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Pulls on salty? There is nothing more simply: a herring of fresh-salted “Astounding“

Once I loved herring to a shiver. To spasms in facial muscles with the subsequent plentiful salivation just seeing accurate, silvery from above and pinkish on a cut, accurately laid in white a ceramic pike perch of the pieces which are generously powdered with small green onions and fennel.

And to it - boiled potato, friable, proceeding the ferry, with a piece of the thawing butter and a droplet sunflower - just, for a smell …

the Mother undressed herring masterly: resolutely cut the head, the imperceptible movement ripped up a belly and quickly - quickly exempted the big fish from unappetizing interiors. An exact surgical section along ridge, dexterous extraction of a skeleton - and already two pure fileyka lie on a chopping board - it was necessary only to skin and remove small stones. And further, as they say, cut yes you eat.

Now it is possible to choose practically any herring - Norwegian, Icelandic, Atlantic, weighed out or in packing, in a can or in plastic, special, spicy and still god knows what salting, with various additives or without it … And then there was just a herring , from a barrel, in round iron jars, well and still some left unfinished ivas.

And, of course, so-called “hall“ - not for mere mortals, but incidentally it was possible to run or to get. Who does not know, “hall“ is the largest of Caspian seldy, reaching length to a half a meter and weight to 2 kg. The name is connected with the sizes - the usual length of this fish exceeds distance from finger-tips to an elbow, that is overhangs from a hand, being broken.

A tastiness “hall“ unusual, there are no words to describe these feelings. Here present - on a piece of black bread, slightly fried on the one hand and thinly smeared with butter with another, reclines wide, self-satisfied, shining a transparent fat kusishche, is exhausted brightly - a pink body, attracts, tempts … No, it is impossible!

My family bourgeoisified absolutely now - sons haughty despise herring, serve a salmon to them fresh-salted, a salmon or a trout. Well, to each his own - earn, also spend.

And here we with the husband love herring. Of course, not to a shiver and herring now not that … Unintelligible plastic korobchonka where in oil and spices float soaked and vymorochenny, tasteless as rags, planed nearly in noodles of a kusishka of difficult defined product, I take into account at all. But sometimes so pulls on salty … Recently I was incited to cook for

herring. In sense to salt. Becomes simply, and much more surpasses store in taste - though Norwegian though Icelandic though still what. Those who tried, speak - looney!

I advise to prepare also for you herring “Astounding“ .

For a start it is necessary to buy the frozen fresh herring. Choose surely large, without koloto - cut wounds, that is with the whole skin. I usually prepare two small fishes.

First of all, without defreezing finally, by a fanatic way it is ripped off fish skin, previously having made it pole-axes - a head. The frozen carcass it is skinned easily as a stocking. Then herring needs to be drawn, carefully to wash out, and in such look already to lay in ware where it will be salted.

Now - a brine. Here it is even simpler. On a floor - liter of water we take two tablespoons of salt (without fanaticism!) one and a half tablespoons of sugar, bay leaf, one teaspoon of mustard powder, allspice peas - pieces five, one gvozdichka. To boil and to cool completely. To fill in with this potion the prepared small fish and to clean in the refrigerator for the night. In total: to instruct longer, than to prepare.

It is possible to enjoy already next day. The small fish turns out fresh-salted and very gentle.

Bon appetit!