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How to look after houseplants? The flower grower`s calendar, January - February of

the Winter annually introduces the amendments in nature life - it is process natural and well-known. Not the exception and houseplants - in winter months the mode of care of them cardinally changes. And if not to consider some nuances, it is possible just to lose especially gentle representatives of house flora.

needs to pay January special attention to watering: water has to be not only otstoyanny, but also surely warm - 30 - 35 degrees. Intensively now water only those plants which actively grow at this time and blossom, and also vygonochny. All others have a rest, water them seldom and very carefully, only not to allow full drying of the earth in pots. Periodic spraying of leaves of plants warm water acts on them very well in the conditions of the increased dryness of air in winter time. Only consider that it is necessary to do it in the warm room and only after a full obsykhaniye it is possible to return a plant on a cool window sill.

Increase in day length in January and even more often appearing from - for clouds the sun do not cancel, however, hard January frosts which lead to strong cooling of a zone of placement of many houseplants - a window sill. In especially frosty nights it is better to clean pots with flowers in room depth to avoid overcooling of roots which can lead to irreversible changes and even death of plants. At long cloudy weather in addition to a dosvechivayta flowers by means of phytolamps or, as a last resort, energy saving bulbs.

At the end of January exchange processes at many houseplants staying at winter rest become more active. It is necessary to trace attentively the beginning of awakening in time to increase watering or to bring top dressing. The special attention during this period is required by cactuses: they can already have first buds - such copies need to be transferred from a cool zimovnik to the warm room.

Dry air in rooms in a heating season - the favorable environment for reproduction of many artful wreckers: mealy chervets, red kleshchik, shchitovka Do not lose vigilance, examine plants with a magnifying glass more often, pay attention to the slightest external changes in time to use preparations and not to allow wreckers to clear up in your house greenhouse.


February for houseplants is already the beginning of transition from winter rest to spring vegetation. Days are longer, it is more sun, the additional dosvechivaniye is not necessary any more. At such mode shade-enduring plants are capable to give quite healthy gain of new escapes, but photophilous are for the present extended. Will not prevent to make at windows small shading of tulle since. the February sun is already capable to leave burns on gentle leaves of sensitive plants (for example, violets). For these purposes it is possible to use a strip of rare tulle about 40 cm wide which is attached to a frame safety pins. With plastic windows you will not turn it, you will not puncture plasticity therefore between glass and pots it is possible to put sheets of white paper, or to attach them an adhesive tape directly to glass.

In February cyclamens, primroses still blossom, kliviya and Hippeastrums, vygonochny bulbous blossom. Sprout gloxinias, klubnevy begonias, akhimenesa. Pots with them expose on the light place and begin to water. Increase watering and other plants which started in growth. We remember: to water only with warm water! Except for types to which on an agrotechnology it is prescribed cool (18 - 20 degrees) - cyclamens, azaleas, etc. As before, it is necessary to spray plants boiled water and in every possible way to increase humidity of air indoors, to carefully check foliage for presence of wreckers.

We do not forget to watch even more fixedly the wakening succulents, and especially behind cactuses - now the probability of emergence of buds increases every day. Means, their owners will need to be moved from a zimovnik to heat on the light place in time and to water with warm water a little. It is regularly obligatory to survey the others with a magnifying glass since during the winter period on them the red kleshchik often appears: as soon as noticed the bright red moving points against green epidermis - immediately take cardinal measures! Fitoverm, aktellik and to that similar preparations will help to rescue your pets.

Extra care should be shown when airing rooms - even in sunny days February air still quite frosty and can do much harm to flowers. Move away them for this time far away from the opened window or carefully cover with dense paper. At the same time keep in mind that if airing is long, and the soil in pots at this moment damp, then here and paper will not rescue - better to carry pots far away from a source of cold air. Overcooling of a damp earth lump leads to inevitable oppression of a plant, leaves fade, roots stop delivering water upward, and the flower can die.

In February it is already possible to start cutting and formation of kroner of large and treelike houseplants, to be engaged in change and a cherenkovaniye, to begin to sow seeds of window plants - light day quickly increases, kids will grow strong, and the dosvetka will not be required.

Here so behind winter efforts we will also not notice how the spring will come and will bring new cares