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Novelties of cinema. What to watch during week-end on January 21 - 22? “Other world 4“, etc.

Against gradual injection of Russians in a working situation, movie theaters this week the first full blockbuster of 2012, continuation of bloody history of opposition of vampires and werewolves “Will bring to our attention other world 4“. The company an action - to a horror will be made Stephen Soderbergh`s fighter by “Knockout“ and the comedy “At First Love, Then Wedding“.

The future days off will please admirers of thrillers which should get acquainted with new work Wang - Damme (“Games of killers“) and unusual role of the merry fellow Sergey Svetlakov in the engaged criminal drama “Stone“. Charlize Theron`s fans are recommended not to miss appearance of the actress in a dramedy “The poor rich girl“, and fans of the European cinema will be able to contemplate Frenchwoman Isabelle Huppert in the drama “My Little Princess“. And now is more detailed:

1. “Other world: Awakening“ (Underworld: Awakening, 2011)

the Saga about eternal fight of vampires and werewolves adopted relay at adventures of “the day soldier“ Bleyd and is an antipode of romantic saliva in in parallel going “Twilight“. With only one exception - “Other world“ never enjoyed Bleyd`s popularity, and authors of the franchize should dream of “twilight“ financial performance only. And any hopes that the fourth part noted by return to film series of the actress Kate Bekinseyl will be able cardinally to change something. Judging by advertizing, we are waited by the next storm fighter in the twilight where the maiden fitted by skin will show miracles of flights against the green screen. It is a lot of special effects, it is not enough sense, and it is a lot of blood which is shed and drink, spill and drink. Only for admirers of subject.

2. “Knockout“ (Haywire, 2012)

Stephen Soderbergh continues to surprise with

. After the stunning debut “Sex, lie and video“, cult “Shizopolis“ and politically correct “Erin Brokovich“ he unexpectedly joined a camp of the Hollywood meystrim the brilliant “Ouchene`s friends“. Then suddenly invited in the new movie a pornstar Sasha Gray (“Call girl“, 2009), and now here undertook the first leading role of Geena Karano, fighter of MMA and the applicant for a world champion title on fights without rules (among women).

Jason Born in a skirt shpionstvut in the close company of venerable stars, beginning from Michael Douglas and Antonio Banderas and finishing McGregor and Fassbender. Which of them the villain, we learn only in the final for now Geena shows for what, actually, she was invited to the big screen. There will be many beautiful and rigid fights, but all this we saw enough in Jason Statham`s tapes. The plot is very conditional if only did not disturb. An action for the sake of an action, with scandalous cruelty and fashionable absence of logic.

3. “At first love, then a wedding“ (Love, Wedding, Marriage, 2011)

the Actor Dermot Mulroney (“A wedding of the best friend“) decided to try direction. The genre of the movie was defined by Mulroney`s career which most often had to appear in melodramas and romantic comedies. For the hero - the lover the actor already starovat, here also decided to replace role.

The main character Eve (Mandy Moore) helps couples to adjust marriage. Not to marry, and to put already developed matrimony in order. It is good to have a reputation for the expert while the knowledge does not be popraktikovat on relatives. When it becomes clear that Eve`s parents decided to file for divorce, she tries to apply skills of settling of the conflicts. With variable success, everyone is free itself to rule over the destiny. The romantic comedy within the Hollywood template, without special delicacy and miracles.

4. “Stone“ (2011)

Raspiarenny representatives “Comedy club“ the thriller with participation of their comrade in arms Sergey Svetlakov already managed to stick on teeth especially as the trailer to the movie does not promise something highly artistic. As, however, and persons of creators among whom there is a screenwriter of “The Kazan orphan“ Oleg Antonov and the director - the debutant Vyacheslav Kaminsky. The main rate of the project - on a sudden “dark“ image of the famous humorist and a hokhmach. And it is bad if it is the only difference of a picture from a set of criminal hand-made articles for which the NTV television channel and others is nice. Svetlakov who positively proved in full meter (a dilogy of “Fir-tree“), certainly, will try not to lose face, but the rupture of a template can be too sharp. It is necessary only to wish to Sergey good luck in a new field.

5. “Game of killers“ (Assassination Games, 2011)

we did not meet Van Damme on screens of movie theaters Very long ago. Rough 90 - e departed, Jean - Claude grew old and steeped at low budget cinema of category B. The lion`s share of fighters with its participation safely comes to DVD, passing a wide release. For many admirers of an action the person of the Belgian actor became a symbol of disgracefully dissipated potential, along with Steven Seagal and Dolph Lundgren. Recent idols were drawn, without having managed to become competitive opponents to “filmstars“ of the past in the person of Schwarzenegger and Stallone.

It is quite possible that having pulled out in this world “Games of killers“, film distributors try to revive interest in Van Damme`s figure in connection with his participation in the future sequel “Uncontrollable“. However, there and without it there are enough “baits“. And it is better not to spend neither money, nor time for this hack-work.

6. “The poor rich girl“ (Young Adult, 2011)

Fourth on the account a tape of Jason Raytman who presented us excellent social dramas “Juneau“, “Here Smoke“ and “Up in the Air“. Charming Charlize Theron - as the successful scribbler who for entire happiness is not enough only love. In search of this madam comes to the small town where grew and graduated from school in the status of “the queen of a ball“. Its purpose - to zakhomutat being fight - the friend, but that is married for a long time and waits for addition in family.

The Raytman kept style: we are waited by intelligent dialogues, the true human emotions and high-quality acting.

In the list of the film premieres which are released without special sensation - the drama of Englishwoman Leann of Ramsay “Something not so with Kevin“ thanks to which her compatriot Tilda Suinton (“Beach“) storms all film festivals and awards. While Suinton was succeeded to catch in the moneybox only a prize of the European film academy, Cannes and the Globe passed by, but the quantity of the half-received awards, thank God, will not affect quality of this intense and rather heavy tape. Fine, incredibly emotional game of the actress and the deserved attention of the audience.

Eve Yonesko, the star of one of the most scandalous movies for all history of cinema (“The dissolute childhood“ (1977)), decided to tell to the world history of the growing. The biographic tape “My little princess“ in which it with care of the psychiatrist untangles a ball of relationship with mother and the grandmother who as a result and made Eve “a star of erotic art“ in its 12 years became result of her director`s and scenario creativity. It is no wonder that - rastlitelnitsa Frenchwoman Isabelle Huppert who perfectly are successful images of the women living “too close to the foul“ got a role of mummy.

This week at movie theaters gloomy moods prevail. Only one comedy and modest in inquiries Danish 3D - an animated cartoon “Circus! Circus! Circus!“ suprotiv couples of airtight fighters and several thrillers. Certainly, will manage finance “Other world 4“ (owing to recognition of the franchize and existence 3D - sessions), and also domestic “Stone“, whose advertizing unless on ballot boxes it is not stuck.