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Chicken: simply, quickly and very tasty. How?

“Chicken - not a bird“, - say the known saying. But, according to archeologists, it all - was that more than four thousand years ago until she was cultivated somewhere in the valley of the Indus River.

Chicken is our everything.

And in a house frying pan, and on a banquet dish chicken always at height. It surely scattered on all national cuisines. It seems that this bird can uplift us on top of culinary pleasure and even to cure of a number of diseases.

Meat of chicken is almost universal: it will help also at stomach diseases with high acidity and in case it is lowered. Soft, gentle fibers of meat play a role of the buffer which is taking away excessive acid at gastritises, a syndrome of the angry stomach, stomach ulcer of a duodenum. Special characteristics of chicken meat are irreplaceable in the broth containing extractive substances, - at the lowered secretion they force a “lazy“ stomach to work. Meat of chicken is an important component of dietary food at diseases zheludochno - an intestinal path, diabetes, obesity, and also for prevention and treatment is warm - vascular illnesses.

Chicken meat - one of the easiest for digestion. In meat of chicken there is less connecting fabric - collagen - than, for example, in beef. Besides, chicken meat, despite the highest protein content, the most low-calorie.

Chicken can enter the dietary menu or come to be in a hamburger, decorate a formal dinner party or is modest lay down in a plate on weekday.

What it is possible to do with chicken? Yes practically all - to cook, extinguish, fry, bake in an oven and on coals … However it is worth knowing several rules preparations of chicken.

If you have the whole carcass, first of all check whether well it is drawn. For this purpose glance in chicken and remove from her lungs, kidneys and all other interiors if they are. It is procedure it is especially important for preparation of broths and soups: dark interiors will not allow broth to remain transparent, will add a specific smell and taste. In an amicable way, after boiling broth should be poured out, to wash, fill in a carcass with cold water and again to put on fire.

it is better for span to Buy the cooled birdie, it has to be well-fad, appetizing by sight, with is white - pink smooth skin. At fresh chicken and a smell fresh, stones of wings flexible, meat elastic, and skin only slightly damp. If skin wet, means the bird defrozen.

If to you got the frozen chicken, then it is important to defreeze competently it - the more slowly, the better, the less she will lose moisture, and the dish will be more tasty. It is the best of all to put chicken on the tray suitable by the size and to put in the bottom of the refrigerator. Estimate necessary time - at the rate of 10 hours on kilogram of weight. That is put in the evening, you prepare in the morning. Or on the contrary. If there is a strong wish to eat, that is and faster way: to defreeze in a microwave on the corresponding mode, periodically overturning.

it is difficult for span to spoil chicken Dishes, but “at desire“ all - is possible. The main enemy of the “correct“ chicken meat - the wrong temperature condition. For example, if to cook broth on strong fire, then it will become muddy. If to prepare a stake from chicken breast on a frying pan it is more than 5-7 minutes, then at the exit something dry will turn out and low-edible. And here the rare or not boiled thoroughly pieces of chicken not only will spoil appetite, but also can cause serious food poisoning - salmonellosis.

Average chicken entirely or “dismembered body“ from it prepares 50-60 minutes at a temperature of 170-180 degrees. Check whether meat from bones easily separates. Make a puncture around a joint and look whether red juice is emitted. If meat lags behind easily and from a puncture juice transparent streams, safely give your dish to a table.

And still. “To kill“ unique taste and a smell of a ready dish aggressive spices can: the carnation, cardamom, allspice - and however, is fans and on it. Culinary specialists consider as best “friends“ of chicken usual onions, black pepper and bay leaf - is very moderate. On me, so chicken ideally behaves with hop - sunel.

Tasty history

Ya I do not love the difficult, confused recipes. Therefore I offer readers a remarkable way of preparation of chicken from the series “quickly, easily, tasty and with 100-a percentage guarantee that everything will turn out“.

At boring simplicity of a set of products and almost cosmic speed of preparation a dish it has magnificent taste and never becomes boring. I train him always in the conditions of a rigid time trouble when eaters already wash hands to sit down to a table.

So to cut some 2 chicken fillet across thin plates. Than more thinly, that the dish will be more tasty. To cut 1 bulb in cubes, 300 grams of champignons plates, it is possible to take frozen. There are no champignons - it is not necessary, we will do also without them. On butter to spasserovat onions, then to add to it some fillet and to fry slightly, literally before change of color.

Then to put mushrooms if all of them were found there, and on strong fire to extinguish before liquid evaporation. While all this is fried and extinguished, to prepare mix from a glass of sour cream (or cream), half of a teaspoon hop - sunel or your favourite seasoning, two small cut garlic gloves (not through a press!) a tablespoon of mustard, a teaspoon (with top) torments, salts, pepper. To fill in with this mix of fillet with mushrooms, to add fresh greens and to extinguish even minutes 5-7. A garnish - potato, rice, macaroni, buckwheat is you solve.

Well, and as a bonus one more express - the recipe . “Express“ in the sense that at a plate in general it is not necessary to stand.

A beret chicken breast - fillet does not need to be separated - you salt, you pepper, you powder with favourite spices and you postpone away. Meanwhile quite largely or quite small - as the soul will wish - cut couple of large bulbs. Onions you stack a low hill on a pan bottom, from above chicken, you cover and you put on maaaalenky fire.

All. Go and go about the own business. Approximately in one or one and a half hours the most delicate and absolutely dietary dish is ready. Voila - the soft juicy chicken half “drowned“ in the most tasty onions sauce.

Bon appetit!