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Testing (USE): prematurely, it is undesirable or it is impossible?

we Will imagine the huge table with one million cages. Everyone means a certain knowledge. To learn something - to paint over a cage. Or to switch on light in a window of the huge house. When woke up then began to light. All windows burn unless at geniuses, but it is important to us to know whether they burn on such - that floors. If yes, precisely yes, that we give the certificate on it it was possible to show if necessary.

We not only want to study, but also to work, earn, self-actualize. We should eliminate the known dilemma: or we study, happy satisfaction of curiosity, or we settle in this life thanks to vigorous low-intellectual activity.

All would like were quite happy, that is to satisfy curiosity, to be engaged in interesting business and to improve the financial position the same actions, but very few people are given such chance. The world does not need a large number clever, free and joyful. Or, if to be more precisely, do not need them uncountable feeble-minded, not free and sad. In their world “without piece of paper I am a small insect, and with a piece of paper of people“. The piece of paper - is necessary. And only therefore testing - not entertainment, but business serious and disturbing.

Any testing reports not about extent of filling of the huge table, and about presence of it is that a set of the filled cages, the lit windows. If something is, then this presence will show each valid test.

USE is a set of the tests checking whether there are actually certain Basic Elements. Same it is shown in many tasks if it is, and at ability these Basic Elements to see easy to define lie, fakes and unsystematized knowledge.

But who, except developers and people with the raised insight, is capable to see it? We are indignant, forcing to reduce intellectual background of USE to our understanding. To us to make another.

Imagine once again the table on one million cages. You were fond of cross stitching, achieved certain success and addressed to testing, they examined your new ability. Now you were fond of construction of houses from straw blocks, showed result, examined. Also vacancy of the landscape designer was suddenly presented. For this profession it is required such - that a set of thousands of cages. You impose the requirement of what is already available (whether it is necessary to explain in what cross stitching with design is crossed?) also you receive the recommendation about those special courses which you should pass that the necessary contour was filled. But you do not study as it turns out now, to what you own a time on orders better than teachers.

Modules + testing = hobby + document = hobby + application = continuous effective education and... cancellation of the present labor legislation.

Because you can find out suddenly that the Minister of Economic Development has even no third of what is required for a post, and you have almost everything.

Testing undermines everything... what has to be undermined.