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Mini. How the small avtomobilchik became big achievement of the English automotive industry?

the Suez crisis which Burst in 1956 the management of the largest English automobile company British Motors pushed to creation of model which would have the minimum fuel consumption and at the same time was a full-fledged automobile car, but not a defective motorized carriage. Works on this project were headed by the engineer Alec Issigonis.

He expected to provide only the English workers with the available practical vehicle, but its creation as a result became not just cheap minicar, but the face of the British automotive industry, a fetish for numerous fans.

Seeking to give as much as possible place to passengers, Issigonis reduced the sizes of a motor compartment. For this purpose it placed the power unit with the general case for the engine and transmission across a body, and the radiator put sideways. He made a suspension bracket extremely compact too, having used rubber blocks of shock-absorbers. Placed wheels practically on body corners. Excellent stability of the small machine thanks to which on it it is possible “to embroider“ in a transport stream as if on a skateboard became additional effect of such configuration.

The salon differs in extreme asceticism. Instead of a control panel between the driver and the forward passenger there is one speedometer in which several sensors are built in. Seats with thin backs remind garden chairs. The floor of salon was absolutely equal, without uniform ledge. Such minimalism leaves to passengers at most of a scope. In the small machine there can go very large citizens.

Externally the machine looks typically in English. Big round headlights, the chromeplated “smile“ of a radiator lattice - it makes impression of a good-natured muzzle of an animated small animal. Two doors are rather wide to get to salon without any difficulties. At a look sideways it is possible to think that it is a hatchback - the similar impression is made by “two-dimensions“ of a body, but actually the body is a sedan with a small cover of a separate luggage carrier, not it and capacious.

At tests of the first prototypes Issigonis personally faced a problem - having got to a deep pool, the car with the chief designer driving could not move further. Issigonis zealously undertook operational development of a design, as a result the tiny machine could get into any jungle and participate in difficult rallies - cross-countries. On its base made even the real SUVs.

The machine which received the name Mini , caused the whole furor on the London motor show of 1959. It was to the taste not only to proletarians - it was chosen by movie stars, bohemia, “gilded youth“, the aristocracy, even members of royal surnames. One of the first cars was received as a gift by Enzo Ferrari. He appreciated road performance of the English baby.

In 1964 the owner of formular team John Cooper created the first sports modification which he called in the honor on the basis of Mini. Twice crews on Mini Cooper won the well-known rally of Monte - however, both times were disqualified by Carlo from - for small discrepancies to technical regulations, but the public recognized superiority behind them.

Mini was issued under all brands of concern British Motors (British Leyland Motor Corporation subsequently). The Morris firm offered it as Mini Minor (the younger brother of the family Minor model), as Austin it went under the proved Seven brand long ago. Offices of Riley and Wolseley let out a luxury kind of Mini - a small three-volume sedanchik with elaborate frontal facing.

Configuration of Mini was adopted also by other models of concern, larger, comfortable and prestigious. But it had the shortcomings and not really was suitable for mass production, creating difficulties in production and the subsequent service of cars. Therefore the channelized constructive did not gain development. Release of Mini, nevertheless, continued with success. There were new modifications - in 1968 the new Clubman model received forward part of design, modern to measures of that time, offered buyers also new motors, on the basis of Mini at last made a hatchback.

But nevertheless classical Mini option was in the greatest demand. On it the bulk of clerks in London and other large cities of the world moved. The youth went by Mini to the sea and on dances. A certain share of cultishness in image of Mini was contributed by John Lennon - he preferred this modest machine. At first Lennon went by standard model, then to order for him made Mini, on complete set level not conceding Rolls - to Royce.

The small avtomobilchik became famous also for the participation in numerous movies. What “The Italian work“ where the team of gangsters strikes the audience with the tricks on the English minicars is necessary. And of course, it is difficult to present famous Mr. Bean without his green four-wheel small insect on which he desperately likhachit, keeping unperturbable expression on the frowned physiognomy.

There was time. But Mini in the classical execution continued to be in considerable demand. It was on sale also in the USA, even when there norms on passive safety of automobile cars became tougher. Even in France and Germany it restricted Bugs and - Shvo. Mini were fallen in love by Japanese and in spite of the fact that local firms soon produced own models on its sample, local esthetes quite often stopped the choice on the thoroughbred Englishman. The updated modifications of Mini quitted the stage, and Mini remained actual. Even the Metro model prepared to it on change which was issued since 1984 won back the, and Mini continued to enjoy love of public.

Nevertheless the management of the company considered the veteran outdated, too close and low-power. By 1990 it was decided to phase down its production. But just at this time began a retro - boom. And Mini revived for buyers. Again offered the “hot“ version under the known Cooper brand (original “Kupera“ disappeared still in 69 - m). Also in assortment the unpretentious city Sprite model and dandyish Mayfair appeared. The Parisian dealer offered for Mini protective arches (means from “the parking in French“ when existence of the place for the parking is determined by a blow sound about the car in front), also French in the workshops remade the machine in a cabriolet. Cabriolets on the basis of Mini offered also the German tuning firms Pop and L &H.

Mini in general is very widespread object of activity of numerous tyuninger and jotas - rodder. Some of its modernizations were issued even a small series as, for example, the turboversiya from ERA dispersing to 186 km/h. On the basis of Mini built low racing roadsters, equipped the tiny machine with an aggressive aerodynamic weather-cloth, expanded a body and extended thanks to what in it V found room even roverovsky - figurative 8 - cylinder motors. But nevertheless the public most prefers usual Mini without grandstanding. At most, what was would like by average Mini - the owner - the hatch in a roof closed by an apron made of cloth.

Mini is a favourite of adherents of the English style to this day. Its release was finally stopped in 2001, but it is simple to find a second-hand car and now for quite reasonable price.

The machine became a legend for a long time. For this reason the Mini brand was always considered valuable and it did not stop being developed. Already in 90 - e years when brands of the former English concern carried over Bavarians from BMW, concepts of Mini Spiritual and Spiritual Too were presented. On the basis of their ideas the BMW firm let out own Mini which is offered general public and now. But it already another story altogether.