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To have a reputation clever better than to pass for the fool?

What of qualities can be presented to the most important for a survival of the person in our hostile world: physical force, ability to adapt, will power, mind? Many, of course, will answer mind. Because mind - the engine scientifically - the technical progress urged by the human genius to facilitate dangerous existence of homo sapiens in this storming world. And meanwhile, it not absolutely so. Because progress is carried out rather not by original clever men, but some specialized brainy theorists and numerous narrow practicians, by means of the accumulated knowledge and experience of the previous generations, by incredible tests and mistakes and collateral harm about which, as a rule, it is not accepted to tell where each of which though possesses certain skills in a certain sphere, in many respects the rest not the genius.

And all - what there is a nonsense which is so despised by all and what there is so all an eulogized mind? Usually take for nonsense: 1) weakness, sluggishness and fast fatigue of a brain 2) a shortcoming generalized, and sometimes specialized, knowledge 3) use inefficient generalized, and also specialized, knowledge 4) small fitness of intelligence in the solution of certain tasks 5) use of an inefficient paradigm of thinking 6) a non-standard, originality, pretentiousness. Of course, it is possible to call all this nonsense only partly. But in the people, for it, above described also accept.

And what there is a mind, intelligence, knowledge? Usually take for mind: 1) natural endowments in this or that intellectual sphere 2) the skills acquired and developed above an average, experience, knowledge in this or that intellectual or okolointellektualny sphere 3) the general erudition 4) the general erudition 5) a narrow spetsializirovannost in this or that intellectual or scientific area 6) popular wit, the loud, beautifully given demagogy, ability to inspire. Actually, all aforesaid can also have only some relation to true mind, or has no relation to it in general.

Some distinctive qualities by which it is possible to determine that before you most likely not the clever man, and, for example, the philosophizing fool: for example, lie. Lie - intellectual food of the fool. As a rule, seldom beautiful truth is difficult perceived by the fool also an usvoyaem. From the truth to the fool there is a great deal of trouble. And here lie - quite another matter. Thinly and not really veiled deception, simplifications, exaggerations, fiction - that basis on which all wonderful world of fools is based. Erasmus Roterodamus in “A nonsense praise“, for example, wrote: “No community, any everyday communication would exist pleasant and strong: the people could not bear long the sovereign, mister - the slave, the servant - madam, the teacher - the pupil, the friend - the friend, the wife - the husband etc. if they mutually were not mistaken, did not resort to flattery, did not spare others weaknesses, did not treat to one one honey of nonsense.“

the Second quality separating the fool from clever men of all colors is an existence of problems. As a rule, fools completely sit in some silly and so global problems, them solve all the time and suffer from them: the car broke, neighbors from above flooded the apartment, the mobile phone was lost, do not raise a salary, the son received the two, the husband (wife) changed, this year it will not be possible to go to Egypt, there is nothing to put on an office party, etc. And here the things which are really deserving the serious relation - for example, tobacco smoking at patients with emphysema of fools or alcoholic dependence, as a rule, anything, except an indulgent smile of the fool do not cause. But you should not hurry to feel sorry for fools: they create the most part of the problems, generously sharing them with other fools, and not only, been near.

Third quality of the fool: fools love and respect the power. Opinion of the people that in power there are not the cleverest, not so mistakenly. For mind the power priderzhashchy is usually taken by some other qualities: educated impudence, the will to win, ability to represent the points of view as only true, ability to inspire and bullshit. As Voltaire spoke, answering a question of the young pupil that it is better - to lie or say the truth: “The lie is useful, and the truth is not favorable. But it is necessary to lie violently as the devil. Then the last lie will sound as the truth“.

Quality the fourth: fools love collective and terribly suffer from loneliness. Numerous aphorisms about terrible loneliness were thought up by them. Friedrich Nietzsche in “To morals genealogy“, for example, wrote: “Strong and clever seek to disperse from the same natural need as weak and silly to meet“. Fools, if are not sick, are always stately. So, how clever try to run up and avoid the empty vanity created by fools, so fools seek to bunch, group, crowd, if only not to be alone.

Quality the fifth: opinion of the fool on. Fools of, as a rule, do not consider as those. They carry to fools still big fools and not enough clear to them clever men. The fool who realized the limitation cannot apply for a sound rank of the fool already, alas. Though not necessarily can lay claim to the clever man.

Well, we more - dealt with fools less. And how with clever men? What there is a clever man?

Quality of the clever man the first, not necessarily priority: the clever man likes to think over where the fool does not see any problems. So, as far as the world of the fool is simple and clear, so the world of the clever man is full of dangers and questions. As far as fools are sure of themselves and other fools, approximately so clever men doubt themselves and others.

For example, having drunk with friends, the fool with enviable self-conceit takes the wheel of the car, hoping at random that he will carry by that he is a driver - the expert. The clever man and in a sober look sits down at a wheel cautiously, and in general, prefers to go on foot: who knows, can to you today such expert - the driver, after a feast with friends, flying towards to the and your destiny will get here?

Quality the second, third, all others: the clever man takes nothing on trust, treats critically any authority. For example, the fool, having read the clever books written in incredible quantities by other, scientific fools it is sincerely confident that Alexander Nevsky after Ice slaughter told those words which are written down in the new textbook of history, radio was invented by Popov, and vodka Mendeleyev. The clever man calls everything in question, knowing, for example the fact that history the adjusted persons, but not neutral and conscientious historians write more policy and different patriotic.

He “likes“ to arrive not as all. “So all do“ - for it not authoritatively. He prefers to be convinced of that, it is how exactly better for him and to do already so.

He does not like to be in crowd, preferring a privacy. The crowd for it is, generally empty vanity from which he suffers so as far as the fool enjoys it.

He reads not much. And if reads, then only, in his opinion, the standing books, the standing authors, with the standing thoughts. He spends the most part of time for development of own opinions, calling everything in question and to judgment. For it mind - not only the clever foreign opinion read on an appointment desk calendar.

He does not like to arrive “as all“.

And here on a question “That it is better: mind or nonsense?“, the clever man, unlike all other questions, knows the exact answer. Whereas it seems to the fool that he, of course, too knows him though, most likely, he happily is mistaken.