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Why the wife does not take a surname of the husband?

of the Reasons for this disgrace can be the whole sea! Let`s begin with protozoa who, in principle, and do not demand explanations. Imagine that a surname of the gentleman - the boyfriend - type, Golozadov. At a stage of flirtation and courtings he safely hid it. But - business reached wedding, and … at the bride her charming eyes get out on a forehead. What - about - about?! I will be Svetlana Golozadova?! Yes not for all the tea in China!

And there will be a little such annoying grooms who before doors of a registry office will be the rights to swing about a surname. Especially as... really, it has it... harmonious. Here to you - time the reason.

The wife`s parents have no children any more, or is, but besides - girls. There are no sons, and genealogical complexes - are. In the sense that the sort will die away, and there will be no trace left from their family on this transitory earth. They in despair that the surname from this life will disappear. Parents begin silently, but persistently to hypnotize the daughter, and that is in turn - at night cuckooes to the husband. Here to you - two the reason.

Third option: the wife on hands has a heap of the cares which - are not independently thought up, and which fell down it in the course of family life. Where to take it so much time to stand in queues, to run on all bureaucratic offices both other, and other? If the spouse it permanently shows the pronounced displeasure from a disparate in surnames, then the wife can suggest it to undertake this heap of cares, from - behind which she has no time to be engaged in campaigns on offices. Also there will be to it then a family identity. And any disparate. What the husband most likely will quite reasonably answer that he and has enough problems; and not for this purpose he married that to be engaged in washing and preparation of grain cutlets with a meat smell. As a result of such strategic course of the wife the husband will remember family business less frequently.

Fourth possible situation. Oats are expensive now. You do not ukupit it, oats - that. And it is worth changing all documents - except time and energy - very decent sum. After the spouse allows blessed to study the estimate of possible expenses, the husband will scratch, will scratch a tykovka and will agree with the wife that it is better to start up this money for economy. Fail it, this surname, in depths of hell!

Fifth option: it if the husband - so-called “οπθμΰκ“. I do not speak - the gigolo, but … he came to the wife to the house, and character at it soft (unlike the steadfast spouse). Is to this most … to the husband not bad. Whether also not one to it a locomotive bolt - what surname at it?

Often there is also such situation that the person marries, and kids from the previous marriages remained with it. He will give a hint about that it took its surname, and she can quite become stubborn - it seems as from - for children. Type, children remember the father, children love the father, children me and so … e - e - e … look sideways at me.

Well and if soberly to understand - there are no recipes and recommendations for such cases. I know one - and I know it precisely. If the man and the woman meet in this life not by cool calculation of the head, and on command of the loving heart - any questions will be resolved to mutual pleasure. Any! Not to mention such trifles as change of a surname.