half, and you have available some means, then the romantic trip will be the most ideal option for you. It can be, for example, or Paris - the capital of romanticism, or tropical islands - we will tell, Maldives. There is an opportunity to be guided by preferences, yours and your partner, and to give vent to the imagination.

If you are insufficiently sure that you will be able to meet expectations of your soulmate at the high level, then it is possible to make also less extravagant trip. For example, to the neighboring city. For certain there will be many places connected with some beautiful history. You need to learn about these places only in advance and to think over an interesting route.

Well and what to do to those, who has on hand only one evening? To go to restaurant or cafe. The situation will help to be adjusted on the necessary harmony. It is possible even to present that you are unfamiliar, and “to repeat everything at first“. It by all means will refresh your relations.

Besides, for example, nobody cancelled magic of movie theater yet. Buy tickets for a premiere of the romantic comedy. And after viewing present to darling(s) a box of chocolates in the form of heart or a teddy bear with a rose in a paw.

And if you have no opportunity to leave the house? Then arrange a romantic dinner of the house. Prepare something easy together. In process you can be fond so, as will not notice how be soiled by chocolate or whipped cream. And here you already should take together the fragrant bath filled with foam and petals of roses... Evening can be finished with massage with favourite oil by candlelight.

And, of course, in any option do not forget about a love card - a Valentine`s Day card. It can be both huge, and absolutely small. The main thing, surely sign it that your darling felt all warmth and sincerity of recognition.

Will not prevent to decorate the apartment with balloons and hearts also. On them your declarations of love in different languages of the world will cool look.

And if on this light holiday you are lonely? To be locked houses and to envy couples in love? At all not. You can post on any dating site the questionnaire with “announcement“ that you not against to get acquainted with the same lonely person for joint celebration of St. Valentine`s Day.

For certain many persons interested will respond. And, who knows, can be, this day you will meet the half. And you will remember with a smile further romantic history of your acquaintance.

Generally, be not afraid to approach a question of celebration creatively. Perhaps, next time the pleasant surprise will already wait for you.

Love and be darlings! Happy Valentine`s Day!