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When there is such school? I Can tell

a lot of good about features of my favourite school, but there is a wish to allocate the main thing: the school samonastraivatsya.

If something not so, begins to work the mechanism of benevolent clearing of a problem.

So happened that one child began to refuse to go in the morning with crying on a lesson. It was seen by the duty teacher. Understood with prisina. To the next morning the same child was eager to come to a class. It is not enough such examples because there are no discontent and resistance.

The school took children since three years and did not share different age needlessly therefore study the whole families there. Very interesting parents to whom the mysterious principal reason ruling school is nice meet. Communication out of lessons becomes more interesting. Each adult with the highlight, and that who is ready suggest to carry out the master - classes. New form of education ripens.

For example, on TV there is “intellectual a reality - show, an intensive course of studying of English of Kultura TV channel. Children in a trice were connected, penetrated into the plate of times 3õ3 and began to play with language under a lung - easy management of adults who can be fingered in Skype - groups. By the end of a course there will be a kostyachok from acquired and transferring the table and other materials for game is farther. Very much we want, that supporting, initiative, bringing new there were as much as possible adults. That called us there where interestingly or there is a chance to make so that it was interesting.

The chance, alas, is not everywhere. It is a lot of tortured places. If there something good comes, the administration hurries to bring order. And we had it when without the prevention cinema-men appeared suddenly. But one business safety issues, absolutely another - when a formal order above all, and all shiver with fear that some shock will throw out them from heated places. At a set of schools all teachers are afraid to be dismissed. Reaches that words from songs throw out, being afraid that somebody will enclose sense moderately of the perversity. To cause parental activity and do not think, on the contrary, suppress in every way. I will not claim that such schools the absolute majority, but seems to me quite so. Also there is nothing more useless, than to call those schools where parents not at business for changes.

No, is. Is even more useless to offer the unproductive slowed-down schools to give the rooms and children to cheerful organizers who with the same matsredstvo would create miracles. It is not a pity to give to children on an hour of time at all. Yes though every day for three hours, especially if will also pay for it. How many at us now money for each pupil it is allocated? You know these mad sums? However the school cannot allocate from them not a stiver. All right, agree free of charge. But the school cannot allocate the room. So classes and those are not necessary, there is often enough cozy recess. But the school cannot let out pupils from that process which already poorly - is poorly adjusted. Even if absolutely poorly. Also cannot allow to children of people without medical books and peddiplom. As though the grippoznik with the medical book is healthier than the freelancer radiating with health, and the graduate of teacher training University is cleverer than our inspired parents with three the highest.

I love our school, but even it is not able to adjust what thanks to the Internet itself arises. Let`s imagine that that polyglot with 30 - yu languages Dmitry Petrov who conducts a course on “Culture“, will report in a network that it tomorrow and in the next few days in such - that hours has a desire to give live classes. All of us want. How we learn about it? How we will release the children? And how we will manage to throw to other place where still someone conducts something? It for nothing is not necessary to someone, but how to be that to whom it is necessary? Give school in the center to the cheerful organizer, and it will fill all classes with teachers - volunteers. Objects, subjects, styles will be somehow designated, and each child for a break will choose where he wants, or will just go according to the schedule which is previously made thanking the Internet - information. If school students are serfs of modern schools - will receive something like the cash card or the magnetic travel card, the account and forecasting will be simple. Here only schools of dormitory areas with a high probability will become empty. But then will be filled thanks to cheerful organizers on places again. And the pedagogics will become the same mass hobby as once there was a preaching.

To conduct a lesson - the most interesting of entertainments. To learn and study - happiness. Children are slaves and the enslaved teachers - nonsense. Let it once was need, but now - at all. Other is time to become school.

More precisely, it is time for other schools to appear. Current school reform is destructive because it only takes away. And could give. Could give buildings to organizers, organizers - to spontaneous teachers, system of informing and the account to all participants of educational process, certificates and diplomas to those who well worked. For new school already everything is, except courage to create it.